books that NEED their own movies

~Rilla of Ingleside~

You know what Kevin Sullivan should have done?  Instead of making that awful ‘sequel’, A Continuing Story, he should have done an adaption of Rilla, for several very good reasons: Megan Followes and Jonathon Crombie were pretty much the perfect ages to play the Anne and Gilbert of Rilla, the casting director was obviously a genius so he/she would have found the perfect people to play all the new characters, and it-it just would’ve been AMAZING.  Now, with Jonathon Crombie’s death, there’s no hope of having The Perfect Adaption, but perhaps some up-and-coming director would try his or her hand at adapting Rilla for the big screen.  If done properly, it would be two and a half hours of sheer beauty, heartbreak, and poignancy.  They’d have to include the iconic theme at some point, of course (though I wouldn’t mind a new theme – ‘Rilla’s Theme’ instead of ‘Anne’s Theme’? – if it was done well).  And Dan Stevens has to play either Walter or Jem.  (Right, Naomi?)  I’d probably spend most of the movie in tears, but it would be totally worth it.

~Songs in the Night~

I wish this Jack Cavanaugh trilogy could have been made into movies in the 1950’s because I have the perfect Old Hollywood dream cast picked out for it and I’m aching to see all the characters come to life exactly how I imagine them in the book. *sigh*  But it wasn’t even written then, so that’s impossible.  Anyway, as long as these books didn’t get made into films by the Hallmark Channel, I’m sure ‘they’ could assemble a good cast (though probably not a great one) and make some excellent movies.  Thing is, this series spans decades of history, so getting all the actors and actresses properly aged for their roles would be a tad difficult – but they could do it!  What I’d love is to have all three books given lavish, epic, Hollywood treatment with all the battle scenes and political stuff and the Berlin wall and alllll my favorite characters coming to life right before my eyes.  That would be unbelievable…and it’s never going to happen.  But one can always dream… (And by the way, pretty much any JC book would make for an awesome movie.  Just saying.)

~Underland Chronicles~

Now, I have mixed feelings about this series being turned into films, mainly because I don’t think they would measure up to the scope and sweep of the books, and I’d rather have no adaption than a bad one because it would spoil how I think of the characters and setting and all that.  HOWEVER.  Dreamworks should snap this series up before someone else does.  Honestly.  If they did these books in the style of How To Train Your Dragon, it would perfect.  They can do great animating, emotional depth, the whole nine yards, and I can’t being to describe how utterly perfect that would be.  Personally, I think whoever adapts the series should shorten it down to just three films and have it be ‘The Bane Trilogy’, drawing heavily from the second, fourth, and fifth books for the plots, but also including elements from the first and third.  That would be best.  I have the whole thing worked out in my head and I’m tempted to devote a whole post to how I think it should all be done.  Thoughts?

~Violins of Autumn~

Violins of Autumn could be turned into an excellent film for introducing today’s teenage girls to WWII history, because while it’s a deep, thoughtful story with plenty of danger and drama, there are also some elements that are ‘in’ right now like a love triangle and a seventeen-year-old protagonist.  I could see the movie being sweet and funny and sad and nailbitingly tense all at the same time.  And, if cast right, Robbie-on-film would be one of the most adorable things EVER.  End of story.  VoA would make a super WWII film that wouldn’t be as horribly depressing as most of the ones coming out these days.

~The Catch Colt~

This book has been part of me for as long as I can remember seeing it gracing one of my family’s bookshelves.  When I was younger, I must’ve read it four or five times because it was one of the first ‘grown-up’ books I got my hands on, and the story (especially the romance) fascinated me.  I stumbled across it just yesterday and read it from start to finish in about an hour (it’s a quick read, obviously) and fell in love with it all over again.  A review is in order, I think, but for now I’ll just talk about it here.  Again, I wish this had been a 40’s or 50’s movie; I can see it all so clearly in my head that way, but as long as modern filmmakers were gentle with the source material, I could see TCC becoming a lovely, romantic film that maybe doesn’t get a lot of acclaim from critics, but lots of fangirling from a small, but dedicated fanbase.  It’s so SWEET. ❤

What are some books you’d like to see turned into movies?



10 thoughts on “books that NEED their own movies

  1. Yes, yes, YES to Rilla. It’s one of my favorite books of all time, and I would love to see it onscreen! And YES Dan Stevens would make a perfect Jem… But who would Rilla be? Jenna Coleman, maybe?

    The Wingfeather Saga and the Dragon Keeper Chronicles ought to be movies someday… Both are excellent fantasy Christian allegories, and oh my goodness they’re AMAZING. They would have huge fandoms if, y’know, people actually knew about them. xD But it would be incredibly cool to see those as films– they’d translate to the screen wonderfully, I think.


  2. Oh yes yes yes!!! They SO MUST do a movie of Rilla of Ingleside. That would be just sooooo awesome.
    I think Dan Stevens should be Walter . . . of course then it would be just WAY TO SAD for me when he dies – so maybe Jem would be better. But either way, it would be an Epic Movie that I would just LOVE to see done well 😀



    Um, okay, calming down now. Yes. That would be the best movie ever, as long as it were done properly. Yeah, Dan Stevens needs to be Walter–I mean, it would be really heartbreaking but it would also be just . . . beautiful.

    I really, really, REALLY want to see “A Distant Trumpet” made into a movie someday–they actually made it into a movie once, back in the 1950s, I think, but it was completely lame and didn’t even follow the storyline . . . so.

    If they did make a movie out of it, I think Sandra Bullock would be awesome as Jessica Prescott. Or maybe Michelle Dockery.

    I would also really love to see “The Man Who Was Thursday” made into a movie. It’s one of my favorite books. Oh, and also “Leave If You Can,” by Luise Rinser, might make a pretty incredible film if they could adapt it properly.


    • Apparently, everyone agrees that RoI would make a fantastic movie and it needs to happen RIGHT NOW. And it will, one of these days, I’m betting. Personally, I think Dan Stevens should be Ken instead (just realized that after a comment from a friend) but if he was cast as Walter, I’m sure he could do an excellent, heartbreaking job. 😦


  4. First of all, I love your header! Quite right, fangirls don’t calm down. 🙂 It’s our duty not to. 😛

    YES RILLA OF INGLESIDE MUST HAPPEN. AND DAN STEVENS MUST BE IN ITTTT. (I think he should be Walter. He just needs the bigger role. Actually I wouldn’t mind if he were Ken, either. He just needs to be SOMEONE.)

    YES VIOLINS OF AUTUMN. Robbie would be soooooooooooooooo adorable. If they did him right. They would have to make him nice and ‘sweet’ rather than ‘stupid’. 😛

    I’d like to see some of the Lynn Austen novels in good proper movies too. And Celia Garth. Oh, and ‘the Blue Castle’. That would make a lovely and funny movie. I can see the scenery all before me already. 🙂

    ~ Naomi


    • Thanks! Glad you approve. 🙂

      Okay, Dan (hehe, I typed ‘Dana’ at first) Stevens would be PERFECT as Ken. Why didn’t I think of that before??? I like him for that role so much more than for Jem (who has curly red hair, btw) or Walter (who has straight black hair) because he looks pretty much exactly like the Ken in my mind. He really does.


      • Yes, the more I think of it, the more I love Dan Stevens as Ken! I’m glad you agree with me! I forgot Jem has red hair – and Walter, yes, Walter looks different. He’s achingly handsome, in a kind of humble, young, darker way. 😛

        Also, I’d love to see a Rilla-dream-cast post!!!!! (I thought of doing it once, but then I didn’t because Amy Dashwood once did a very good one on her blog. :-P)

        ~ Naomi


  5. I completely agree with you on Rilla of Ingleside!! We need to start a petition!
    I personally would love to see Jeremy Irvine as Walter. I think he could pull off his emotions and character very well, although he doesn’t look as the book describes him. But it’s how I picture him.
    Hmm…Dan Stevens as Ken..that might work. I always pictured Ken with dark hair, though.
    I can’t think of any actress I’d like to play Rilla. In truth, I always pictured her as Liesl from The Sound of Music! But, ahem, that won’t work for a new version. 🙂
    I know!! Maybe this is terrible, but one of the saddest things about Jonathon’s death was that he couldn’t be Gilbert in a Rilla movie. 😦 I always had a secret hope of that happening.


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