favorite tv shows, favorite episodes

A short list showcasing my favorite episode from each of my favorite TV shows.  Basically what the title says.

{Note: I haven’t seen every episode of any of these shows except Rat Patrol.  But I’m reasonably sure the episodes mentioned here will remain my favorites.}

{Combat! – “Losers Cry Deal”}

"Losers Cry Deal"

Choosing a favorite Combat! episode was tough, because there’s so many good ones, but even though “Hills Are For Heroes” is brilliant and “The Hostages” is amazing and deep and “Masquerade” is awesome for a bunch of different reasons, I ended up going with “Losers Cry Deal”.  Squad episodes make my day, and each element of this episode fits together so well that it could hardly be more perfect.  The plot flows along smoothly, dialogue is crisp, and characterization is excellent for both regulars and guest stars.  Highlights include: The Wrath of Caje, Doc + Littlejohn + the poker game, all the regulars looking their absolute best, FLETCHER FIST, and Vic Morrow’s directing style.

{Rat Patrol – “The Chain of Death Raid”}

Before Combat!, there was Rat Patrol. (For me, that is.)  I adored the show, and I still do, although C! is now my favorite TV show, and my favorite episode hasn’t changed after all this time.  “The Chain of Death Raid”.  Dun-dun-DUN.  I’ll admit, the title is a bit melodramatic, but thankfully it’s not the title that makes the episode.  I’ve always loved plots where enemies have to work together for a common goal, and this take on that story type is great.  Troy and Dietrich have to set their differences aside to escape from Arab slave traders and then get back to civilization.  Highlights include: Tully’s leather gloves, Dietrich speaking Arabic, and the fabulous pyrotechnics at the end.

{Hogan’s Heroes – “Reverend Kommandant Klink”}

Maybe I’m just a sucker for romantic stories, but this episode has risen to the top slot on my ‘Favorite Hogan’s Heroes episodes’ list and it won’t be shaken off.  I’ve probably seen it six or seven times, all pretty recently, and I still get goosebumps every single time that gorgeous, perfect, completely unorthodox wedding takes place.  So, there’s this Free French pilot that’s been captured and the Gestapo want to know where his air base is and, to make a long story short, Hogan ends up bringing the guy’s girlfriend into camp and they get married (Free French guy and the girl – not Hogan and the girl). *fangirls*  Highlights include: Suzanne’s wedding dress, Hogan’s test for aspiring actors, the little scene in Paris, and THE LOOK ON CLAUDE’S FACE WHEN HE REALIZES IT’S SUZANNE. *fangirls again*

{Wanted: Dead or Alive – “Secret Ballot”}

Uggggggh.  When I finished watching this episode, the first time I watched it, I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach.  It’s probably not the first choice for anyone’s favorite episode of W:DoA, but it’s rich and deep and emotional, and Josh/Steve does some of his finest acting in the show here, so I have a love/hate relationship with this one.  Josh comes to a town to help an old army buddy and gets in much deeper than he expected.  In the end, he loses his friendship with the army buddy, who either saved Josh’s life, or Josh saved his (I forget the ins and outs of it).  Anyway, it’s really sad – a huge amount of emotion packed into twenty-five minutes.  I wouldn’t say there’s any highlights, in the typical fangirling sense; the whole thing is tragic and thought-provoking and I’m just going to leave it at that.

{Get Smart – “Rebecca of Funnyfolk Farm”}

Goodness, this episode is HILARIOUS.  I mean, every Get Smart episode is outrageously funny, but this one is…wow.  I love it.  I could probably quote it word for word.  Max and 99 have to get a briefcase off the roof of an old house, but they end up getting invited inside, and that’s when things get really weird.  I’m pretty sure at least parts of this episode were based off Rebecca, the book by Daphne du Maurier, especially the thing with the portrait and how the real Rebecca was hated by the household (in this episode AND the book).  But I digress.  Highlights include: the entire dinner sequence, Hestor’s midnight stroll through the garden (in a storm, no less), Max in a tuxdeo, and pretty much everything about Jason.

Have you seen any of these episodes?  What do you think of my choices?



6 thoughts on “favorite tv shows, favorite episodes

  1. I liked reading your post, but I have not seen most of the TV shows except for Hogan’s Heroes, though I really want to watch Combat and Wanted: Dead or Alive.

    What is Get Smart about? It looks really interesting.


  2. Get Smart–y’know, my dad was just talking to me about that show! I had to go into campus to take the GRE (grad-school entrance exam), and I was telling Dad how the testing room is in the library basement, so you have to go down a long flight of stairs and turn a corner and open some doors and THEN there you are. And he said, “Hey, sounds a lot like the opening of Get Smart!” 🙂


  3. I haven’t seen that Hogan’s Heroes OR that Get Smart — this must be rectified! I know I’ve seen the W:DOA, and of course I’ve seen “Losers Cry Deal” several times, and they’re both stellar 🙂


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