guest post: “my favorite Edith Head costumes”

Edith Head - a star in her own right as one of Hollywood's greatest costume designers. The winner of eight academy awards, Head dressed the stars of films including To Catch a Thief (Cary Grant and Grace Kelly), Roman Holiday (Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck), White Christmas (Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye, and Vera-Ellen), All About Eve (Bette Davis), The Sting (Paul Newman and Robert Redford), and countless others.:

Elisabeth isn’t old enough to have a blog of her own, so I told her that whenever she felt like getting a blog post out of her system, she could write it out and I’d publish it over here, because I think it’s a good idea to sometimes liven up one’s blog with a fresh voice.  She’s rather obsessed with the fashions of the forties, fifties, and – to some extent – the sixties, so as soon as I offered to let her guest post, she knew she wanted to write something on the subject, and it was neat to see what she came up with.  For a first-time blog post, I think she did an excellent job and I look forward to reading more of her writing in the future (both through these guest posts and, in time, her own blog).  Enjoy!


Today I want to talk about Edith Head because she was a genius.  She was the greatest designer in history and I love just about all of her designs so I want to share my top 10 (and believe me it was hard to choose just 10).

Judy’s (from White Christmas) white dress that she wears to the cast party.

I really like the waist and the sash and the sparkly top.  I personally think that this dress has a kind of Christmas-y feel to it.

Betty’s dress that she wears to the cast party (also from White Christmas).

I love this dress.  It’s more or less an ordinary dress, but Edith Head gives it some nice details and it becomes perfect.  I love the neckline – it’s so original – and I like the color.

Ann’s dress thoughout the movie (from Roman Holiday).

Audrey Hepburn riding a Vespa in the 1953 film "Roman Holiday" with Gregory Peck:

From the little neck-tie right down to the sandals, this outfit is perfection.  My favorite thing about it is the shoes, I just love them.

Ann’s dress at the very end (also from Roman Holiday). 

Audrey Hepburn. Film still from "Roman Holiday.":

This dress is very pretty and very lacy.  I always think of it being pink or an off white.

Lisa’s black and white dress (from Rear Window).

Rear Window-Remembering Edith Head's Old Hollywood  -

I don’t normally like tulle but this dress is gorgeous.  I like the black leaves that look almost like they’re connecting the top and the bottom.

Lisa’s white and orange dress (also from Rear Window).

Grace Kelly with her Mark Cross bag - preorder yours on M'O here!

I just love this dress – it’s so pretty and the orange flowers on it are lovely .

Frances’s pink dress (from To Catch A Thief).

pink isn't my fav color, but I do like this-To Catch a Thief_Grace Kelly, Cary Grant coral top, skirt_front full:

I also love this dress and the little pink scarf she has to match it . It’s all so lovely .

Frances’s white dress (from TCAT).

I really like the top part of this dress, the way it’s all criss-crossy . I love the way it floats over her body .

Frances’s blue dress (from TCAT).

She was just breathtaking....Grace Kelly in Edith Head gown - 'To Catch a Thief'.:

This dress is so gorgeous.  I love the blue shawl because it’s attached to the dress and I also like how Edith Head added a streak of dark blue in the dress.

Frances’s gold dress (from TCAT).

Need some vintage inspiration? Grace Kelly wearing Edith Head’s gold masquerade ball gown in “To Catch A Thief," 1954:

From the very first time I set eyes on this dress, I loved it. I love the butterflies that go up the skirt and how the skirt is kind of swept to the side. I also like the butterfly in her hair. Edith Head made it in such a way that even though it’s gold, it’s not gaudy, which is good.

So, there you have them – all 10. I hope you liked this post and please tell me which dress is your favorite.


7 thoughts on “guest post: “my favorite Edith Head costumes”

  1. Elizabeth, what a nice first post! I love Edith Head’s costumes too 🙂 Of the ones you posted here, my favorite is definitely Rosemary Clooney’s from White Christmas — I’ve wanted to wear that dress ever since I was a little girl. But they’re all swoonworthy!


  2. I’m with Naomi–it’s really hard to just pick one favorite, since they’re all SO pretty! But, thinking about it, I believe I like the black-and-white dress from Rear Window the best. It’s so elegant and yet simple.


  3. (Greetings from one Elisabeth to another!)

    I love Edith Head costumes. The orange-and-white one from Rear Window used to be my favorite years ago, but now the pink one from To Catch a Thief is absolute tops. I wish I had that outfit. 🙂 And I’d also love to have Audrey’s outfit from Roman Holiday; it’s so pretty yet simple enough for an everyday outfit too.


  4. Oh, lovely post, Elisabeth!!

    Can I pick two favorites, please? I LOVE the Judy Garland “White Christmas” dress, and also Lisa’s black and white dress – that was a GOOD use of tulle, IMHO 🙂 But yeah, sometimes it can be overused.


  5. Elizabeth! How to pick a FAVOURITE. These are all *soooo* gorgeous. Wow. I LOOOVE Ann’s Roman Holiday outfit. It looks so comfortable and classy at the same time. But then I’m also in love with Frances’ blue dress. GAHH.

    *Naomi tries to stop drooling*

    ~ Naomi


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