This is a rather informal tag, as Naomi didn’t follow all the rules when she did it, and I’m not either, so it’s basically just a bunch of interesting/random questions, the kind that I love answering.  To begin…

The Sound of Music (1965)

1. How many siblings do you have?  Seven!  And this is where you’re supposed to go all Maria-from-The-Sound-Of-Music on me and say “…but, seven?!”  Yes, indeed.  I have two sisters and five brothers, which often gets crazy, but I’m the oldest, which helps. *wink*  And, yes, I can remember all their names AND ages.  Who would’ve guessed?

2. How many kids would you like to have?  *shrugs* I’d like a large family, though I think I’d be happy with whatever number God blesses my husband and I with.  I think five or six would be a good number, but Mom’s proved that she can handle eight, so I could probably do the same.

3. Favourite colour for a horse? Pinto.  Specifically, brown/white pinto.

Watching... reminds me of my Mom cuz she loves horses and so do I...

4. Last food you ate?  A rather delicious muffin, made with coconut flour and cinnamon, among other things.

5. Last book you read?  Well, I got a good way into Juno before having to put it down because soldiers do tend to swear quite a bit; I really didn’t want to give it up, because it was almost as good as The Longest Day (though not as epic in scale) and it’s the first book I’ve read that focuses on the Canadian contribution to D-Day.  Anyway.  The last full book I read was Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women, which was fascinating.  I learned that nearly everything in Little Women (and, to a lesser extent, Little Men) was taken straight from her life.  I also discovered that she wrote Jo’s Boys over a period of seven years (as opposed to writing LW in ten months), mostly while she was quite sick, and wasn’t happy with the finished result.  Hmm. (While I’d wholeheartedly recommend LMA: TWBLW, the author did get some things wrong, mainly facts about LMA’s works – for instance, she stated that Daisy and Demi were JO’S children.  What???)

6. Favourite colour?  Purple.  Any and all shades.  Soft lavender, the kind you just want to hug.  Deep, dramatic tones full of passion and awe-inspiring beauty.  Majestic middling shades touched with spirit and loveliness. (I’m in a rather poetic mood.)


7. Favourite movie?  ARGH.  What a question.  It usually varies, depending on my mood, but I think The Longest Day is up there to stay.  Followed closely by Laura, The Magnificent Seven, Stalag 17, and Ocean’s 11 (the 1960 version).  Yep, I love my movies.  Not quite as awesome as books, but pretty close.

8. What do you most want to do this summer?  Start writing Original Stories again (hopefully, a novel, for the first time in months and months).  I’ve been simmering ideas around in my head for quite some time, in the midst of writing oodles of fanfiction, and I have high hopes that I’ll get back into the groove of coming up with fresh characters and plot lines and dialogue.  Fanfiction is great, but I need to write stories that are absolutely mine again.  I’m craving it.

9. Do you like to dance?  Hehe.  I came up to this question while listening to “I Won’t Dance” by Frank Sinatra.  Not kidding.  And that’s pretty much my answer.  I’ve never danced, and I don’t want to…unless I could waltz around to “Moonlight Serenade” with whoever my husband turns out to be, ’cause that would be indescribable.  I’m getting those fangirly shivers just thinking about it. (My disinclination for dancing doesn’t mean I don’t love watching it, though.  All those old movies make it look delightful.)

Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire

10. What is your favourite flower?  Irises.  All that purple.  When my family lived on a farm for three years, we had a tiny patch of irises that the previous owners had planted, and that’s when I learned to love them. I just wish they’d stick around longer than they do.

11. Do you like eating or gathering wild edibles?  Eh…no.  Not really.  Berries and roots and such aren’t really my thing.

12. Which do you like better: Walking in the woods or watching hot coals/fire?  Hot coals/fire, definitely.  I’m a homebody, so sitting by and watching a cozy fire sounds heavenly.

13. Where do you live?  Canada.  Best country in the world, and it doesn’t get a fraction of the recognition it deserves.  Whenever a movie or TV show or book mentions Canada, my siblings and I all get super excited, because it’s so rare. *sigh*  If you’re wondering just why Canada is The Best Country Ever, come visit me!  I’ll take you to all the best places and show you the coolest sights, okay?

Kilometres, kilometres.

14. Which do you like better: Tea, Coffee, or Hot Chocolate?  Hot chocolate, with coffee a close second, and tea a distant third.

15. Are you scared of spiders or do you think they are fun pets?  I used to ‘own’ three spiders: Thenardier Jr., Annette, and Chauvelin.  And then two of the three had kids, five of them, which I named Troy, Moffitt, Tully, Hitch, and Dietrich (if you get that reference, you’re awesome).  They’ve all disappeared now, but I still have rather fond memories of them – the babies would huddle around above the shower stall and the three adults had the rest of the bathroom to themselves.  As long as they didn’t come into my bedroom, they were fine and we had a perfectly congenial relationship.  So…fun pets?

16. Do you own a harp and if so may I play it?  Nope.  I think hardly anyone owns a harp these days, except professional orchestras – alas, the Regency days are over and gone. (Mary Crawford, you know.)

17. Which do you like better: candlelight or electric light?  Candlelight is more romantic, but electric light is more practical.  Plus, if I lived by candlelight, my eyes would be a hundred times worse than they already are, and I don’t want that to happen, so electric light it is.


18. Would you prefer to own a dog or a cat better (if any)?  I don’t fancy ever owning a pet, really.  Too much fuss and bother, even if they are (for the most part) adorable.

19. Do you have chickens?  Used to.  My family owned about thirty when we lived on The Farm, but our dog got loose one night and killed a bunch of them (ran most of them to death, I think – we were all away at church when it happened, so nobody really knows) and the rest died off slowly.  When we moved, there weren’t any left.  Mom would like to get some more sometime, but I’m not sure when or if that’s going to happen.

20. Do you know any languages besides English and are there any other languages you would like to learn?  I’ve studied Spanish off and on for three or four years, but besides some vocabulary and verb tenses, nothing much has stuck with me.  I have a (very) sketchy knowledge of both German and French, mainly because of Combat!.  Elisabeth and I have become experts on enlightening each other as to what the Germans say, or knowing what the French guys and girls are talking about before Caje (or someone else) handy-dandily translates for everyone’s benefit. *grin*

21. Do you plan to start your own business? If so, then what sort of business would it be?  I don’t have any plans along that line…yet.  That might change when I get older, though, but I’m not sure what kind of a business it would.  Probably something to do with writing.


Taking my cue from Naomi, I hereby tag anyone wearing purple or turquoise.  Have fun!



9 thoughts on “tagged!

  1. That’s exactly my favorite color horse too! Always has been.

    It’s odd how most Americans seem to know more about European countries than they do about Canada, even though we’re near neighbors! My knowledge of Canada is kind of bounded by L.M. Montgomery on one side, the RCMP and the Calgary Stampede on the other. 🙂 But I have read some good books set in Canada: Mrs. Mike (a tearjerker, but good), Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town (hilarious), and many years ago the Home Fires series (a pair of children’s books about a Canadian Mennonite family).

    Have you ever seen the movie The Little Kidnappers, by the way?


    • I was re-reading this post and realized I didn’t respond to your question. 😛 No, I haven’t seen The Little Kidnappers, though it does sound familiar. Is it any good?


  2. I just love “I Won’t Dance.” It’s hilarious . . . and since I don’t personally care for dancing, either, it fits perfectly!
    Have you ever seen Kermit the Frog do that song with Miss Piggy, on the Muppet Show? It’s on YouTube, I think. Funniest thing ever.
    Hey, I’m not wearing purple or turquoise right now but I wore turquoise to church this morning–does that count? 😉


    • It was the first time I listened to ‘I Won’t Dance’, and I wasn’t really paying attention because I was writing the blog post, so I’ll have to go and give it a re-listen. 🙂 And, no, I haven’t seen the Muppet version.

      Of course it does! I’d love to read your answers.


    • Okay, great! I don’t have a blog of my own, so I’ll just do ’em here if you don’t mind. (I know this is unorthodox, but somebody did it over on Naomi’s blog so I hope it’s all right.)
      1. Seven. Four brothers and three sisters. I’m the oldest girl.
      2. How many kids? Oh, gee . . . a lot. Don’t know exactly. I have to find a guy first.
      3. Roan or sorrel. I love red horses.
      4. It was breakfast, so I had oatmeal and a plain bagel (I love bagels 🙂 )
      5. Last book I read? “Murder at the Vicarage”–Agatha Christie. I love Miss Marple.
      6. Favorite color? I’ll have to say blue–especially turquoise and lake-blue and navy blue.
      7. Favorite movie–“Bernadette,” 1988. It’s such a sweet, peaceful story and so inspiring, and the girl who plays Bernadette Soubirous is BRILLIANT.
      8. What to do this summer? FINISH MY NOVEL!!!! Also study for the GRE and start my grad school applications.
      9. No. I do not like to dance. Although I do enjoy watching it.
      10. Gee . . . I think it’s a tie between tulips and lilacs.
      11. NOPE.
      12. Walking in the woods. I love to walk.
      13. Southeastern U.S. But I’m originally from New England–Connecticut to be exact. And I miss it very much. I’m really a Yankee girl at heart, y’know.
      14. Tea.
      15. Scared of ’em. Very much so.
      16. No, no harp. Of course you could play it if I DID have one.
      17. I think candlelight is prettier.
      18. Cat. I love cats.
      19. No, no chickens. I’ve never lived on a farm and I don’t ever really plan to.
      20. I know a teeny bit of Spanish, a fair bit of Latin, and way too much German for my own good. No, seriously, I love German, but I got a little burned-out last semester.
      21. Noooo . . . I’m not a business kind of person.


      • Yes, it’s perfectly all right. 🙂 Unfortunately, my lack of available Internet doesn’t give me enough time to respond to all your answers, so I’ll just say that I loved reading them. Thanks for participating in this tag!


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  4. Ha, of COURSE you can remember all the names! I have had people asking me how on EARTH I knew all the names of my siblings so . many . times (annoys me a lot, snirk) and I always ask them, ‘Do you know all the names of the children in your class?’ (they have always said ‘yes’ so far) and then *I* go, ‘WOW! That’s SO amazing.’ (fakely, haha.)

    I loved your poetical descriptions of the colour purple. Just sayin’.

    I looove the song ‘I won’t Dance’!! (But then as sung by Fred Astaire) I love it even though I love to dance. 🙂 I sing it a lot, so much my siblings have dubbed it as ‘Naomi’s song.’ 🙂

    Heehee, we do that too when there’s French talking in movies and someone translates it for the viewers. ‘No, sir. We KNOW what he said, thank you very much.’ 😛

    ~ Naomi


    • Nobody’s asked me that, but they have asked Elisabeth. When she told me, my first thought was, “What a dumb question.” 😛

      Aw, thanks! I was mainly inspired by you, since you usually write like that whenever you’re describing anything (and I love it).


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