little things {#8}

Little reasons to smile.

~special reading nooks

~instant coffee

~the billboard downtown that says ‘see the world – join the navy!’, because it’s just like The Old Days

~when I get into my writing zone

~early mornings

~special notebooks

~allll the amazing books in this world


~epic, sweeping music (like “Tara’s Theme”)

~”Here’s what happened…”

~Will Benteen

~genuinely funny jokes

~Anthony Perkins + Audrey Hepburn

~my Captain America poster



9 thoughts on “little things {#8}

  1. I loooved this post. It’s so cozy . . .
    Special reading nooks – oh my favorite! Mine is the basket chair in my room.
    And the notebooks. Funny how we writers are so attached to ours 🙂
    The picture was Awesome Stuff, BTW.


    • My favorite one is my mom’s rocking chair in the living room by the window because a) it’s super comfortable and b) I need a lot of light when I read (preferably natural light), so it’s in the perfect spot. 🙂


  2. Oooohhh . . . Join the Navy and See the World! Have you ever heard that old Fred Astaire song, “We Saw the Sea”? It’s about those very posters and it’s SOOOOO funny. My mom has an old Fred Astaire cassette tape, so I’ve been hearing that song for as long as I can remember.


    • Nope, I haven’t heard that one – I’ll look it up on Youtube as soon as I finish writing this comment. 🙂 Have you heard Glenn Miller’s version of ‘What Do You Do In The Infantry’? It’s great, too.


      • That IS really, really funny–I confess I’m partial to “We Saw the Sea” just because I’ve grown up with it, but “What Do You Do In the Infantry” is awesome, too 🙂

        Isn’t it cool how people could still joke like, that even in the middle of such an awful war?


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