To all my sixty-some followers:


You girls (and guys, if any do happen to follow my blog) are the best.  Seriously.  You put up with my moods, my sick days, my sometimes ranty thoughts, my endless fangirling over books and movies and TV shows and multitudes of actors, and a bunch of other things.  And, as my family knows, that isn’t always easy to do. 😉

The best part is when you introduce them to one of your fandoms and they become just as obsessed with it as you are!

You always comment on my posts, and that makes me extraordinarily happy (special shout-out to Hamlette, Naomi, and jesssica prescott for being the top three commenters for this blog, according to WordPress stats).  You don’t know how many times one of your comments has pulled me out a blogging slump – or just a slump when it comes to life in general.  Reading your thoughts make me grin and fangirl and sometimes laugh out loud – and they’re never dull.  I’m not too good at commenting on other people’s posts, myself, so  the fact that some of you comment on every single post I write never fails to amaze me.  You’re AWESOME.


There have been times before when I’ve considered giving up blogging altogether, but because all of you are so supportive and encouraging, I wouldn’t dream of it. (Also, my brain won’t stop flooding me with ideas for posts that I simply have to write.)  So thank you for that.


I know I’m not the best blogger in the world, but you never fail to make me feel special and feel like what I’m writing is worth something, and I think – no, I know – that that’s what makes me keep blogging.  I may not always write about the deepest stuff, but if I can put a smile on your face every now and then, I don’t care about the ‘deep stuff’ (not too much, anyway).  If any of you lived near me, I’d totally bake you some brownies and bring them over to your house and we’d sit and chat over brownies and coffee (or tea, whichever you prefer), and it would awesome, right? 🙂  And even if we can’t do that, you know it’s what I’d like to do, so just keep that thought in your mind. (By the way, if any of you do ever come up to see me, I’ll definitely make brownies.  Or a cake.  Or a whole feast.)

Again, I just want to say THANK YOU.  You really, honestly, truly make my day.


6 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. Brownies and coffee! How I love both of those.

    Actually, just yesterday I was looking at the blog buttons I have in the sidebars of my blogs and thinking that I needed one for your blog. Have you ever made one? Might you? Otherwise I will resort to making one myself.


    1. No, I haven’t made one, and I don’t think I will any time soon, because 1) I think it’d be hard to find a good picture to represent my blog and 2) I don’t really like fidgeting with buttons and stuff, especially since I’d most likely have to change it if/when I change my blog’s header. 😛 But if you want to make one, I don’t mind. 🙂


  2. Thank YOU, Eva! This post makes me so happy!!! I’m so glad to know it makes you happy when we comment–although, honestly, I think your posts do more for me than my comments do for you! I often come home from the university pretty exhausted and stressed-out with Life In General, and I can’t tell you how soothing it is to be able to just sit down, forget about everything else, and read one of your lovely, sprinkled-with-gorgeous-photos posts on Rilla of Ingleside or something. It’s like a glorious escape, and it makes my day so much easier.

    So, THANK YOU. *hugs*


  3. You are welcome – I love your blog and how you write 🙂 That brownie picture is making me UNBEARABLY HUNGRY right now. Yum 🙂


  4. AWW YOU’RE WELCOME. *sniffs sentimental tears away*

    I’m one of your top three commenters!!! That makes me proud. 😀 I assure you, your blog is SUCH a pleasure – I always smile and click on the link directly whenever I see a new one pop up.
    I knowww. Same here – Comments ALWAYS seem to come at the right moments. It’s crazy. 🙂


    This post made me so happy and thank you for entertaining us with all your lovely posts! Here, a hug. 😀

    ~ Naomi


  5. Aww, I love your blog!!! I love how you’re not afraid to share your opinion or write about things that may only interest you. Also, I don’t comment often (or else I’d be #1), but I stalk you all the time. 🙂 Just fyi. : P

    Love ya!!! ❤


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