friday finds {#3}

Ingrid Bergman with Alfred Hitchcock

Well, duh.

Am I the only one who spends wayyyy too much time gazing upon photos of charming little bookstores like this one?

SO beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with this cover.

Me and Elisabeth. Definitely.

Combat! episode script which I assume is from “Glow Against The Sky”.

I love this screenshot.

Behind the scenes – Mag7. The awesome thing is that I know who everyone is.

A US M4 Sherman Tank that was stranded on a reef during the invasion of the island of Saipan during WWII.

Just take a minute and gaze at the sheer loveliness of this veil.



4 thoughts on “friday finds {#3}

  1. That bookshop is just adorable. And the cover for Go Set a Watchman is beautiful; whoever designed it did a wonderful job evoking the style of the original To Kill a Mockingbird cover.

    The thing that makes me chuckle about that last picture is that it isn’t even from the movie. I wonder if they shot those dramatic poses especially for the trailer, or originally meant for them to be in the film?


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