interview with Naomi

My second interview is with Naomi, of Wonderland Creek.


Favourite book series?  My favourite book series will have to be the Little House books. They are definitely getting too easy for me, but nah, I will adore them till the day I die. By the Little House books I also mean the Charlotte years, the Martha years, the Caroline years and the Rose years as well as the Laura years. I love them to itty-bitty-bits.

Little House on the Prairie book set for A.

Favourite animated movie?  You know, I don’t watch a lot of animated movies – I have never really enjoyed them as much. I can’t get into the story when it’s animated. It’s silly, I know, but I can’t. But if I had to mark a favourite, it’ll have to be ‘Bambi.’ It’s delightful.

Favourite food?  It hovers between pizza and chocolate cake (because nothing can beat chocolate, you know). It’s pizza when I’m in a salty mood, and chocolate when I’m in a sugary mood. Ah, food glorious food!

Favourite actor?  Dan Stevens. His blue eyes. My fondness towards him started with Downton Abbey and was marked official after watching Sense and Sensibility 08. I also really love Jimmy Stewart.

Favourite actress?  Julia Sawalha. She’s been in so many of my favourite Period Drama movies and seems to pop up all over the place – which is delightful! 🙂 My favourite role of hers is the ridiculously giggly Lydia Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. I also really love Judy Garland, by the way.

Favourite TV show?  Downton Abbey. Once hooked, forever hooked.

Favourite author?  I have quite a few! It’s impossible to pick just one! Okay, okay, if I must, it’s Lucy Maud Montgomery. The way she writes, man, the way she describes seasons and trees and flowers. She writes deliciously – and her characters are so real. I also adore Lynn Austin (ah she’s amazing!!!) and Margaret Mitchell (because hey, she wrote the world’s most famous romance) and of course, the unbeatable Jane Austen.

Favourite colour?  Pink. Rosy-coloured, peachy-pink, sparkly-rose… you get the point.

Favourite fictional couple?  Emma and Mr Knightley from the 2009 version (aka the ultimate Emma version, just in case you didn’t know. Haha.)

Favourite real life couple?  This one was much easier to think of than the fiction couple question, because I know more fictional people than real-life people. Wow, that sounds so weird, but you know, I think I do. 😛 Anyway, my favourite real life couple is Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. They had such a romantic love story, never had another lover aside from their marriage, and have been married for such a long time now. And boy, they were a handsome couple. 🙂

Favourite quote?  “Happiest Girls are the Prettiest Girls” – Audrey Hepburn. (That’s just one of zilli-billion, because I collect quotes.)

free printable "Happy girls are the prettiest girls" Audrey Hepburn

Favourite female character?  I absolutely love Jerusha Abbot in Daddy-Long-Legs. She’s witty and just-plain-fun. She reminds me so much of me, I flatter myself!

Favourite male character?  Snap, this is a tie. A tie between Mr Knightley (as portrayed by Johnny Lee Miller, please, thank you), Henry Tilney (he understands muslin) and Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey. I will keep it with a tie. You understand, surely.

Favourite band/singer?  Now we step back a few years! I love the Glenn Miller band and I love those Vintage singers such as Judy Garland (who, in my opinion, can make even the lamest of songs some of my favourites), Vera Lynn (her voice is like fields of beautiful flowers (I know, I’m poetic)) and Dorothy Dandridge.

Big Band: Glenn Miller Orchestra

Favourite song?  I have sooo many. Gah, this is hard. I will stick with my current favourite – American Patrol – a super fun big band song by the one and only Glenn Miller.

Favourite birthday?  My favourite birthday was probably my seventh – it just sticks out in a very memorable way. I got a lot of beautiful girlish, princess-like things – including a beautiful pink notebook with a lovely glamorous lady playing the piano on the top, and a red dress. I ate chips (fries) and baked beans in tomato-sauce. See? I just remember it so well. I loved that day a lot.

Favourite holiday?  Although I love the summer holidays because they are so delightfully sunny and yellow and warm and long – my favourite holiday has to be the Christmas Holidays. Because Christmas is my favourite time of the whole year, no doubt about it.

Favourite ice cream flavour?  I have changed a lot about that over the years. It used to be Caramel. While I still adore that (cuz caramel is so delicious that it’s unreal, right, right?) at the moment my favourite is strawberry ice-cream. It’s so pink. (Yes, I totally said that in Max (from the Sound of Music)’s voice.


5 thoughts on “interview with Naomi

  1. I loved Dan Stevens in Sense and Sensibility ’08 SO MUCH. His acting is so brilliant, it just makes me want to cry.


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