there’s a reason they’re called “the good old days”

There was a time…

When patriotism was at an all-time high.

World War 2 Poster || This battle continues...

When men were gentlemen and women were ladies.

1950 s diner fashion tumblr | fashion vintage 1950s 50s 1950s fashion theniftyfifties •

When movies were thoughtful and classic and intensely well made.

The Grapes of Wrath (dir. John Ford)

When women wore swishy skirts and gloves and lovely hats and just the right amount of make-up.

1940’s Hat.

When men wore suits and ties and trench coats and fedoras.

Dana Andrews in Laura (Otto Preminger, 1944)

When song lyrics actually meant something.

When movie stars were glamorous, debonair, elegant, classy…and not neck-deep in scandal.

Grace Kelly and Clark Gable arrive at the 26th annual Academy Awards at the RKO Pantages Theatre in 1954.

And when the world moved at a gentler pace, for all involved.  

U.S. Summer 1938. New York street scene, Seventh Avenue at West 125th.

Maybe those times weren’t perfect.  But I still envy the people who lived in them.



15 thoughts on “there’s a reason they’re called “the good old days”

  1. Mah wordy, yes. So true. I like to think that times haven’t changed *that* much, after all, but – well – they have. 🙂 But I always console myself with the fact that we have Internet, and that, don’t deny it, is a great invention. 😛

    And you’ve put up another Vera Lynn song! Isn’t that one gorgeous? Definitely one of my favourites. 🙂

    I loved this post! I wanted to do one similar to it, actually, recently, but now I don’t have to anymore. 😛

    ~ Naomi


    • Some things haven’t changed, as there are still ladies and gentlemen around in this day and age – only they’re much harder to find, unfortunately. But the 40s and 50s were, overall, much better than Modern Times. *sigh*

      It’s one of my new favorites too. 🙂

      Well, this post was partly inspired by the one you wrote about wanting to dress up and eat pretty, sugary things…and so forth. I just thought you’d like to know that. 🙂


  2. Well, in fairness, many of those stars lived incredibly unhappy lives behind the glitz and glamor. A lot of marriages “stayed together” out of formality that were practically speaking falling apart. And some of them fell apart officially anyway (first marriages of Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, many others). And of course, plenty of the actors were womanizing rascals even if they kept up professional appearances. A few like Errol Flynn were total deviants. So, not to pop the bubble or anything, but I wouldn’t put celebrities from any era on too terribly high of a pedestal. However, I do agree that it must have been nice not to be constantly HEARING about every scandal even if something scandalous was in fact happening behind closed doors. Nowadays, it’s impossible to keep anything like that even remotely private. You can’t even go grocery shopping without finding a tabloid in your face!


    • Oh, believe me, I don’t put any of them on a pedestal – what I meant, more than anything else, was what you said about most of the scandal not being talked about openly. Now it’s everyone you turn. And I really can’t see most of the old Hollywood actors or actresses behaving like stars do these days (in public, at least): making obscene gestures, swearing, etc., etc.


  3. Thank you for making this post. I’m glad you put that the men were gentlemen and the women were ladies. Women these days are really annoying because they act and dress like boys (or not really dress at all), and then they expect to be treated with respect and like a lady.
    I do envy the people back then, even watch classic movies makes you want to jump through the TV into another world. If you could time travel back to an era what would it be?


  4. 40s fashions were lovely 🙂 I try to imitate old-fashioned styles as much as I can, because they were both pretty AND modest. A lot of modern clothes aren’t even pretty!


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