what I’m doing {#3}



I love books.  I just…I really do.  There are so many unbelievably fantastic ones out there and even if I read non-stop from this moment until the day I died, I still wouldn’t get to all of them.  Which is why whenever I discover a new, amazing book I keep it close and read it over and over again in quick succession, because that makes up for not being able to read every good book, in a small way.  And Violins of Autumn is one of those books – the kind of book that I tend to hug (yes, hug) because I love it so dearly. (Did that with Unbroken too.)  It’s like Code Name Verity in a lot of ways, but I prefer it to CNV, truth be told.  Mainly because of Robbie, who’s even better than Jamie. (*ducks flying tomatoes from Ashley*)  Anyway, I’ve read it twice in the short time I’ve owned it, gotten Elisabeth to read it, and I think everyone who likes historical fiction should read it too.  It’s is a beautiful book.

As for Other Books that I’ve been reading, there have been a few.  The Longest Day mostly, since I have to write a book report on it for my WWII History course – no great hardship there, especially since Cornelius Ryan is such a fantastic writer.  I’ve now read all three books in his war trilogy (The Longest Day, A Bridge Too Far, and The Last Battle) and each of them was a five-star read.  He has a way of making even the driest of facts and figures interesting, in a completely spellbinding manner.  If you went down to my room, you’d probably think I was reading way more than I actually am, because my desk has about three, three-foot tall stacks of books, notebooks, and DVDs.  Somewhat embarrassing, but I’m planning on cleaning it out one of these days…


Remember how I mentioned that Dad took us to a thrift store to hunt for books?  Well, he also picked up a DVD while we were there – The Ox-Bow Incident – and after reading the synopsis on the back, I knew I had to watch it sometime soon.  So, a couple nights ago, the Older Children sat down and watched it, and it was…grim, to say the least.  Very depressing, somewhat disturbing, but an amazing piece of film-making (it was nominated for 1943 Best Picture at the Academy Awards, but lost to Casablanca).  I’m now a firm Henry Fonda fan, and it was great to see Harry Morgan in another role. (Not-So-Fun-Fun-Fact: Harry Morgan was good friends with Glenn Miller, which I’m sure will make my next viewing of The Glenn Miller Story will be even more heartwrenching, as he plays Chummy.)  Movies like The Ox-Bow Incident aren’t the kind of films you can passively watch; you feel all sorts of emotions and you actually have to think.  I doubt I’ll watch it again soon, but the impression it left won’t be forgotten easily.

{listening to}

I haven’t really listened to much of anything lately.  I’m popping over to the library today to pick up The Glenn Miller Story and Saving Mr. Banks, so I will be serenaded by all different kinds of music soon.  I’m really looking forward to that.



9 thoughts on “what I’m doing {#3}

  1. GAH! I hate The Ox-Bow Incident!!! Oh my goodness, that movie makes me so very angry. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. In fact, you know my fanfic story “Finders, Keepers” and the lynch mob in it? Directly inspired by TOBI. I had a desperate need to rescue Dana Andrews from lynchers, you see. Don’t mess with my Dana!!!


    • Oh, it made me angry too. Like ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, only for somewhat different reasons.

      And as it turns out, I’ve been watching Dana Andrews literally for YEARS (mostly in The Devil’s Brigade and The Battle of the Bulge), without ever knowing his name or fully realizing how great an actor he is. Very cool to ‘discover’ a new favorite actor and find out that he’s in some of your favorite movies.


      • No, I don’t think you have. I mean, some of the movies you’ve recommended to me might’ve had him on the cast list, but you’ve never specifically mentioned him.


      • Okay, well, DKoren and I went through a HUGE Dana Andrews phase — she even more so than me. I have seen oodles of his movies, and I can wholeheartedly recommend these:

        The Best Years of Our Lives is a wonderful look at what life was like for GIs returning home after WWII — a Must See!!! (When you get to the point where one character threatens to bust up another character’s marriage, don’t quit there! It Does Not devolve into grossness. It remains uplifting and awesome, I promise.) Seriously, if you haven’t seen this yet, please find it. I feel like I’ve recommended it to you before, but I’m not sure.

        State Fair is an adorable musical. There’s a remake that stars Bobby Darin in the same role, but the Dana version is better. (YES! I said that!)

        I also love him in Laura, which is film noir, but less icky than most of them, and it’s totally my favorite Dana movie.

        Ball of Fire is a super funny movie — Dana’s the bad guy in it, but Gary Cooper is the good guy, and it’s hilarious.

        Crash Dive is a great WWII submarine movie. Also stars Tyrone Power :-9

        A Walk in the Sun is a good WWII infantry movie. Feels a little like C! in Italy. (Dana made lots of war movies!)

        The North Star is enjoyable, but harder to find. It’s about Ukrainians in WWII.

        The Purple Heart is also hard to find, and very serious. And about WWII.

        Wing and a Prayer is okay — I don’t remember much about it, except the very beginning. It’s about pilots in WWII.

        Those are all from the 1940s, all clean and family-friendly!


      • Ah, thanks so much for this lovely, long list. 🙂 I was really impressed by his acting in The Ox-Bow Incident, so I’m pretty excited to see if my library (or Youtube) has any of these titles – The Best Years of Our Lives sounds exactly like the kind of movie I’d enjoy. (Most of them do, really.)

        And that’s what I love about old movies – they’re nearly always perfectly clean. It’s very refreshing.


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