what I’m doing {#6}

Well, I’m back!  My family had a missionary family staying over at our house for a few days, which was great, but not very conducive to regular blogging (that’s why I didn’t do a Friday Finds post last week – all the posts published lately have been scheduled), so it feels great to get back into the swing of things.  We’re still in the midst of The Big Move, so there’ll be several more scheduled posts written by me + interviews, but I thought I’d give you all a little update while I’m still able to.  (And there are going to be complications with the Internet once we move, so my posts probably won’t be as frequent, but I’ll try hard to keep them coming as steadily as possible.)



The book that started my love for reading and is, therefore, my favorite book of all time.

Little Women, mostly.  I was partly inspired by Hamlette’s LW read-along (which is just coming to an end, unfortunately), but most of my desire to re-read the book came from The Travesty That Is The March Family Letters.  Ugggggh.  Unlike Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved and Frankenstein, MD., TMFL doesn’t feel like it’s source material at all, which is extremely disappointing.  Anyway, the re-read was great, and I discovered a new appreciation for both Laurie and Amy – I think Amy is actually my favorite of the sisters, although I like all of them very much.  The whole story is so cozy and lovely and inviting that I didn’t want it to end (I know that’s a cliched phrase when it comes to good books, but it’s TRUE), so I’m glad that it’s such a nice, long read.

I’ve also been reading a couple of Elsie Dinsmore books – Elsie’s Girlhood and Elsie’s Womanhood.  The only reason I started to re-read them was because Elisabeth and I recently realized that we both reeeeally like Walter Dinsmore (what is it with guys named Walter getting killed tragically in wars?), so I wanted to re-read the two books where he’s grown up and not such a scared little boy.  And, I have to admit, if you get past all the father/daughter weirdness, the series (up to a point) is actually quite interesting.  The Elsie books aren’t great literature, but when I’m in the mood for them, I can go through the first ten or so books in a matter of days.


Steve McQueen & Yul Brynner on the set of The Magnificent Seven (1960)

Well, the family that was staying with us had watched Wanted: Dead or Alive and The Great Escape and they all agreed with me + my siblings that Steve McQueen is the epitome of coolness, but they hadn’t watched The Magnificent Seven yet (well, the dad had, but none of the sons), so we showed that to them.  I ended up missing the first twenty minutes or so of it (long story), but I got back in time to watch Britt’s introductory scene (*fist-pump*), so it all worked out.  And Mag7 just gets more and more amazing each time I watch it!  I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

And then, on June 6th, everyone watched The Longest Day, which was even more amazing than Mag7 (if that’s possible).  I’ve come to realize that though it’s practically impossible for me to chose a Favorite Movie of All Time, if I had to, the place would go to The Longest Day (closely followed by Mag7 and Laura).  The scope is grand and sweeping, but at the same time the film examines the individual lives swept up in the invasion, which gives a hugely epic (in the sense of Ben Hur or the Iliad) feel to everything.  The music is superb and the cast…well, put all those major stars together, and you’ve got some serious awesomeness happening. (Peter Lawford as Lord Lovat?  *squeee*)  Simply fantastic.

(Also, I’ve got the MJ2 trailer on repeat right now.  Go watch it!!!  I’ll betcha anything you’ll cry.)

{listening to}

The Theory of Everything  soundtrack, Johann Johannsson.

I’ve fallen in love with the soundtrack to The Theory of Everything.  Particularly the track “Forces of Attraction”.  Overwhelmingly gorgeous.

What’ve you been reading/watching/listening to lately?



16 thoughts on “what I’m doing {#6}

  1. There are so many people in The Longest Day that I end up recognizing more of them each time around. When I was looking at your Pinterest board the other day, my mental reactions were rather like, “Oh, I’d forgotten Kenneth More was in this…oh, and there’s Stuart Whitman too…and now I actually know who Richard Todd is by sight.” And I can’t for the life of me recall where people like Mel Ferrer and Leo Genn were in the film, because I had no idea who they were last time I saw it. 🙂

    I’ve been mostly sneezing my way through hay fever, and trying to finish up four or five books I had going all at once (including Little Women, which I just finished up last night!). Watched just a couple of Combat! episodes recently…”Missing in Action,” which was decent, and yesterday “The Leader,” which was terrific.


    • Same here. It seems that between viewings, I always ‘discover’ a few Hollywood actors, and then they pop up in the film on my next re-watch. I spotted Steve Forrest this time around, which was neat. 🙂 Since I watched Ocean’s Eleven (the original) just a couple weeks ago, I recognized Peter Lawford too. And I kept feeling that I’d seen Richard Todd before, in another movie, but it turns out that I haven’t. (Although one of his films – D-Day: The Sixth of June – is on my to-watch list.)

      “Missing in Action” is one of the first episodes I ever watched, and it’s not one of my favorites either. But “The Leader”…YES. Just re-watched that one recently. It’s definitely one of the best in the show, and it really cemented my liking for Kirby. (And wasn’t Doc awesome?)


      • Oh yes, that’s classic Doc right there. Staying in the background most of the time, but giving somebody a nudge at just the crucial moment to affect the whole plot.

        I saw Richard Todd recently in a pretty neat mystery/suspense movie, Chase a Crooked Shadow…before that I only recalled him as the one who actually participated in the same part of the action on D-Day. I realize now that I also saw him a long time ago in an Alfred Hitchcock movie, Stage Fright. Have you seen that one? I gather (from Pinterest) that you like Hitchcock. 🙂


      • Yep. That’s Doc. 🙂

        I’m a big Hitchcock fan, but I’ve seen a pitifully few number of his films (my mom and I are in the middle of one right now – Rebecca). I’ll have to look up Stage Fright! *adds it to huge list of movies to watch*


      • I saw “Stage Fright” soooooooooo long ago, and all I remember is that I spent the whole thing afraid that Richard Todd would turn out to be evil. And I can’t remember now if he did or not. Clearly, I need to see it again!

        I love him in several things besides The Longest Day (I quote him in my head a lot on really hard days. “Hold until relieved. Hold until relieved.”) and D-Day: The Sixth of June. He plays Robin Hood in a Disney live-action version from the ’50s, which is adorable. And he’s so wonderful in The Hasty Heart. He’ll make you cry buckets in that one. He’s also in the Disney Rob Roy, but I haven’t seen that yet, or A Man Called Peter. Shame on me!


      • My brothers have informed me that D-Day: The Sixth of June is ‘really boring and too much romance’, but I don’t think I’m going to take their word for it. 🙂 I believe I watched that version of Robin Hood some time ago, but I don’t remember a thing about it, so I should re-borrow it from the library soon. (That is, if our new library has it.) But I think I’ll hold off on The Hasty Heart for a while – it’s not like I need something new to make me cry. 😉


      • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell… DD:TSOJ is a little slow in spots. It’s a drama, really, not a “war movie” per se. And it does have a lot of romance.

        Save “The Hasty Heart” for when you need a really good cry, the kind where you want to crawl through the TV screen and hug and hug and hug the characters.


      • As long as I care about the characters, I don’t really mind if there’s a lot of romance, or if the film is a little slow. When I do end up seeing it, I’ll let you know what I think!

        Oh, it’s one of THOSE films? *backs slowly away* 🙂 I do get in that sort of a mood sometimes, so we shall see…


  2. Actual conversation between James Coburn and Mag7 casting guy:

    “Well, we’ve got one part left.”

    “Which one?”

    “Oh, that’s Britt. He’s the guy with the knife.”



    • I heard about that! 😀 Apparently, he went to see Seven Samurai FIFTEEN TIMES when it came out in theatres – he said he took everyone he knew to see it. And his favorite character was, of course, the Japanese equivalent of Britt. I read an interview with him once where he said that Britt was one of the top three favorite characters he’d ever played.


  3. I’ve been listening to a lot of Susan Boyle–I’d never really heard any of her stuff before, and I’ve quickly discovered it’s incredibly awesome 🙂 Especially “I Dreamed a Dream,” “All I Ask of You,” and “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace.” She’s just so inspiring.

    I haven’t actually been reading or watching movies very much lately, because I started writing a novel about WWII and it’s taking up pretty much all my spare time. It’s SO MUCH FUN. I can’t even describe how much I enjoy it. I just hope it turns out well 🙂


      • Yes, she’s wonderful.
        Oh, thank you! I’ve gotten close to 10,000 words, but I want it to be at least 80,000, so I still have a while to go. I really enjoy imagining everything, though–even the sad parts (cause it IS a war story after all).


      • 80K words is a good length for a novel. I know a lot of writers (myself included) get into a slump after the first several thousand words, but it’s always worth it to push on and keep writing…the end’ll be in sight before you know it. 🙂


  4. Eva! Lovely to have you back again! 🙂 I trust the visit was nice? 🙂

    Oh yes, Little Women, always charming! It’s not my favourite book though, I have to say. I find Marmee a tad too preachy sometimes. As for the Elsie books, I’m sorry, but I cannot stand Elsie Dinsmore. I mean – 7 years old and the worst thing she did was giving away a tiny snip of her locks? I personally find her father FAR to strict. He makes me really, really angry. 😛 I haven’t read all of the Elsie books, but if you say they become better, and that there’s another (SOB, EVA, PLEASE DON’T TALK ABOUT RILLA OF INGLESIDE) lovely Walter, I perhaps should!

    Oh, I’ll check out the soundtrack of ‘The Theory of Everything.’ I always love a good soundtrack. You should check out the soundtrack of ‘Belle.’ It’s BEAUTIFUL.

    ~ Naomi


    • Ah, it feels good to be back. I like sticking to a routine. 🙂 The visit was great – we all had a lot of fun.

      Marmee does tend to get preachy at times, but I don’t really mind since much of what she says is true and actually quite good advice. I just finished reading Little Men, the sequel (have you read that?), which is nearly as good as LW, and I’m now moving on to Jo’s Boys, the trequel (that’s what I call the third book in any series.) Elsie IS ridiculous a lot of the time, and her dad gets on my nerves, and Mr Travilla weirds me out at times, but I can stand the series ever so often. I adored all the books when I was little. Compared to Walter Blythe, Walter Dinsmore isn’t half as good, but he’s pretty much the only sensible one among all the characters. Which is nice.

      The TTOE soundtrack makes me think of all the period dramas I’ve watched because it sounds so much like all the soundtracks for them. I’ll definitely check out Belle’s soundtrack! (I want to watch it too.)


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