“there’s two kinds of people, my friend…”


(Or ‘why I love The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly so much’.)

(I couldn’t write a proper review, so I settled for this.)

(Honestly, this post will be ridiculously fangirly and make little to no sense, so just be warned.)



~Opening credits.  All that colour and energy and the EPIC music.

~*freeze frame* “the ugly.” *freeze frame* “the bad.” *freeze frame* “the good.”

~THE MUSIC IS INSANELY AMAZING.  I could rave about all day.  That theme played over and over again in so many different ways (my favorite is the whistle version) + The Ecstasy of Gold (I can’t count the number of times I’ve listened to that).  I’d watch the movie a hundred times just for the soundtrack.

~Blondie + that little kitten = adorable.


~Also, I love Blondie and I want to watch the other two films in the Man With No Name trilogy because hours and hours of him being epic sounds like a great idea.  He’s so cool (like, SUPER cool, as in giving-Josh-Randall-a-run-for-his-money cool) and mysterious and just….WOW.  His introduction scene is my favorite of the three and Elisabeth and I fangirl over him lots.

~Okay, I really, really love the look of surprise on Blondie’s face when Angel Eyes shows up at the graveyeard.  I want a gif.


~The film is so long that by the time they all get to the graveyard, you feel like you’ve gone on the whole, long journey with Tuco and Blondie and, to some degree, Angel Eyes.  And THEN the director keeps building up the tension until, when that bag of gold finally splits open, you feel just as excited and exuberant as Tuco.


~GBU is completely epic in scope but it’s also a simple story: three guys hunting for a fortune in gold.  Every other thing that happens is just an obstacle in the way of the three characters (and they really are CHARACTERS) coming together in one of the biggest and best finales in movie history.

~Um…Blondie setting off the cannon with his cigar is unbelievably awesome.

~THE SHOWDOWN.  I can’t even talk about the showdown.  It was too ASOIDFJOAWJRIJASDFMKWROO.  Really.  It was.


~Me throughout the whole film: *freaks out because of awesomeness*

~Tuco and Blondie’s relationship is one-of-a-kind.  They hate each other but they’re sometimes friends, too, and I don’t know how that works, but it does.  The scene where they take out every guy in Angel Eyes’ gang in the dusty, deserted town is great.  And their little scam system at the beginning…LOVE it.

~Again, THE MUSIC.

~Favorite quote: “When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.”

~Basically, the entire movie is unique and brilliant and epic and I really couldn’t write a review because it would be less than useless when it comes to conveying all my thoughts.  This hodge-podge of a post was all I could do. (And, believe me, it doesn’t do this movie or my feelings for it justice.)  The only two things I don’t like about GBU are the scenes that drag the Civil War into the story (meh) and the bit where Tuco doesn’t let Blondie save Shortie (UGH).  Other than that, it’s all kinds of awesome.



15 thoughts on ““there’s two kinds of people, my friend…”

  1. I loooove westerns. Madly. 🙂 I started watching this movie last year, but for some reason it was really boring to me…I only got maybe twenty minutes into it, and then thought, “nah, I don’t really need this.” But it looks like maybe I should have given it more of a chance! I might try it again sometime. I DO like Clint Eastwood…that is, I think I do. I’ve never actually seen any of his movies. But I like his face. 🙂

    Your fangirly exclamations made me smile. 🙂


    • You like more modern westerns, though, right? ‘Cause I can see how TGU might not work for someone who’s used to watching modern stuff (not that it’s less ‘cultured’ to watch modern movies, or anything like that), but every western I’ve seen has been from the 50s or 60s so I’m used to a slower pace. 🙂 I love Clint Eastwood! He is rather handsome, isn’t he? 😉 I’ve only seen him in TGU, but I started watching Rawhide today, and he’s one of the main characters in that.

      Glad you enjoyed this post!


      • Well, yeah, I suppose I do tend to like the newer ones better. ;-P (By ‘newer’ I mean the 80’s. The best westerns were made in the 80’s, in my opinion.) But I have liked several westerns from that era — I LOVED How the West Was Won, although, granted, that’s not your typical western. 🙂

        WHEW. Yes, Clint Eastwood is sure a looker. Have you seen his son, Scott Eastwood? *faints* My daddy used to watch Rawhide when he was a kid. 🙂


  2. When you think about it, that’s really an awesome title for a movie. “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” It’s short and sweet and you CAN’T forget it. It’ll stick with you forever. 🙂


    • I feel like shouting it to every villain who’s ever done The Big, Evil Talk as the hero frantically comes up with an escape/kill the villain plan. 😀 I think you said A Fistful of Dollars was perfectly clean – what about For A Few Dollars More?


      • Yup. There’s a moment in Avengers: Age of Ultron where Ultron says, “Let me take a moment to explain my sinister plan to you” that I adore for that very reason. (And it’s pure Joss Whedon sass.) Bad guys need to shut up and kill people! (Um, except not really, because then we would have a lot of dead good guys.) Have you ever read The Evil Overlord List?

        Okay, AFOD is relatively clean — a man is keeping a woman hostage and it’s understood but never stated or shown that he is sleeping with her (he does force her to briefly kiss him at one point). There’s lots of shooting, but little blood. There are some beatings, which mostly are just implied and then you see people all battered and bloody later on. I was allowed to watch this any time I wanted as a teen.

        FOFDM has more content — there’s a walked-in-on love scene, a mostly-implied rape that IIRC does have a moment of nudity, and again tons of violence of the ’60s kind. It’s implied a bad guy is smoking a joint. We could only watch this if we had a parent to fast-forward through the inappropriate scenes. They’re important to the plot, but you can figure out what happened in them without watching them.

        Neither of those have any English profanity.


      • Okay, I love that list. 😀 It’s all so true.

        Thanks for the info – I’ll hunt of AFOD as soon as possible, but leave FAFDM for right now. It’s nice to have older friends who can give you a heads-up about questionable stuff. 🙂


      • You’re quite welcome! DKoren does the same for me a lot of times — “Oh, this movie is skippable. Oh, that movie is a must-see.” We all help each other out 🙂

        BTW, I see you’re watching some Rawhide eps? That is SUCH a fun show! Have you seen Rick Jason’s ep yet? I’m a fan of Gil Favor, I admit 🙂


      • I’ve seen exactly two episodes so far: the very first one and one with James Coburn. But I definitely want to watch more. Do you have any favorite episode recommendations? (I love the theme song, by the way. :))


  3. What a fun post to read! Glad you enjoyed this one so much! The Civil War section is always weird to me. Like, what is this doing in the middle of this Western? The ending, of course, is great. Mexican standoffs are so much fun.


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