friday finds {#11}


Depression era: When they realized women were using their sacks to make clothes for their children, the mills started using flowered fabric for their sacks. The label was designed to wash out. // Beyond awesome.


Alfred Hitchcock & Farley Granger


A sad memorial: In New York City, 1944, piles of Christmas packages meant for American Servicemen who have been listed as missing or killed in action build up and await a ‘Return to Sender’ stamp.

Feast your eyes, ladies.


Like that’s ever going to happen.

A dress made entirely out of book pages. Wow.



4 thoughts on “friday finds {#11}

  1. So two of these made me feel like crying. The first was that flour mills would be so decent in the way they wanted to accommodate their customers – sweet.
    And then all those packages that had to be returned. I can’t even imagine the heartache represented in that one picture.
    The bunny quote is cute.


  2. So kind and thoughtful—and it also makes a nice pun: “flowered flour sacks” Get it? 🙂

    The purple dress is just gorgeous.


  3. If you want to befriend wild bunnies, plant clover in your lawn and plant a few lavender bushes. Bunnies love to eat clover, and reportedly they love to roll in lavender. The other evening, I was reading out on the swing behind our house, and a bold bunny came sauntering down the hill, nibbling clover and other dainties here and there. I have yet to plant my lavender plants in the ground, they’re in containers right now, but I want to do so. Then we could have lavender-scented wild bunnies!

    Also, I’ve discovered that just because you can buy the books you want, that doesn’t mean you have time to read them. Grr.


    • Now that my family is moving out to the country (well, country-ish), I just might have to do that! I bet we’ll get to see a lot more wildlife once we’re settled in to our new place.

      Unfortunately, that’s true. But most of the times, it feels awesome just to own the books and know you’ll get around to them SOME time. 🙂


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