No need to pretend cause it is! The most fun day, can't wait for today/tonight with all my family!! Crazy, fun, loud, huge family.:

Am I the only one who wants it to be Christmas right now? 


*sigh*  It’s barely fall and I’m already looking ahead to the Christmas season:

That indefinable something in the air.

Snow. (Depends on where you live, but in Canada, it’s a must.)

Christmas lights twinkling in the dark.

Christmas carols playing the background as I write Christmassy blog posts and write my (hopefully) annual Christmas Combat! fanfiction.

Smells of sugar and cinnamon and chocolate wafting through the house.

Fire crackling in the wood stove + the smell of woodsy smoke.

Typing/writing with ice-cold fingers (see note above on Canada), but feeling exhilarated all the same ’cause it’s CHRISTMAS.

Watching White Christmas and Stalag 17 and all those other Christmas films that I can’t do without.


Bigger smiles on everyone’s faces when I go to the mall or whatever. (The Christmas spirit touches everyone.)


You want it too, don’t you?



10 thoughts on “CHRISTMASSSSSS

  1. I want it to be Christmas toooooooo . . . I can’t wait for cold weather and I also can’t wait to be through with midterms and finals and papers and have some time to RELAX 🙂


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