what to do when you’re sick

Randomly nice picture because I always like to start my posts out with one.

As you may have guessed, I’m sick right now.  Sore throat, a cold, the whole works.  And it’s not fun.  But since I rarely get sick, and I kind of have to be under the weather to write this kind of post (because someone who’s sick knows what works and what doesn’t), I figured I might as well capitalize on the situation and write this blog post.  Not all of the tips might apply to/work for you, but these are things that make me feel better (and, frankly, things I should probably be doing instead of writing this blog post), and I hope that if you’re reading this post while not feeling the greatest, it’ll give you some inspiration.

Here we go…

~Sleep in.  And I mean really sleep in.  Every minute spent in bed is a good minute.  Ten o’clock breakfast?  Perfectly fine.

~Drink lots of hot liquids.  Now, I greatly prefer coffee to tea, but when I’m sick, I’ll often go with tea, as I think it’s gentler, in a way, than coffee.  But if you want to drink coffee, that’s awesome too.  Hot chocolate is even better.  This tip works extra well if you’ve got a sore throat. (Oh, and cold drinks are fine too.  I just prefer warm/hot ones when I’m not feeling well.)

~Snuggle up with your favorite blankets/pillows. Make a blanket fort!  Luxuriating in soft, warm blankets…that’s what I want to do right now.

~Eat.  The old ‘feed a cold, starve a fever’ maxim is probably true.  I’ve never really researched it.  Whether or not its accurate, you can’t go wrong with chicken noodle soup, ice cream, and other comfort foods.

~Don’t get depressed.  If at all possible.  You probably know how it feels when The Sickness has been dragging on for days and days and it just won’t let you go?  That’s an awful feeling, and it’s easy to get all weepy and/or surly.  Movies like Despicable Me and TV shows like Get Smart and Hogan’s Heroes are great for chasing away unexplainable sadness.  Or if you’re really feeling down-in-the-dumps, watch something like The Magnificent Seven or The Avengers – entertaining, triumphant tales of high adventure.  I’ve also found prayer and Bible reading to be excellent deterrents against depression.

~Take a hot shower.  Not only will the steam help clear your nose, if you have a cold, but the whole experience is very relaxing and refreshing for an achy, feverish body.  I know it always makes me feel better.

~And when all else fails, there’s always Pinterest.


P.S. My computer has a stupid habit of denying me access to Youtube for months at a time, and it just started up again today , which means that my vlogging career – such as it was – is over for the time being.  I am extremely frustrated at the moment.  I had several smashing ideas for vlogs, and now…  UGH.  Anyway, just wanted to let you all know.

15 thoughts on “what to do when you’re sick

  1. Aww… So sorry you’re feeling sick! A number of things that help entertain me when I’m sick are reading books (unless you have a headache – then DO NOT DO THIS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES), watching movies, and especially listening to something. This is the best because you can close your eyes and you don’t have to look at anything – you can let whatever you’re listening to (music, radio dramas, audiobooks, etc) play across the theatre of your mind. 🙂 Drinking hot tea helps, especially chamomile. Yummm.

    I totally agree with you about not getting depressed when you’re sick. TOTALLY. That’s the absolute WORST thing you can do when you’re sick – and it’s awful because it usually happens. The last time I was sick for multiple days, I decided I’d had enough around day five and threw open my windows and started randomly drawing and writing down quotes in a journal. It helped SO. MUCH. So… maybe that would help you?

    I’m so bummed your YouTube keeps acting up! I was looking forward to those vlogs… Maybe you can keep recording them so you have a stockpile for when YouTube starts working again?

    *passes Eva a hot cup of chamomile tea and the complete collection of Father Gilbert radio dramas*


    1. I’ve found that when I’m sick, there’s no book that really interests me, so that’s why I didn’t include books on the list. 😛 Although I did enjoy reading Four (by Veronica Roth) yesterday. Hmmmm… Anyway, I really should load more music onto my iPod and actually get it charged up so I can use it for situations like this. It’s great to listen to soundtracks for movies that you know really well, because then you can visualize the story as the music plays, right? 🙂

      The weather here lately has been very rainy, so I couldn’t open a window, but I do get what you mean. Fresh air always helps.

      Well, for the moment it’s working again, so once I feel better, I’ll see if I can film another one. 🙂


      1. Ahh. I feel the same way sometimes.

        Exactly! 🙂

        Oh, yuck. It’s been that way around here, too. Yesterday was the first warm, sunny day we’ve had, so I read a book out on the back porch. It was fantastic. 🙂

        Awesome! Hope you feel better soon!


  2. My mom always tells me that dairy makes congestion worse, so I (reluctantly) avoid things made with chocolate or milk. Peppermint tea is my go-to hot drink for colds; the mint aroma really helps clear out your sinuses.

    I like reading, too, if I’m not feeling too bad—usually re-reading old favorites, or something light and funny. P.G. Wodehouse is an excellent cold remedy. 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon!


    1. My husband also says that dairy makes more mucous, so I (also very reluctantly) don’t drink as much milk when I’m sick. I love chamomile tea with just a smidge of milk and lots of honey when I’m sick, or warm chicken broth made from bouillon cubes. I doubt that’s actually good for you like chicken soup is, but it’s warm and tasty, and the salt seems to cut down mucous in my throat.


      1. The diet I’m on is strictly no-milk, so I don’t miss it at all when I’m sick. Mom has a lot of frozen chicken broth that she collected from various chicken dinners, so maybe I’ll heat some up and make broth, too.


    2. Books never seem to work for me when I’m sick – I always feel too disinterested and I can never find one that I feel in the mood for. Except maybe fanfiction. 😉

      Thanks! I’m pretty sure I’ll be better by Friday, as that seems to be the pattern for family members who’ve already gotten well. The thing only lasts for three or four days.


  3. At the beginning of the year, my family had a really bad case of a cold that we kept ping ponging back to one another, and my mom came up with this cure that got us out of the vicious circle. (I would not be telling you this recipe unless I knew that it really worked.)
    Take some fresh ginger, wait till it comes to a boil, and then lower the heat so that it simmers for 15 minutes. Add some lemon juice and honey, and you have a ginger tea.
    Please get well soon!


    1. My family has actually used ginger tea extensively over the years whenever we have a bad cold, especially my dad, although I’ve never tried it myself (the smell turns me off). This seems to be only a three or four day cold (I’m already feeling better than I was yesterday), so I’ll just drink lots of water this time. But thanks for the tip all the same!


  4. Ugh, I had the nastiest fever all last week, and now I have a nagging cough and messed-up hearing. Get better soon!

    Do your parents have some kind of “safety” software installed that might accidentally be blocking innocent things?


    1. Thanks. 🙂

      We do have an Internet filter set up, but my parents got Youtube unblocked years ago – I’m positive the problem is a weird little quirk of my computer’s, especially since YT magically started working again this morning. I’ll have to see if it stays that way, and if it does, I’ll definitely resume blogging when I feel better.


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