the ten favorite screen characters tag

So, I know I said I only had time for Friday Finds posts, and that I ‘never do tags’, but Hamlette tagged me in this one and it looked like so much fun I couldn’t resist.  After all, I love talking about my favorite things, especially book and movie characters.  My only difficulty was picking just ten people (I agonized over it through all of yesterday) to feature on the list.  There were a couple of easy choices, but everyone else was hard to decide on, and this list reflects more of my current favorites than anything else.  I’m sure my opinions will change time and again, but I also think all ten of these characters will remain favorites, in one way or another.  Keeping with the spirit of the tag as much as possible, I’ve shied away from book adaption characters (at least for books I’ve read) and on-screen portrayals of real life people.  I think I can safely say that I’ve grown to like these characters exclusively through what I’ve seen of them in movies or TV shows.

{All in random order, more or less, except #1.}


1. Doc (Conlan Carter) from Combat!

This might very well be my favorite Doc screencap.  I dunno why, exactly.  Something about his expression...?  Anyway, I love it.

As soon as I started jotting down suggestions for who to include on the list, Doc was the very first character who came to mind.  It only took a few episodes of Combat! for me to realize that he was my favorite character on the show – maybe my favorite character ever.  I’ve talked about his trustworthiness, ability to stay calm under fire, and concern for others before, but something else I love about him is how he’s so much a part of the squad – in direct contrast to Doc1.  Doc completes the squad, and plus, I adore his Southern accent.

2. Dietrich (Hans Gudegast/Eric Braeden) from Rat Patrol

Dietrich.  The German captain fighting a hopeless series of battles against the Rat Patrol, trying so hard to stay loyal to both his country and his conscience – something that becomes ever harder the longer the war continues.  I have a special place in my heart for several characters in this show (Tully…), but I think-I think Dietrich will always be my favorite.  The poor guy can never able to catch a break, is almost always in hot water with the High Command (or, worse, the Gestapo), and beats himself up for following orders.  He’s conflicted and damaged and I really have a lot of feelings about him. (And as with Doc, I love his voice.  It’s like melted chocolate.)

3. Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) from Marvel

So there’s patriotism.  And then there’s Patriotism, with a capital P.  And then there’s Steve Rogers.  The only Marvel films I’ve watched are The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier, but even if I end up watching all the rest some day, I’m positive Steve will still be my favorite superhero forever and ever.  Tony is too arrogant, I haven’t seen enough of Clint to ‘get’ him all too well, Thor is too…Thor, and while I do happen to like Bruce and Natasha quite a bit, Steve is definitely my favorite.  And I think that’s due in large part to the fact that he’s a gentleman.  Sure, he can take down baddies with the best of them, but at the end of the day, he’s one hundred percent, old-fashioned gentleman.  And I love that.

4. Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews) from Laura

Oh, where to begin?  I felt hesitant about including Mark on this list since I only saw Laura for the first time a couple of weeks ago and therefore my opinions and understanding of the movie could change later on (and undoubtedly will, at least to some extent).  But I do love Mark…with his baseball game and his little smirks and the way he’s so strong and reassuring (“Get some sleep.  Forget the whole thing like a bad dream.”).  Not to mention that no one – NO ONE – can wear those suits and ties and trenchcoats and fedoras like he (or Dana Andrews, for that matter) can. (Something Hamlette has been telling me ever since I started watching Dana films.)

5. Deacon (Corbin Allred) from Saints & Soldiers

You know it’s bad when you just have to think of a certain character and you find yourself (as Roz from Monsters, Inc. puts it) welling up with tears.  Well, maybe not that bad, but I do get a little jolt inside every time I think of Deacon.  I watched Saints & Soldiers one night, just as something to do, and was blown away by both the character of Deacon and Corbin Allred’s acting abilities (seriously, why hasn’t he been in more films???).  In retrospect, I should’ve known he was going to be dead by the end because he mentioned having a wife and a baby on the way, but the whole thing still hit me hard, mainly because it was so UNFAIR.  Ugggggh.

6. Henshaw (James Coburn) from Hell Is For Heroes

File:H4H 20.jpg

You know, I’ve never been able to figure out if I started liking James Coburn because of Henshaw, or if I like Henshaw because of James Coburn.  Maybe a little of both.  I mean, I can’t really say that Henshaw is a super deep, fleshed-out character, but I still really do like him. (If I’m being honest, a lot of it is the fact that Coburn plays him.  Is that a bit shallow?)  He’s a whiz with all sorts of vehicles (be honest – how many people do you know that can make a jeep sound like a tank? :)), wears dorky glasses which I actually happen to like (surprisingly enough), and gets to work with both a BAR and a flamethrower through the course of the film.  Very cool.

7. Josh Randall (Steve McQueen) from Wanted: Dead Or Alive

Nope.  I’m not even going to try to describe Josh.  Josh is Josh is Josh.  Impossibly cool and all that.

8. Robin Hood (voiced by Brian Bedford) from Disney’s animated Robin Hood

Robin Hood, I had the biggest crush on him when I was little... Haha <-- I honestly thought I was the only one

As you may or may not know, Robin Hood (this portrayal of him) was my first, true fictional character crush.  I don’t know how old I was when I first realized that, but I feel like I’ve watched this film since I was a baby, so I was probably quite young.  And my fascination with him held up when I re-watched the movie a year or so ago (unfortunately, it’s pretty rare so I haven’t seen it since – I’m still looking for my own copy), while I was in the middle of liking Enjolras and Will Scarlet (BBC Robin Hood) and Sydney Carton.  Which really tells you something.  He’s witty and charming and brave…everything a good hero should be.

9. Chummy MacGregor (Henry/Harry Morgan) from The Glenn Miller Story

The Glenn Miller Story (1954) Harry Morgan, June Allyson,

I’m not allowed to watch M*A*S*H*, which is a great frustration to me, since Harry Morgan is one of my favorite actors (alas, I’ve only seen him in four movies, and in only two of those four does he have any kind of good, substantial role).  My introduction to him, so to speak, was The Glenn Miller Story, and as much as I like Art (from The Ox-Bow Incident), Chummy is my favorite Morgan character.  I don’t know how close his portrayal was to the real Chummy MacGregor (who, incidentally, worked as a technical advisor on the film), but Harry Morgan was a close friend of Glenn’s, in real life, so…yeah, the ending is even more heartbreaking now.  But, anyway, Chummy is awesome: he’s the best friend Glenn could ever ask for, he’s just like a little boy with all those new cars, and I’m so happy he was there with Helen to encourage at Christmas.

10. Chief Inspector Hubbard (John Williams) from Dial M For Murder

This addition to the list was quite surprising, actually.  I hadn’t even really thought about the Inspector at all, but then I did, and I jotted him down, never thinking seriously that I’d include him…but as it turns out, I did.  In the world of jerks like Tony and irritations like Swann and boring ‘heroes’ like Halliday, Inspector Hubbard is a breath of fresh air with his oh-so-quotable lines (“Mind you, even I didn’t guess that at once… extraordinary.”) and a sharp mind that’s not being used for nefarious purposes.  In my opinion, he’s the real hero of Dial M For Murder.


According to the rules of the tag, I’m supposed to tag ten people, but frankly, I don’t have the time.  Sorry. 😦



11 thoughts on “the ten favorite screen characters tag

  1. I am so so sooo ashamed to say this: I have never seen *any* of these movies. No, not even the Glenn Miller Story (which I’m dying to see). And of course, you know I want to see ‘Laura’. 🙂 It’s true ain’t it – Dana Andrews wears suits so dashed well.

    ~ Naomi


    • You haven’t seen any of them? Well, I’ll just have to remedy that! (Since we can’t meet, I suppose I’ll just have to bug you until you get around to watching Laura and The Glenn Miller Story – which you’ll ADORE.) I can’t wait till you see Laura, because then we’ll be able to fangirl about the suits and such properly…although he does wear the one in State Fair quite well, doesn’t he? 🙂


  2. Never seen any of them, either. Sad 😦
    But I shall see Captain America this summer. Yes. I SHALL.
    I also really want to see “Sophie Scholl: The Final Days” while I’m on break. It’s a true story about a German girl who was executed for resisting the Nazis in WWII. Should be really fascinating. And it’s in German, with subtitles, which makes it very “educational” because I’m studying German in college 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, look at us! We both have “Combat!” characters as our #1s. (As Iago says in “Aladdin,” “Oh, there’s a big surprise! I think I’m gonna have a heart attack and die from not-suprise.”) How cool is this? I’ve seen all but 1 of these! (#5, if you were wondering.) And I still have a bit of a crush on that particular Robin Hood — he was one of my earliest as well. Possibly the second or third, I’m not sure which.

    “Laura” definitely deepens as you rewatch it. That scene where Mark wanders around her apartment? Oh man, I could watch that over and over. Um, and I have, to be honest.

    Cap is my 2nd-fave Avenger. Solidified that when I saw “Age of Ultron.” He’s very wonderful.

    “Josh is Josh is Josh.” So true.

    What else have you seen Harry Morgan in? Hmm. “High Noon,” maybe? “The Apple Dumpling Gang”? “Support Your Local Sheriff”? “How the West was Won”? Oh, of course — “State Fair.” I like him in all of those! And on “Dragnet.” He’s very sweet on “M*A*S*H,” but it’s definitely a grown-up show. Sorry. All those others, though, you could so watch. If you haven’t already.


    • Hehe. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to Combat! It’s one of those TV shows that keeps growing on me the longer I watch it. 🙂 Well, now I know what DVD I can send you for a birthday or Christmas present – I’m sure you’d enjoy S&S.

      I’ve watched Laura twice, so far, and I’m sure I’ll watch it again some time soonish. My mom says that it’s one of those movies she can watch over and over again and never get tired of.

      My brothers liked Cap a long time before I did, as someone gave them one of the comic books, but as soon as I watched The First Avenger for the first time, he was one of my favorite heroes ever. 🙂

      Yep, the other two movies I’ve seen him in are State Fair (I always laugh at his one scene) and High Noon. Mom and Dad watched an old film noir recently that he was in, so I’ll probably end up watching that too. It’s kind of interesting when I say he’s one of my favorite actors and then have people expecting that I’ve watched M*A*S*H*, but Mom says I can’t, so that’s that. 🙂 And I don’t really mind.


      • That’s the thing about “Combat!” — it gets richer the more you watch it. You pick up on more and more subtle things the older you get and the more familiar with the show, characters, era, etc you become. Wonderful stuff.

        I’ve heard great stuff about “Saints and Soldiers” but my library system doesn’t have it, so yup, that’s one I’d watch IF I had it 😉

        Cap is splendid. A true-blue guy.

        Cowboy and I watched all of M*A*S*H together over several years, after we got married. It’s very sweet, but yeah, adult situations abound. Don’t worry — it’s not going anywhere. It’ll still be available when you’re older. Good for you for abiding by your mom’s decree, btw!


      • Yes, that’s exactly how it’s been for me, and I think that’s what makes the episodes so re-watchable. I’ve probably seen “Mail Call” five or six times now (since there are so many people in my family, it’s very rare that we all sit down together and watch something, and of course I don’t mind rewatching C! episodes with those who haven’t already seen them ;)) and I always pick up new things. Same with several other episodes.

        That’s what Mom tells me. 🙂 If it’s stuck around for this long…


  4. Dana Andrews is amazing. Not just because he wears the suits and coats well-even though he does. 😉 I LOVE him in The Best Years of Our Lives. I’ve seen Laura before, but not in a long while and am dying to do so again. I remember really loving it the first time I saw it.

    I don’t know many of the characters on your list, but I do love the animated version of Robin Hood, and The Glenn Miller story is one of my favorites. 🙂 And I love Captain America too, although I have yet to see his movies. Someday, I hope!!

    Liked by 1 person

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