even more favorite screen characters

Maybe this should become a regular post series, eh?


~Billy Nelson (Tom Lowell) from Combat!


Billy might not be everyone’s favorite C! character, but he’s definitely one of mine – he’s funny (all those hilarious exchanges with Littlejohn), brave (have you ever seen “Bridgehead”?), and overall, a very sweet guy.  My only complaint about him, and this doesn’t really have anything to do with him, is that he’s only in two seasons.  He and Littlejohn had such great rapport!  After Billy left the show, Littlejohn was relegated to small parts with hardly any character development (like he got in “Bridgehead” or “Glow Against The Sky”), and that’s a shame.  Plus, Billy added his own special something to the squad that I always miss in Seasons 3-5, and he’s adorable and loads of fun and I’m very thankful for the time that he did spend on the show. (Oh, and the thing with everyone always cooking stuff in his helmet?  Priceless.)

~Moffitt (Gary Raymond) from Rat Patrol


Moffitt is the sole British member of the Rat Patrol, which isn’t historically accurate at all (the team really should have been comprised of three Brits and one American, since it was the British that took care of pretty much the whole North African campaign), but as almost nothing about the show is historically accurate, I don’t bother about it after a while.  And Moffitt’s such a darling character.  There’s his accent, of course, and his sensitivity and bravery and gentlemanly manners and HE’S SO BRITISH IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY.  And Gary Raymond really put everything he had into his acting – the episode with Gabrielle or the one where Moffitt’s brother gets killed, for instance, always had me getting emotional, and it’s mostly due to the stellar acting.  Moffitt’s awesome.

~Basil (voiced by Barrie Ingham) from The Great Mouse Detective

Disney Animals Who Forgot How To Animal | Oh My Disney:

After Robin Hood, The Great Mouse Detective is my favorite Disney animated film (well, sort of tying with Meet The Robinsons) and Basil is my favorite character in the film – he’s an absolute genius, naturally, and I think that even if I watch Sherlock or the RDJ Sherlock films sometime in the future, Basil will always remain my favorite portrayal of the great detective. (Along with the original Holmes.  Y’know, the one from the books.)  It’s interesting to watch clever minds at work, and I also think that part of Basil’s greatness as a character stems from the fact that he has a perfect foil in his arch-nemesis, Professor Ratigan.  They’re both stunning geniuses and it’s great to see how they play off of each other.

~Gunderson (Peter Holden) from Saints & Soldiers


Gunderson is just the kind of character type that I like the most – steady, dependable, level-headed, etc. (Like Doc or Atticus.)  I can’t decide whether I like him or Deacon better, and I think it’s going to remain a tie.  I wouldn’t exactly say Gunderson is the father figure of the group, like some other reviewers have, but he definitely cares for all his men (especially Deacon) and he’ll do anything he can to keep them all together and in one piece.  Just think of all that responsibility…everyone’s looking at him to make the decisions and one false step can result in them getting captured or killed.  Oh, and I loooove his and Deacon’s friendship.  It always makes me smile (or have feels – usually both).

~John Fitzgerald (Garrett Hedlund) from Unbroken

"Welcome. Sort of." // All the typical fangirling language and reactions and stuff like that seem too ?shallow? when talking about 'Unbroken', but I have to say that I have ALL the respect and admiration in the world for Fitzgerald.:

Real person, people.  Unbroken (book and movie) is peppered with amazing people (DUH), and Fitzgerald is one of my favorites, though he isn’t really the focus at any time (Louie’s amazing, too, by the way).  He’s the senior POW at two of the prison camps that Louie ends up in through the course of the book/movie (he gets transferred along with Louie) and at each place, he does his best to make sure that the Japanese treat all the POWs with at least a semblance of decency.  Plus, when Fitzgerald was first captured, the Japanese tortured him for weeks (maybe months) to get Important Information from him and he never cracked.  I think Garrett Hedlund did a first-rate job portraying Fitzgerald, and he got more screen time than I was expecting.  There were so many little touches in his portrayal that you wouldn’t really ‘get’ if you hadn’t read the book first, and that made me happy. (ALSO.  Garrett read Fitzgerald’s diary while doing the role, so he really got into his mindset, which I think it fantastic.)

~Eddie Cullen (Vincent Walsh) from “The Prince and the Rebel” (a Murdoch Mysteries episode)


Let the Twilight jokes begin. 😉  No, but seriously, Eddie is amazing, and nothing like .  I watched quite a few episodes of MM Back In The Day (only ones approved by my grandparents, though, ’cause the series can get quite inappropriate at times) and I remembered really liking Eddie, so a couple weeks ago, I borrowed the episode from my grandparents and re-watched it and discovered that I didn’t have entirely bad taste when I was younger.  BUT HE’S SUCH A TRAGIC CHARACTER AND IT’S SO SAAAAD.  It really is.  And now I want to learn more about the Fenian Raids and the whole Irish-British conflict, ’cause I know where he’s coming from personally (with his wife and daughter being killed by the British), but I want the bigger picture, too.  And what’s with TV shows that present the main character’s awesome best friend and then only have him in one episode? (Like Saunders and Avery in “A Gift of Hope”.)  Eddie was only a one-shot character, but he made a huge impression, broke my heart, and…yeah.  Plus, Vincent Walsh put an enormous amount of effort into getting all of Eddie’s scenes perfect, and it totally paid off. *snifffff*  THANKS FOR RUINING MY LIFE.

~Mister Roberts (Henry Fonda) from Mister Roberts

MISTER ROBERTS (1957) - Henry Fonda reads Emmett Kelly's biography, "Clown" while shooting the film - Directed by John Ford - Warner Bros. - Publicity Still.:

Finally, a Henry Fonda character on one of these lists!  He’s one of my favorite actors, but I just hadn’t found a character of his that I liked well enough to include, until I watched Mister Roberts (though, come to think of it, that bounty hunter in The Tin Star was great as well).  I like/love everything about Roberts (goodness, I can’t type ‘Roberts’ without hearing it in James Cagney’s voice – I’d better just leave the ‘Mister’ on) – he challenges Pulver to be a man and actually do something for once, he gives up his letters for the crew’s liberty (and then bears all their suspicion – HATED that [not that he bore it, but that they had suspicions in the first place]), and throws that stupid palm tree overboard.  Best moment of the whole film. (Well, either that or when Pulver did it.)  I just like him lots, that’s all.

See any favorite characters on this list? (I know I fangirl about lots of obscure stuff, so I’m curious.)



little things {#9} + giveaway winner!


~sandwiches loaded with meat and mustard and cucumber and lettuce and cheese

~my dad’s corny jokes

~laughing with my siblings

~movie soundtracks

~good friends

~every color in the world

~Edward Cullen


~eating out

~planning for NaNoWriMo

~looooooong emails

~the first + last chapters of Gone With The Wind

~luscious chocolate cake



And the winner of the Casablanca giveaway is…


Congratulations!  I’ll be emailing her ASAP to get her mailing address.  Many thanks to everyone else who entered. 🙂


P.S. If anyone’s puzzled by the eighth entry on my list, rest assured that I haven’t become a Twihard.  There will be a post coming along shortly that will, I hope, clear everything up.  But, for now, I enjoy mystifying all of you. 😉

movie review: casablanca

Casablanca Movie 1942:

Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart), who owns a nightclub in Casablanca, discovers his old flame Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) is in town with her husband, Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid). Laszlo is a famed rebel, and with Germans on his tail, Ilsa knows Rick can help them get out of the country.


Casablanca one of those deliciously heartbreaking movies.  When I want to have a good cry without feeling like my insides have been kicked out, and when I get in that mood, Casablanca is usually the movie I watch (as opposed to its contender at the 1943 Academy Awards – The Ox-Bow Incident).  Yes, it’s sad, but I can deal with the ending – Ilsa and Victor will be happy together, in the end, and as for Rick…well, Rick will be fine, too, doing whatever it is he and Louis end up doing.  Naturally, I still cry, though, and not just at the end, because since I know the ending, all the foreshadowing and echoed lines and multiple playings of ‘As Time Goes By’ never fail to make me tear up, at least a little.  Oh, and the Marseilles scene.  That always gets me.


Besides describing my personal feelings when it comes to Casablanca, what can I say about this film that will be new and fresh?  That I love it wholeheartedly and breathlessly?  That each character is unique and I love half of them and hate the other half and that I feel extremely conflicted about Louis?  That the script is a work of art with all the glittering, snappy, funny, romantic, gutwrenching dialogue?  All that, and more, has been said.

But, whatever.  I want to do it, too.

First, the part of loving it so hard and so much: I LOVE THIS MOVIE TO INFINITY AND BEYOOND.  It’s definitely on my top ten favorite movies list, and maybe top five, and maybe top three (if anyone’s interested in the top ten, let me know and I’ll write a post about them).  It’s that good.  I know that the plot is a bit thin at times, mainly due to the supposedly infallible letters of transit (de Gaulle’s signature wouldn’t have meant a thing), but the acting and dialogue and quality and all that is so good that you can forget about all the plot holes.  Or at least I can.  The settings (Rick’s cafe is practically a character all of its own), Ilsa’s outfits, the flashbacks, the lovely score (I adore how ‘As Time Goes By’ is incorporated into the scoring for so many scenes)…everything comes together flawlessly to form one gorgeous, classic film.

Casablanca 1942:

The characters: I can’t decide on a favorite.  There’s Rick and Ilsa, for starters.  I like Humphrey Bogart quite a bit, and I think Rick was the one role of his that led me to that conclusion because before I watched Casablanca, the only thing I’d seen him in was Treasure of the Sierra Madre, in which he plays a rather…disturbed character.  Anyway, I really like Rick.  Really like him.  Especially at the end when he does all the Heroic & Awesome things and sends Ilsa off with that tear-inducing final farewell.  As for Ilsa, Ingrid Bergman plays her with a luminosity that’s alternately warm as the summer sun and cool as ice, and I can fully sympathize with her, though I don’t agree with her decision to leave Victor for Rick near the end.  And, speaking of Victor, after seeing Casablanca about ten times, I appreciate him more than I did the first five or so times.  Yes, he’s a little bland, but not as bad as I first thought, and he truly does love Ilsa and he is a great Underground leader.  So, he’s okay.

Pinner said "Casablanca...my number 1 favorite black and white movie...":

Louis is a complicated character.  I won’t spend a lot of time on him since this review it quite long already, but suffice to say, he alternately amuses, frustrates, and – at times – disgusts me.  Very complicated, as I said.  Strasser is a good villain – sufficently Nazi-ish without being too cartoonish.  All the regulars at Rick’s, plus Ugarte, Ferrari, Yvonne, and all the other minor characters play their parts admirably and some of them, particularly Carl and Sascha give the film a great bit of humour and flavour.  Oh, and Sam.  How could I forget Sam?  He’s one of my favorite characters – I love the look on his face when he first sees Ilsa walking in and how he gets out of there in a hurry when Rick sees Ilsa and comes over to talk to her.  And the songs he plays/sings are great.


The script is wonderful.  We all know of the iconic lines like “Play it, Sam.  Play ‘As Time Goes By’.” or “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.” or “We’ll always have Paris.”, but there are plenty of conversations (particularly between Rick and Louis) that are brimming with wit and verve.  Between the strong characterizations and the dialogue, Casablanca is, in many ways, a writer’s dream come true.  (Here’s the full script, if you’re interested.)  There are several scenes that I love – the singing of the Marseilles (there’s a look Ilsa gives Victor during that scene that leads me to believe she won’t be entirely unhappy with him when it comes right down to it), Rick’s extended flashback (I recognized the song that Rick and Ilsa dance to, which made me happy – it’s ‘Perfidia’), the bit where Rick lets that young man win all the money, the final scene, and so many others.  Basically the whole movie.

*siiiiiiiiiigh*  It’s sooooo good.

“Here’s looking at you, kid.”

*everyone bursts into tears*


P.S. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway, if you haven’t already!

guest post: “my favorite Edith Head costumes”

Edith Head - a star in her own right as one of Hollywood's greatest costume designers. The winner of eight academy awards, Head dressed the stars of films including To Catch a Thief (Cary Grant and Grace Kelly), Roman Holiday (Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck), White Christmas (Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye, and Vera-Ellen), All About Eve (Bette Davis), The Sting (Paul Newman and Robert Redford), and countless others.:

Elisabeth isn’t old enough to have a blog of her own, so I told her that whenever she felt like getting a blog post out of her system, she could write it out and I’d publish it over here, because I think it’s a good idea to sometimes liven up one’s blog with a fresh voice.  She’s rather obsessed with the fashions of the forties, fifties, and – to some extent – the sixties, so as soon as I offered to let her guest post, she knew she wanted to write something on the subject, and it was neat to see what she came up with.  For a first-time blog post, I think she did an excellent job and I look forward to reading more of her writing in the future (both through these guest posts and, in time, her own blog).  Enjoy!


Today I want to talk about Edith Head because she was a genius.  She was the greatest designer in history and I love just about all of her designs so I want to share my top 10 (and believe me it was hard to choose just 10).

Judy’s (from White Christmas) white dress that she wears to the cast party.

I really like the waist and the sash and the sparkly top.  I personally think that this dress has a kind of Christmas-y feel to it.

Betty’s dress that she wears to the cast party (also from White Christmas).

I love this dress.  It’s more or less an ordinary dress, but Edith Head gives it some nice details and it becomes perfect.  I love the neckline – it’s so original – and I like the color.

Ann’s dress thoughout the movie (from Roman Holiday).

Audrey Hepburn riding a Vespa in the 1953 film "Roman Holiday" with Gregory Peck:

From the little neck-tie right down to the sandals, this outfit is perfection.  My favorite thing about it is the shoes, I just love them.

Ann’s dress at the very end (also from Roman Holiday). 

Audrey Hepburn. Film still from "Roman Holiday.":

This dress is very pretty and very lacy.  I always think of it being pink or an off white.

Lisa’s black and white dress (from Rear Window).

Rear Window-Remembering Edith Head's Old Hollywood  - ELLE.com:

I don’t normally like tulle but this dress is gorgeous.  I like the black leaves that look almost like they’re connecting the top and the bottom.

Lisa’s white and orange dress (also from Rear Window).

Grace Kelly with her Mark Cross bag - preorder yours on M'O here! http://modaoperandi.com/mark-cross/resort-2014/accessories-1664/products/:

I just love this dress – it’s so pretty and the orange flowers on it are lovely .

Frances’s pink dress (from To Catch A Thief).

pink isn't my fav color, but I do like this-To Catch a Thief_Grace Kelly, Cary Grant coral top, skirt_front full:

I also love this dress and the little pink scarf she has to match it . It’s all so lovely .

Frances’s white dress (from TCAT).

I really like the top part of this dress, the way it’s all criss-crossy . I love the way it floats over her body .

Frances’s blue dress (from TCAT).

She was just breathtaking....Grace Kelly in Edith Head gown - 'To Catch a Thief'.:

This dress is so gorgeous.  I love the blue shawl because it’s attached to the dress and I also like how Edith Head added a streak of dark blue in the dress.

Frances’s gold dress (from TCAT).

Need some vintage inspiration? Grace Kelly wearing Edith Head’s gold masquerade ball gown in “To Catch A Thief," 1954:

From the very first time I set eyes on this dress, I loved it. I love the butterflies that go up the skirt and how the skirt is kind of swept to the side. I also like the butterfly in her hair. Edith Head made it in such a way that even though it’s gold, it’s not gaudy, which is good.

So, there you have them – all 10. I hope you liked this post and please tell me which dress is your favorite.




To all my sixty-some followers:


You girls (and guys, if any do happen to follow my blog) are the best.  Seriously.  You put up with my moods, my sick days, my sometimes ranty thoughts, my endless fangirling over books and movies and TV shows and multitudes of actors, and a bunch of other things.  And, as my family knows, that isn’t always easy to do. 😉

The best part is when you introduce them to one of your fandoms and they become just as obsessed with it as you are!

You always comment on my posts, and that makes me extraordinarily happy (special shout-out to Hamlette, Naomi, and jesssica prescott for being the top three commenters for this blog, according to WordPress stats).  You don’t know how many times one of your comments has pulled me out a blogging slump – or just a slump when it comes to life in general.  Reading your thoughts make me grin and fangirl and sometimes laugh out loud – and they’re never dull.  I’m not too good at commenting on other people’s posts, myself, so  the fact that some of you comment on every single post I write never fails to amaze me.  You’re AWESOME.


There have been times before when I’ve considered giving up blogging altogether, but because all of you are so supportive and encouraging, I wouldn’t dream of it. (Also, my brain won’t stop flooding me with ideas for posts that I simply have to write.)  So thank you for that.


I know I’m not the best blogger in the world, but you never fail to make me feel special and feel like what I’m writing is worth something, and I think – no, I know – that that’s what makes me keep blogging.  I may not always write about the deepest stuff, but if I can put a smile on your face every now and then, I don’t care about the ‘deep stuff’ (not too much, anyway).  If any of you lived near me, I’d totally bake you some brownies and bring them over to your house and we’d sit and chat over brownies and coffee (or tea, whichever you prefer), and it would awesome, right? 🙂  And even if we can’t do that, you know it’s what I’d like to do, so just keep that thought in your mind. (By the way, if any of you do ever come up to see me, I’ll definitely make brownies.  Or a cake.  Or a whole feast.)


Again, I just want to say THANK YOU.  You really, honestly, truly make my day.


interview with Jennifer

My last interview features my mom, who blogs over at Healthy Simplicity.


Favorite book series?  Do I have to pick just one? Little House on the Prairie or Anne of Green Gables – can’t decide.

Anne of Green Gables (Sourcebooks) - Book Cover Art by Jacqui Oakley Illustration.

Favorite animated movie?  Up, of course you knew that. 🙂

Favorite food?  Cheetos – if only they weren’t junk food 😦

Favorite actor?  James Stewart

Favorite actress?  Probably Grace Kelly

Favorite TV show?  Hogan’s Heroes – so many good memories

Favorite author?  Jane Austen – Her books are timeless. I can re-read them and never tire of them.

Favorite colour?  Blue in all of its shades

Favorite fictional couple?  Anne and Captain Wentworth. In fact, now I’m feeling a need to read Persuasion again. 🙂

Illustration from Persuasion, Placed it Before Anne, his secret little love letter

Favorite real life couple?  Your dad and me

Favorite quote?  “Let the wife make the husband glad to come home and let him make her sorry to see her leave.” Martin Luther. I think this sums up my marriage.

Favorite female character?  Little Dorritt

Favorite male character?  Colonel Brandon

Favorite band/singer?  Don’t know if I would say they’re my “favourite”, but I really enjoy listening and watching “The Piano Guys”. I love their obvious joy in what they’re doing.

With Thanksgiving officially over now, we turn our attention to the series of celebrations primarily associated with the month of December. What better way to kick off this holiday season tour de force than with a visual and auditory musical feat, featuring The Piano Guys?

Favorite song?  Honestly, I can’t think of one favourite. There are so many hymns that I love, that encourage and bless me. So, I’ll just say “Like a River Glorious” and leave it at that.

Favorite birthday?  When I turned 20, and my family gave me a surprise, Snoopy-themed party.

Favorite holiday?  The New Year

Favorite ice cream flavor?  Vanilla – I wasn’t always like that, but if it’s a good quality vanilla made with real vanilla beans nothing can beat it.

Vanilla Ice Cream. Vegan. We suggest Original Almond Breeze :)

friday finds {#15}

Jem and Dog Monday // If this doesn’t make your heart melt, then nothing will.


Me, basically.

Edith Head - so classic (designer - think Audry Hepburn):

She’s awesome.

Indiana Jones:


This one literally made me laugh out loud. 😀


She’s always been lovely.

Can I just say that I’d love to be her?

This is what every restaurant/cafe/coffee house needs.

Um. I have a question. What is random-guy-who-lends-Vin-his-shotgun doing on this poster?

Russell Crowe teaching Samantha Barks how to box on the set of Les Miserables.