my top five favorite movie musicals

{*as usual, this list is in no particular order}

  1. Les Miserables {2012} – I remember crying buckets after I watched this, not just because it was gutwrenching and glorious (all at once too), but also because one of my favorite stories had been portrayed in such an amazing, vibrant way.  I don’t care what the critics said about Les Mis, I still think it’s one of the best movies I’ve ever watched: the cast, the orchestrations, the finale…everything was perfect.
  2. State Fair {1945} – My newest favorite movie musical, and one that I want to live in, indefinitely.  I don’t think I’ve ever watched a movie or read a book that I want to dive into, one where I want to experience every last thing a certain character does (in this case, Margy), so State Fair was a first for me in that regard.  I love every last detail of it, from the dresses Margy wears to the songs to Pat Gilbert and, really, the whole story in general. *siiiiiigh*
  3. Newsies {1992} – Watching Newsies always makes me feel nostalgic (which is a bit ridiculous, since I only discovered it during the summer of last year, but anyway…), and I love that.  I’ve got all the characters memorized, even (especially?) the obscure ones like Skittery and Kid Blink, the songs are smashing (as is the tap-dancing), and the whole thing is tons of fun – a truly triumphant story.
  4. Singin’ In The Rain {1952} – Probably my first favorite movie musical.  I watched it twice in a row, memorized all the songs by osmosis (not to mention the dialogue), developed a mad crush on Gene Kelly, and generally became obsessed with everything 30s Hollywood.  Mom actually banned it for a year or so because my siblings and I were driving her crazy with how we constantly sang the songs and quoted those awesome, funny lines (little did she know that Les Miserables was just around the bend).  Yeah.  It was bad.  Anyway, it’s not banned anymore (obviously), and it’s still one of my favorite movies.  Ever.
  5. White Christmas {1954} – This one really begs to be watched at Christmas, and only Christmas. (The Christmas season, that is.  Doesn’t have to be the day of.)  It’s a warm, lovely, poignant film and I love it dearly.  Practically all of the songs are iconic, which is great, and I dare you not to cry at least a few happy tears at the end.  A must-see for anyone.



17 thoughts on “my top five favorite movie musicals

  1. I’ve seen all of these, but my favorites from your list are definitely Les Mis and Newsies. I need to see State Fair again…I remember liking it a lot the first time I saw it!
    And yes…I always tear up on the ending of White Christmas! 🙂


  2. I haven’t yet seen the movie version of Les Mis, but I’ve watched a bunch of clips on YouTube and I agree it’s totally amazing–especially “Do You Hear the People Sing?” and the finale. I watched those two scenes over and over during my last semester of college–I needed some inspiration, and they certainly provided that 🙂


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