interview with Jane

Miss Jane Bennet, over at Classic Ramblings, is my next interviewee.


1. Favorite book series?  Betsy-Tacy. Seriously, if you enjoy Lucy Maud Montgomery, GO READ BETSY-TACY. You won’t regret it.

Just looking at this cover makes me happy. This series was so sweet.

2. Favorite animated movie?  Disney’s Robin Hood.

3. Favorite food?  Ummmm. Pancakes, maybe?

4. Favorite actor?  Mr. Robert Downey, Jr. With Tom Hiddleston as a close second.

5. Favorite actress?  Umm…Jennifer Lawrence, probably. Still haven’t seen The Hunger Games, but I like her interviews. 😀

She was open about her darkest hours of movie-making. | 31 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Reigned Supreme Once Again In 2014

6. Favorite TV show?  Star Trek: The Original Series.

7. Favorite author?  JANE AUSTEN. 😀

8. Favorite colour?  Purple. 🙂

9. Favorite fictional couple?  Jane Bennet and Mr Bingley, probably. (Trying to stay away from controversial ships here, haha. :P)

Jane and Bingley - Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (photo from the 1995 BBC TV series)

10. Favorite real life couple?  Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington, maybe?

11. Favorite quote?  Noooo I can’t CHOOSE.

12. Favorite female character?  Elinor Dashwood.

13. Favorite male character?  My head nearly exploded trying to answer this question. 😛 I finally decided on Henry Tilney, because he’s my favorite Austen hero and Jane Austen wins over everything.

14. Favorite band/singer?  …Michael Crawford? Maybe? I guess if I could only listen to one (singing) voice for the rest of my life, his would be the one I’d choose. Oh, and Laura Osnes for the female singers.

15. Favorite song?  LES MIS. All of it. (With the exception of Two Songs Which Shall Remain Nameless. :P)

When i was in this show, EVERY NIGHT this part would give me shivers, it was so beautiful!! Ahhh.

16. Favorite birthday?  Probably my thirteenth. It was the only time I’ve ever had a really huge party–we invited all my family and had a make-your-own-pizza party. I had so much fun.

17. Favorite holiday?  Umm…it’s a toss-up between Independence Day and Easter.

18. Favorite ice cream flavor?  MINT CHOCOLATE.

Mint chip ice cream- very simple and creamy! I used 2 tsp of peppermint and it is very refreshing.


3 thoughts on “interview with Jane

  1. I only just read my first Betsy-Tacy book last year. I LOVED it! Can’t believe I never read them as a kid.

    Disney’s Robin Hood is also my fave animated movie. Oodalolly!

    Star Trek: TOS is in my top 10 favorite tv shows evvvvvvver.

    Mint chocolate chip ice cream is also my favorite. Is it possible you’re a younger version of me, created by an alternate universe and accidentally beamed over here? 😀


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