even more favorite screen characters

Maybe this should become a regular post series, eh?


~Billy Nelson (Tom Lowell) from Combat!


Billy might not be everyone’s favorite C! character, but he’s definitely one of mine – he’s funny (all those hilarious exchanges with Littlejohn), brave (have you ever seen “Bridgehead”?), and overall, a very sweet guy.  My only complaint about him, and this doesn’t really have anything to do with him, is that he’s only in two seasons.  He and Littlejohn had such great rapport!  After Billy left the show, Littlejohn was relegated to small parts with hardly any character development (like he got in “Bridgehead” or “Glow Against The Sky”), and that’s a shame.  Plus, Billy added his own special something to the squad that I always miss in Seasons 3-5, and he’s adorable and loads of fun and I’m very thankful for the time that he did spend on the show. (Oh, and the thing with everyone always cooking stuff in his helmet?  Priceless.)

~Moffitt (Gary Raymond) from Rat Patrol


Moffitt is the sole British member of the Rat Patrol, which isn’t historically accurate at all (the team really should have been comprised of three Brits and one American, since it was the British that took care of pretty much the whole North African campaign), but as almost nothing about the show is historically accurate, I don’t bother about it after a while.  And Moffitt’s such a darling character.  There’s his accent, of course, and his sensitivity and bravery and gentlemanly manners and HE’S SO BRITISH IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY.  And Gary Raymond really put everything he had into his acting – the episode with Gabrielle or the one where Moffitt’s brother gets killed, for instance, always had me getting emotional, and it’s mostly due to the stellar acting.  Moffitt’s awesome.

~Basil (voiced by Barrie Ingham) from The Great Mouse Detective

Disney Animals Who Forgot How To Animal | Oh My Disney:

After Robin Hood, The Great Mouse Detective is my favorite Disney animated film (well, sort of tying with Meet The Robinsons) and Basil is my favorite character in the film – he’s an absolute genius, naturally, and I think that even if I watch Sherlock or the RDJ Sherlock films sometime in the future, Basil will always remain my favorite portrayal of the great detective. (Along with the original Holmes.  Y’know, the one from the books.)  It’s interesting to watch clever minds at work, and I also think that part of Basil’s greatness as a character stems from the fact that he has a perfect foil in his arch-nemesis, Professor Ratigan.  They’re both stunning geniuses and it’s great to see how they play off of each other.

~Gunderson (Peter Holden) from Saints & Soldiers


Gunderson is just the kind of character type that I like the most – steady, dependable, level-headed, etc. (Like Doc or Atticus.)  I can’t decide whether I like him or Deacon better, and I think it’s going to remain a tie.  I wouldn’t exactly say Gunderson is the father figure of the group, like some other reviewers have, but he definitely cares for all his men (especially Deacon) and he’ll do anything he can to keep them all together and in one piece.  Just think of all that responsibility…everyone’s looking at him to make the decisions and one false step can result in them getting captured or killed.  Oh, and I loooove his and Deacon’s friendship.  It always makes me smile (or have feels – usually both).

~John Fitzgerald (Garrett Hedlund) from Unbroken

"Welcome. Sort of." // All the typical fangirling language and reactions and stuff like that seem too ?shallow? when talking about 'Unbroken', but I have to say that I have ALL the respect and admiration in the world for Fitzgerald.:

Real person, people.  Unbroken (book and movie) is peppered with amazing people (DUH), and Fitzgerald is one of my favorites, though he isn’t really the focus at any time (Louie’s amazing, too, by the way).  He’s the senior POW at two of the prison camps that Louie ends up in through the course of the book/movie (he gets transferred along with Louie) and at each place, he does his best to make sure that the Japanese treat all the POWs with at least a semblance of decency.  Plus, when Fitzgerald was first captured, the Japanese tortured him for weeks (maybe months) to get Important Information from him and he never cracked.  I think Garrett Hedlund did a first-rate job portraying Fitzgerald, and he got more screen time than I was expecting.  There were so many little touches in his portrayal that you wouldn’t really ‘get’ if you hadn’t read the book first, and that made me happy. (ALSO.  Garrett read Fitzgerald’s diary while doing the role, so he really got into his mindset, which I think it fantastic.)

~Eddie Cullen (Vincent Walsh) from “The Prince and the Rebel” (a Murdoch Mysteries episode)


Let the Twilight jokes begin. 😉  No, but seriously, Eddie is amazing, and nothing like .  I watched quite a few episodes of MM Back In The Day (only ones approved by my grandparents, though, ’cause the series can get quite inappropriate at times) and I remembered really liking Eddie, so a couple weeks ago, I borrowed the episode from my grandparents and re-watched it and discovered that I didn’t have entirely bad taste when I was younger.  BUT HE’S SUCH A TRAGIC CHARACTER AND IT’S SO SAAAAD.  It really is.  And now I want to learn more about the Fenian Raids and the whole Irish-British conflict, ’cause I know where he’s coming from personally (with his wife and daughter being killed by the British), but I want the bigger picture, too.  And what’s with TV shows that present the main character’s awesome best friend and then only have him in one episode? (Like Saunders and Avery in “A Gift of Hope”.)  Eddie was only a one-shot character, but he made a huge impression, broke my heart, and…yeah.  Plus, Vincent Walsh put an enormous amount of effort into getting all of Eddie’s scenes perfect, and it totally paid off. *snifffff*  THANKS FOR RUINING MY LIFE.

~Mister Roberts (Henry Fonda) from Mister Roberts

MISTER ROBERTS (1957) - Henry Fonda reads Emmett Kelly's biography, "Clown" while shooting the film - Directed by John Ford - Warner Bros. - Publicity Still.:

Finally, a Henry Fonda character on one of these lists!  He’s one of my favorite actors, but I just hadn’t found a character of his that I liked well enough to include, until I watched Mister Roberts (though, come to think of it, that bounty hunter in The Tin Star was great as well).  I like/love everything about Roberts (goodness, I can’t type ‘Roberts’ without hearing it in James Cagney’s voice – I’d better just leave the ‘Mister’ on) – he challenges Pulver to be a man and actually do something for once, he gives up his letters for the crew’s liberty (and then bears all their suspicion – HATED that [not that he bore it, but that they had suspicions in the first place]), and throws that stupid palm tree overboard.  Best moment of the whole film. (Well, either that or when Pulver did it.)  I just like him lots, that’s all.

See any favorite characters on this list? (I know I fangirl about lots of obscure stuff, so I’m curious.)



12 thoughts on “even more favorite screen characters

  1. You made me fangirl four times in a row (Moffitt, Basil, Gunderson, and then Fitzgerald), and actually started tearing up while reading your section on Fitzgerald. (GOLLY PETE, HE’S SO GOOD.)

    Geeeee, thanks. : P


      • YES, and I love it! Childhood favorite. 🙂 Ughhhhhhhh, golly pete, let’s not. I still haven’t rewatched that one since I saw it the day after Christmas last year. I’m waiting for it to go on sale. (Actually, I’m steeling myself for the tears that will be shed. But same thing.)


      • I’ve only seen it twice. TWICE WAS ENOUGH. (No, I might watch it again at some point, but probably not any time soon.) It’s one of those movies that makes me tear up just THINKING about it. 😦


      • Ugh, I want to see it again so badly, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it without crying. (I’ll probably cry tons because I didn’t cry at ALL the first time. {I was sitting next to a friend who never cries in movies and I didn’t want to look like an idiot. So.}) Ughhhh, same.


  2. Irish history–yeah. It’s so heartbreaking but I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I wish I could see that episode you’re talking about. I bet it would make me cry 🙂


    • I don’t know if this’ll work, since I assume you live outside of Canada (and Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian show), but the official website has made several episodes available for watching online and “The Prince and the Rebel” is one of them. You can check it out here. 🙂 Just be warned…you’ll definitely have feels.


      • Thanks!!! I’ll see if it’s available where I live (no, you’re right, I’m pretty far from Canada, actually 🙂 )


  3. Billy Nelson ❤ 🙂 😀

    But you already knew I heart Billy. He's like a little burst of sunshine in the otherwise bleak world of war. Or something like that. He's Billy and I tend to insist on putting him in all my stories because he must be there. But you knew that already too.

    I just loaned S&S to someone last weekend — they asked if I’d seen it because someone mentioned it was good, and I was like, “Actually, want to borrow it?” 🙂 So thanks again for that gift! But I don’t think Gunderson is any more of a father figure than Saunders is — he’s a caring leader, yes, but “father figure” has a whole different thing going on.

    I’m so glad you like Mister Roberts! I like him best of all the Henry Fonda characters I’ve seen, too.


    • I treated myself to “Next In Command” last night (I say ‘treated’ because I looove that episode and I try to ration the ones I love lots so they don’t get old). Burt Kennedy episodes are great, and I’ve always liked the way his scripts give us at least one good Billy/Littlejohn scene (well, except for “The Walking Wounded”). ❤ He's Rebekah's favorite character in C!, by the way (she's my nine-year-old sister). And I always try to get the whole squad (even if some of them just get bit parts) into my fanfiction and especially Billy 'cause he only got two seasons. 🙂

      Aw, I'm glad you were able to loan it out! Hope they like it. 🙂 Yep, that's exactly how I feel about Gunderson.


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