friday finds {#8}


Behind the scenes – ‘Laura’

I love this picture.

This is GOLD.

Ohhhhhhh, yes.

The artistry of this picture is perfect.

Made me think of ‘The Best Years of Our Lives’. 🙂


So great.




8 thoughts on “friday finds {#8}

  1. Has anybody ever remarked before how SMART Captain America is? Because he is. Just sayin’.
    That’s such a lovely picture of Prince Will and Duchess Kate and Princess Charlotte. Black and white photos can be so artistic . . . I was working on an extraordinarily tough final paper the Saturday she was born, and the news cheered me up immensely 🙂


    • YES. He is! I don’t understand people who think he’s weaker or not as interesting as the other Avengers – he’s my favorite of the bunch.

      I predicted she’d be named Charlotte or Elizabeth, so I was quite happy when I turned out to be right on both counts. 🙂


      • I predicted Princess Charlotte, too–I think the name suits her really well! Actually, I just found out that the last Princess Charlotte of the UK (born around 1790) was a really fascinating character. She died young, so she never inherited the throne like she was supposed to–but she was really well loved by the English people. Fun fact: She turned down the man her father wanted her to marry (she didn’t approve of his character) and picked her own husband, which was rather unusual for a royal princess in those days.


  2. Haha, my family and I just watched “The Best Years of Our Lives” for the 2nd time and I immediately thought of it when I saw that picture. 🙂 SUCH a great movie!
    And “the manly art of knitting”….hahahahaha, that is so funny. 😀


  3. That Cap poster! I want it.

    Also, I want “The Manly Art of Knitting.” That’s delightful.

    BTW, I’ve tagged you over on my blog, here. Play if you want to! I know you don’t generally do tags, but I thought you might get a kick out of it.


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