interview with Jennifer

My last interview features my mom, who blogs over at Healthy Simplicity.


Favorite book series?  Do I have to pick just one? Little House on the Prairie or Anne of Green Gables – can’t decide.

Anne of Green Gables (Sourcebooks) - Book Cover Art by Jacqui Oakley Illustration.

Favorite animated movie?  Up, of course you knew that. 🙂

Favorite food?  Cheetos – if only they weren’t junk food 😦

Favorite actor?  James Stewart

Favorite actress?  Probably Grace Kelly

Favorite TV show?  Hogan’s Heroes – so many good memories

Favorite author?  Jane Austen – Her books are timeless. I can re-read them and never tire of them.

Favorite colour?  Blue in all of its shades

Favorite fictional couple?  Anne and Captain Wentworth. In fact, now I’m feeling a need to read Persuasion again. 🙂

Illustration from Persuasion, Placed it Before Anne, his secret little love letter

Favorite real life couple?  Your dad and me

Favorite quote?  “Let the wife make the husband glad to come home and let him make her sorry to see her leave.” Martin Luther. I think this sums up my marriage.

Favorite female character?  Little Dorritt

Favorite male character?  Colonel Brandon

Favorite band/singer?  Don’t know if I would say they’re my “favourite”, but I really enjoy listening and watching “The Piano Guys”. I love their obvious joy in what they’re doing.

With Thanksgiving officially over now, we turn our attention to the series of celebrations primarily associated with the month of December. What better way to kick off this holiday season tour de force than with a visual and auditory musical feat, featuring The Piano Guys?

Favorite song?  Honestly, I can’t think of one favourite. There are so many hymns that I love, that encourage and bless me. So, I’ll just say “Like a River Glorious” and leave it at that.

Favorite birthday?  When I turned 20, and my family gave me a surprise, Snoopy-themed party.

Favorite holiday?  The New Year

Favorite ice cream flavor?  Vanilla – I wasn’t always like that, but if it’s a good quality vanilla made with real vanilla beans nothing can beat it.

Vanilla Ice Cream. Vegan. We suggest Original Almond Breeze :)

5 thoughts on “interview with Jennifer

  1. Jane Austen! Cheetos! Hogan’s Heroes! Love them. Persuasion is my favorite Austen, and Anne and Wentworth are one of my favorite fictional couples.

    I love those Anne covers, and if all they had made all 8 books with them, I would buy them. But only six? Lame. I’ve been annoyed by this for some time now.

    And the Piano Guys are awesome. We have a couple of their albums and watch their videos a ton.


  2. Yesss. You can’t do wrong with the Anne books. (I’m not sure what to think of those covers though. Eva, what do you think?) And Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly! THEY ARE BOTH TIMELESS.

    Haha, I love your answer to the ‘favourite real-life couple’-question. 😀

    And WOW THAT ICE CREAM PICTURE. 🙂 (Did you start this series to find good excuses to put pretty ice-cream pictures on your blog? Hahaha.)

    ~ Naomi


  3. Oh, this was cool! What a lovely idea to interview your mother!

    COLONEL BRANDON!! Oh goodness, he is my Favorite Austin Hero. Ever. The end 😀

    I love vanilla ice cream too 🙂


  4. You interviewed your mother–that’s such a lovely idea! I had fun reading it 🙂

    Colonel Brandon! I love him SO MUCH. I can’t get over how sweet and patient he is. Here’s hoping I can marry somebody just like that 🙂


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