what I’m doing {#1}

“Adventure is a bother.”

AKA the kind of post I write when I don’t know to write.

Or, more accurately, the kind of post I write when I’m feeling too lazy unproductive to churn out anything of quality.  Because even when I’m buried in Pinterest and Youtube, completely ignoring the finer arts of blog posts and emails, I’m still always watching/reading/listening to great (and sometimes not-so-great) stuff in Real Life.  Hence, this post. (or sad excuse for a post, whichever way you want to see it)  Oh, I have several good post ideas including one about fictional friendships, one about a certain pet peeve of mine, some book and movie reviews…  But, you see, those require actual thought processes on my part, so I’d rather forego those right now.  Slapping down a few words about my current activities doesn’t take much thought.

And now I suppose I should stop hemming and hawwing and actually get to the point of this post.  So to begin.

Right now, I’m…


To Kill a Mockingbird. My favorite book. Ever. Seriously. I've read it like five times.

To Kill A Mockingbird.  And it’s just about one of the most amazing things I’ve read.  Re-read, that is.  I didn’t care much for it the first time around, the reasons for which I’ll more fully expound upon in my review, but I’ve completely and totally fallen in love with the whole thing.  Including Atticus.  ESPECIALLY Atticus.  Harper Lee’s writing abilities are making me very envious.  Not so much her style, just the way she puts everything together.  I’m constantly in awe of it while sloooowly reading through TKAM (because it just isn’t a book you hurry your way through).


I pretty much live on 60’s TV shows now.  Mainly Combat!, but Get Smart has also been making the rounds around our family. (and if I wasn’t watching Combat!, I’d be watching Rat Patrol)  Anyway, I think I’ll chat about all three shows a little here, since I have some time.  Combat! – My sister and I have less than a season left before we finish the series, so we’re stalling.  A bunch of episodes are getting re-watched.  WE DON’T WANT IT TO END. (it won’t, not really, since we can revisit all our favorites over and over, but it will be the end of New Adventures With The Squad)  My current favorite episodes (after “Hills Are For Heroes”, naturally) are “The Hostages”, “Losers Cry Deal”, and “A Gift Of Hope” (oh, Avery, how I do love you).  Get Smart – This show provides a huge, sometimes relaxing change from Combat! because it’s absolutely hilarious.  My siblings/I were given the first and fifth seasons (don’t ask) as holiday presents, so we’ve watched several episodes.

{listening to}

Glen Miller 1904-1944. Missing In Action <3 I hope one day there can be some closure on what happened to him.

“A String Of Pearls” is currently serenading me as I write this post. (HINT, HINT…)  Yes, I have indeed been listening to Glenn Miller tunes.  They’re all gorgeous and I love them all dearly.  Of course, I do tear up a little sometimes while listening to certain pieces (like “White Christmas” and “Little Brown Jug”) because of all the memories and thoughts connected to them.  Plus that fact that he went missing and no-one knows what happened to him.  Just…go listen to “Tuxedo Junction” and watching The Glenn Miller Story.  Both are excellent introductions to the wonderful world of Glenn Miller music.




4 thoughts on “what I’m doing {#1}

  1. Oh I LOVE the Glenn Miller Story and his music!!!
    And Get Smart-hahaha. It’s such a corny show but hilarious! And it’s so quotable!
    “Missed it by that much.” 😉
    What are Combat and Rat Patrol and all those war shows like? Are they funny or more serious? And how are they, family-friendly wise?
    Sorry if that’s too many questions!


    • Oh, no, it’s definitely not too many questions 🙂 I’m always happy to answer stuff like that. Combat!, Rat Patrol, and Hogan’s Heroes are all amazing and almost perfectly family friendly. Combat! is about a squad of soldiers in France after D-Day, Rat Patrol is about four soldiers in North Africa (during WWII), and Hogan’s Heroes is about WWII POWs in a German stalag. If you want more information on potentially un-family-friendly content for each show, just shoot me an email at elinorandemma@hotmail.com 🙂 I’ll be happy to share whatever I can with you.


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