of high stakes & daring deeds: epic story month TAG.

Heidi over at Along the Brandywine is hosting a weeks-long blog party all about epic stories! While I’m not sure if I’ll write any dissecting-my-favorite-epic-stories blog posts for the party, I couldn’t pass up this fun tag that she created. So here are my answers!


1) …fight a dragon or a giant?

A giant. Because giants are generally slow (and sometimes stupid) so I could probably do a lot more damage to him than he could do to me (as long as I was quick enough that he didn’t step on me or grab me). Dragons, on the other hand, have a terrible habit of breathing fire and I’m terrified of fire/burns, so yeah.

2) …time travel back to ancient Egypt or go to Mars?

Ancient Egypt! It would be very hard to survive on Mars. I’d only want to stop in Egypt for a very short time though, since I’d probably stick out like a sore thumb. Just enough time to see what day-to-day life was like, maybe sneak into the palace to see all the gorgeous riches, and of course a quick stop at the pyramids in their just-built splendor.

3) …explore a deep dark cave or a long lost, underwater city?

As long as I was able to breath underwater/had light to see by, the city wins by a LONG SHOT. It would be so cool!

4) …be a court jester or lead a wagon train?

Ew lol. Neither of those sound great for me. I’m not a good leader and I hate being ridiculous/laughed at, so I really don’t know. I guess lead a wagon train, since I could always turn things over to someone more competent. And it would be amazing to visit the old West.

5) …eat a meal with hobbits or Master Tumnus?

I’m not a fan of tea and I feel like hobbits would serve much more delicious food than sardines on toast, so I’m going with the hobbits. At the very least we share a great appreciation for food, which would make for good conversation.

6) …walk through an enchanted mirror or jump into a pool leading into another world?

Walk through an enchanted mirror. I’m assuming that it leads to another world, just like the pool, and there’s something so aesthetically pleasing about an enchanted mirror. Fractured glass, prism rainbows, worlds vaguely glimpsed through a near-transparent veil…sign me up!

7) …live in a castle or a house in the treetops?

The fun of Swiss Family Robinson aside, I’d much prefer to live in a castle. Especially if it’s huge and set on top of a hill and it’s in medieval times and the sun shines through the stained glass windows of a late afternoon. Also preferably stocked with plenty of gorgeous horses and secret passages.

8) …go over a waterfall in a barrel or climb Mt. Everest?

Neither, thank you very much. I’m not that adventurous.

9) …ride a buffalo or be a cannoneer in a sea battle?

At first, I thought I’d go with the buffalo. But it would be terrifyingly epic to be a cannoneer in a sea battle, especially if we’re talking about the Horatio Hornblower/Master and Commander era. (Or are those two separate historical times?)

10) Bonus question: you’re caught by the Bad Guys and tied up to a chair when a fire erupts at your feet (long story ;)). Do you break the ropes and tumble out the window, yell for help, or hop your chair across the room to take refuge in the cold fireplace/chimney corner?

So fire is one of my worst fears, as mentioned above, so I would either tumble out the window (depending on how high it was), or hop into the fireplace. Though as that last option could lead to discovering a Nazi radio room, I guess I’ll take my chances with the window after all. 😉

That was fun, and I’m sure Heidi would love for all you to participate in this tag as well. See you in the comments!