friday finds {#11}


Depression era: When they realized women were using their sacks to make clothes for their children, the mills started using flowered fabric for their sacks. The label was designed to wash out. // Beyond awesome.


Alfred Hitchcock & Farley Granger


A sad memorial: In New York City, 1944, piles of Christmas packages meant for American Servicemen who have been listed as missing or killed in action build up and await a ‘Return to Sender’ stamp.

Feast your eyes, ladies.


Like that’s ever going to happen.

A dress made entirely out of book pages. Wow.



little things {#6}

{The interviews aren’t over, but this week has been quite free, so I figured that I should conserve the interview posts for times when I absolutely can’t post anything.  Makes sense?}

little reasons to smile | don't forget to smile

~midnight chats

~little brothers (and big brothers)

~shiver-worthy music


~me + a book + coffee

~that delicious moment when I know I’m about to fall asleep

~chocolate chip muffins

~planning parties

~My Utmost For His Highest


~the smell of freshly cut grass


my top five favorite movie musicals

{*as usual, this list is in no particular order}

  1. Les Miserables {2012} – I remember crying buckets after I watched this, not just because it was gutwrenching and glorious (all at once too), but also because one of my favorite stories had been portrayed in such an amazing, vibrant way.  I don’t care what the critics said about Les Mis, I still think it’s one of the best movies I’ve ever watched: the cast, the orchestrations, the finale…everything was perfect.
  2. State Fair {1945} – My newest favorite movie musical, and one that I want to live in, indefinitely.  I don’t think I’ve ever watched a movie or read a book that I want to dive into, one where I want to experience every last thing a certain character does (in this case, Margy), so State Fair was a first for me in that regard.  I love every last detail of it, from the dresses Margy wears to the songs to Pat Gilbert and, really, the whole story in general. *siiiiiigh*
  3. Newsies {1992} – Watching Newsies always makes me feel nostalgic (which is a bit ridiculous, since I only discovered it during the summer of last year, but anyway…), and I love that.  I’ve got all the characters memorized, even (especially?) the obscure ones like Skittery and Kid Blink, the songs are smashing (as is the tap-dancing), and the whole thing is tons of fun – a truly triumphant story.
  4. Singin’ In The Rain {1952} – Probably my first favorite movie musical.  I watched it twice in a row, memorized all the songs by osmosis (not to mention the dialogue), developed a mad crush on Gene Kelly, and generally became obsessed with everything 30s Hollywood.  Mom actually banned it for a year or so because my siblings and I were driving her crazy with how we constantly sang the songs and quoted those awesome, funny lines (little did she know that Les Miserables was just around the bend).  Yeah.  It was bad.  Anyway, it’s not banned anymore (obviously), and it’s still one of my favorite movies.  Ever.
  5. White Christmas {1954} – This one really begs to be watched at Christmas, and only Christmas. (The Christmas season, that is.  Doesn’t have to be the day of.)  It’s a warm, lovely, poignant film and I love it dearly.  Practically all of the songs are iconic, which is great, and I dare you not to cry at least a few happy tears at the end.  A must-see for anyone.


friday finds {#10}

The Gang (aka the cast of Rat Patrol) at the White House.

I think about this all the time.

He IS Bruce.

John Wayne reading the comics to his children.


Always makes me smile.


Foreign posters are the WEIRDEST. (And the most interesting.)

Feminine loveliness.



“It’s a grand night for singing…”

I just watched State Fair (1945) last night, third re-watch, and I’m more in love with it than ever.  Such a light, lovely, squeeful film – like a fluffy, delicious piece of lemon meringue pie.  So many of the movies I watch these days couldn’t exactly be called any of those things, so State Fair always provides a wonderful change of pace.  Anyway, the point of this post is not to review the whole movie (although I definitely want to do that one of these days), but to ask all of my followers a question.

What are your thoughts on a State Fair blog week/party?  I’ve been wanting to do another blog week for some time now, and I’d love to do one for SF, but as I know it’s a very well-known musical, I thought I’d ask before jumping into things.  The whole thing wouldn’t come about for months and months, but I thought I might as well start the ball rolling right now and see if it comes up against any obstacles.  So, you have time to watch the film (if you haven’t already) and get enthusiastic about it, especially since it’s on Youtube.  And for those who have seen it…let me know your thoughts on this idea!


interview with Anne-girl

My next interview is with Anne-girl.  Unfortunately, she’s not blogging anymore, but her blog is still up if you want to read her great posts.


1. Favorite book series? That’s too hard – bad Squishy! Fine. But I am limiting this to series that are completed because otherwise it’s too hard. The Melendy Books by Elizabeth Enright. They basically were my childhood and I am so sad that I am now older than all the characters.

2. Favorite animated movie? Up. I adore Up.

awwe love this movie

3. Favorite food? My grandmother’s spinach artichoke dip. It is the most unhealthily beautiful thing you will ever put in your mouth. I love it even more than chocolate. {We only eat it once a year though which is good}

4. Favorite actor? Pumpernickle Cucumberbunch

5. Favorite actress? Julie Andrews, of course.

The essence of a classy woman

6. Favorite TV show? LARK RISE TO CANDLEFORD. {That is an easy decision}. If you have not watched it you must. It had everything. Glorious ships. Beautiful costumes. Humor. Tragedy. Feels. Happiness. Adorable squeally bits. Gritty Issues. And it’s CLEAN. Not for children since it deals with some adult issues but there is no swearing and no violence and no icky stuff.

7. Favorite author? William Shakespeare and Margaret Mitchell tie. But since Shakespeare wrote plays and Mitchell wrote a novel I think I can get away with that.

8. Favorite colour? Blue! Always blue!

9. Favorite fictional couple? Well my favorite fictional couple is Amy Dorrit and Arthur Clenham, She loves him because he is kind and wonderful and he finally FINALLY sees that he loves her too. But even when he doesn’t think about her romantically he still is sweet and caring to her. And I just love that.

Amy Dorrit and Arthur Clennam...How he loves her in this is so lovely ....such a kind, respectful, caring gentleman (and woman!) ...Perfect.

10. Favorite real life couple? My. parents. Cause if they weren’t a couple I’d be in a bit of a nonexistent mess.

11. Favorite quote? “The Wolery was now The Smudge” ~ A.A. Milne

12. Favorite female character? Scarlet O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. It was a REALLY hard chouce but she is written so well that I sometimes just have to stop what I am doing and be in awe of the glory that is the writing of Margaret Mitchel.

13. Favorite male character? THIS IS NOT FAIR DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY LITERARY AND MOVIE CRUSHES I HAVE? Fine. Eugenides from The Queen’s Thief series.

14. Favorite band/singer? Peter Hollens. I adore his work {a capella being one of my favorite styles} his “Hanging Tree”, “I See Fire” and “Halelujah” are some of my favorite things to listen to. Incidentally all three are from movies I have never seen.

15. Favorite song? The Finale from Les Mis is possibly the most inspiring song in the history of ever and it brings together all the best themes from that best of all musicals.

Do you hear the people sing, Lost in the valley of the night? it is the music of a people who are climbing to the light for the wretched of the earth there is a flame that never dies even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise

16. Favorite birthday? My seventeenth. I have a very particular treasured memory that happened right next to my seventeenth birthday. It seemed like a birthday present even though it was in no way actually connected to my birthday.

17. Favorite holiday? I’m gonna be boring and say Christmas. I just adore Christmas. The celebration of advent {which my family isn’t real into but which I do by myself} the family gets together, buying presents for people, trying to guess which sibling has my name for our pollyanna, christmas cookies, The Messiah, decorating the house, I love it all. But my absolute favorite thing is the family get-togethers. I just adore them with every scrap of my being. Around Christmas I just become this sponge and soak up every speck of family time fun I can.

18. Favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla soft-serve. Especially from Dairy Queen. Ah. Heaven.

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interview with Elisabeth

Elisabeth, my sister/bff agreed to be interviewed along with my blogging friends.  She doesn’t have a blog, but she does have an AWESOME Pinterest account.


Favorite book series?  The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins

Favorite animated movie?  Meet The Robinson’s

Favorite food?  Pizza

Favorite actor?  At the moment, Dana Andrews.

Dana Andrews and daughter.

Favorite actress?  Ditto for Grace Kelly.

Favorite TV show?  Combat!

Favorite author?  Ashley Elliott

Favorite colour?  Purple

Audrey Hepburn Painting Fashion Watercolor by OlechkaDesign, $12.00

Favorite fictional couple?  Robbie and Adele from Violins of Autumn

Favorite real life couple?  William and Kate

Favorite quote?  “I’m beginning to think women make the best spies.” ~Reggie, ‘Charade’ (1963)

Favorite female character?  Princess Ann from Roman Holiday

Audrey Hepburn riding a Vespa in the 1953 film "Roman Holiday" with Gregory Peck

Favorite male character?  Hanley from Combat!

Favorite band/singer?  The Glenn Miller Band

Favorite song?  ‘Lili Marlene’ sung by Vera Lynn

Favorite birthday?  Eleventh.  Eva-Joy gave me a binder full of Combat! fanfiction, and I was able to buy Becoming Nikki and The Penderwicks with my birthday money.

Favorite holiday?  Christmas

Favorite ice cream flavor?  Orange sherbet

Orange Sherbet: Step-by-step photos and tips.