friday finds {#12}

Queen Elizabeth’s wedding cake. // WOW.


I love this picture!



The first Walmart store opened in 1962.

Couples celebrating Germany’s surrender. Love it!

Combat! cast going through Basic. (again, for most of them)

One of my favorite pictures of her.

NASA before Powerpoint.



4 thoughts on “friday finds {#12}

  1. That NASA photo! Golleeeee!
    I love the Audrey Hepburn picture–she looks sooooo cute in that headscarf. Like a Spanish Lady or something.


  2. Ha ha ha! That pic of the C! cast — don’t they all look so… unenthused? I mean, Rick Jason still has his Movie Star Sunglasses on, and is clearly thinking, “I am a Great White Hunter — you can’t teach me nuthin’ about this rifle.” And Pierre Jalbert is all, “Cool, that’s cool, can I ski soon?” Steve Rogers looks like he’d rather be anywhere else but there, and Shecky Green… poor Shecky is being upstaged by his Vic’s rifle (unintentional, I’m sure), but he’s probably thinking up a wise-crack.

    And then there’s Vic Morrow. Who somehow aged about five years between this shot and the start of filming — he looks like he’s 20 here! His posture and flopped-down hands, though, suggest he’s patiently waiting for the guy to stop talking so he can calmly explain all the things that are wrong with this guy, his attitude about life, and anything else going on at the moment. Or at least, that’s what that body language means when he’s playing Sgt. Saunders 😉


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