nine life hacks from me to YOU

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy reading articles about life hacks, productive things to do at home, and those sorts of topics. Rarely do I actually use the information found in those articles and blog posts, but they’re still fun to read. Today, I decided to add one of my own posts to the mix! I can’t say that all these life hacks are original to me, but I’ve made them my own.

(Also, as I started to write these out, I realized that several of them have to do with mornings. *shrugs* I guess if your morning goes well, the rest of the day might follow along so…yeah!)

wake up to birds chirping.

Close-up of Bird Perching on Plant

I don’t mean literal birds (though if you’re able to do that, that’s awesome). I mean an alarm set to play bird sounds instead of annoying beeps or upbeat music that eventually sounds horrific to your ears because it’s the sound of mornings. Alarms are awful but when I switched to bird sounds, I woke up more consistently (I think?) and I didn’t feel so bad about getting up because I wasn’t waking to something I disliked. So if you’re looking for a break from lame alarms, try bird songs/sounds.

get up early and spend time with God.

This life hack could actually be divided into two: get up early, spend time with God. The thing about getting up early is that, yes, it’s probably tough at first, but it sets the tone for the rest of the day and you actually feel like you have more hours to get your work done and have time to relax. I aspire to wake up at six every morning (or five-thirty), but I’m not there yet. Sleeping in is the fun thing to do, but I usually feel ‘off’ for the rest of the day if I spend too much time in bed. So start programming yourself to wake up earlier!

And then there’s spending time with God. I put that and ‘waking up early’ together because having time in the morning, before there’s people around and the general busyness of the day starts…that’s an awesome time to spend with God! (As long as you’re awake enough for Bible reading and prayer to actually make sense, haha.) If you all want, I could totally do a blog post talking about my typical devotions and resources I find helpful. Anyway, getting that time with God before everything else (even checking Instagram!) is amazing and quiets my spirit so much. ❤ Highly recommended.

make overnight oats part of your morning routine.

Overnight Oats - 9 Recipes + Tips for the BEST Easy Meal Prep ...
I have my own recipe below, but this article looks super cool!

So, I don’t do this anymore because I’m kinda following the OMAD (One Meal A Day) diet, but overnight oats are SO GOOD, you guys! Get a small mason jar and put a half cup of uncooked oats, a half cup of milk, a tablespoon of syrup, and a splash of vanilla into the jar. Screw the lid on tightly and shake vigorously. Leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning, you’ll have a bowl of creamy, sweet, cold oatmeal (trust me, the cold part is better than it sounds). Super simple and quick to prep and takes the guesswork out of breakfasts.

pour syrup over your cinnamon rolls.

If you’re not in the mood for a cold breakfast, why not whip up some cinnamon rolls instead? When you’re ready to pop them in the oven, drizzle some maple syrup over top of the rolls. This is probably best for when you don’t have a glaze/frosting prepared (or you don’t want to bother mixing some up). Syrup makes the cinnamon rolls extra sweet and sticky—awesome, right? (Just don’t add too much, as the sweetness can get overpowering. You may want to also add some extra cinnamon to your rolls if you follow this tip.)

drink a big glass of water before your morning coffee.

The best water memes :) Memedroid

Water in the morning can be gross, I know. But your body is dehydrated after seven or eight hours of sleep (or getting there) and coffee will actually dehydrate you more. I almost always drink a good bit of water before getting my coffee started. It’s not always the most enjoyable thing, but it’s refreshing for your body in the long run!

have a notes app on your phone.

Person Using Smartphone

Nothing will ever beat an actual notebook and a nice pen (or pencil). But the truth is that that few (if any) of us carry a notebook around with us all the time. Our phones, on the other hand, are almost always with us. I have a simple notes app on my phone and I use it for story ideas, shopping lists, meal planning, and more!

try the Study Bunny app.

Study Bunny: Focus Timer - Apps on Google Play
check it out here!

No, this post is not sponsored by Study Bunny. I just like it. Basically, you get a cute animated bunny that you can name and feed and buy accessories for. You earn coins by watching ads and setting a timer while you’re working/studying/etc. Every ten minutes of studying nets you another coin and they add up pretty quickly (especially if you double them by watching ads). We already have to work and write and study and all that, so why not turn it into something fun?

if you have a large family to feed, stir fries are the bomb dot com.

(Though they’re also the bomb dot com in general, whether you’re feeding twelve or two.)

There are nine people in my family, including me. I’m usually in charge of making supper and I love seeing how I can creatively stretch meat to make as many delicious, full meals as possible. I’ve discovered a few different hacks (soups don’t need a lot of meat, you can use mostly beans in chili and mostly sauce in spaghetti…), but stir fries are my favorite. Instead of baking a whole package of chicken breast in the oven to have with rice or potatoes, I can take half of that package and turn it into a delicious stir fry that pairs beautifully with rice or any type of pasta. Or even less meat if I use more vegetables.

always put the shopping cart back where it belongs.

Shopping Cart Returns : AlignmentCharts

Just—just do it. Please.

(Okay, I don’t always do it. But I usually make an effort and when I don’t, I definitely do not leave the cart INSIDE A PARKING SPACE.)

Those are my brilliant hacks to make your life a million times better. (Haha, jk.) Did any of them inspire you? Would you like that post about Bible reading/prayer/quiet time with God tips/resources/etc.? What are some of your pet life hacks? Let me know in the comments!