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This tag has been circling the blogosphere for several weeks, but it always seemed to pass me by (and I reeeeally wanted to do it, too – I’m totally into tags now) until Maribeth AND Hamlette tagged me within days of each other.  So then I just had to do it, ’cause it’s not often that I get tagged once, let alone twice, and with NaNoWriMo coming up in a week (SQUEEEE), this seems like the perfect time to answer these tag questions.

~Is there a certain snack you like to eat while writing?  Since I usually have my ear buds in (to listen to music), I don’t eat while I’m writing because it sounds weird inside my head (does that make sense?).  Also, I don’t want to get crumbs on my new computer.  But I’ll almost always have a big mug of coffee sitting beside me – thing is, whenever I get caught up in my writing (which happens often), the coffee goes cold.  I still drink it, though.

The more i see these the more i miss the city by Surrealiste, via Flickr.:

~When do you normally write? Night, afternoon, or morning?  Almost always in the early morning, but if I get really caught up in what I’m writing at the time, I’ll tap out words any time of day.  Usually, though, I get everything out of my system by seven o’clock (AM, not PM).

~Where do you write?  My room, the one that adjoins my bedroom (my sisters and I are lucky – we get two rooms).  I’ve got my lovely, wooden desk, my laptop, all my junk piled around me (library books, a mug that I keep random stuff in, and my high school diploma), and a giant poster of Captain America above me.  Once I get a frame for it, my Henry Fonda/Ox-Bow Incident movie still will go up somewhere close to my writing space, too. (Especially now that I’m writing lots of Western stories.)

~How often do you write a new novel?  Um.  I once wrote three novels (all roughly 60K words each) in about six months.  But they were awful.  Since then, I’ve never written a full novel, and since my next one will be at least partly written during NaNoWriMo, I’m not sure I can answer this question accurately.

~Do you listen to music while you write? ALWAYS.  Movie soundtracks, mostly.  I’m currently obsessed with the scores for Hour of the Gun and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  I’m also listening to a bunch of Christmas songs (Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Vera Lynn) as I write some Combat! Christmas fanfiction.  Music helps me get into the writing mood and nothing feels right until I put something on.  When I was writing the aforementioned three novels (a dystopian trilogy – HOW CLICHED IS THAT?) I practically wore out the soundtracks to The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, and hearing the music now always brings back writerly memories.

~What do you write on? Laptop or paper?  Laptop, for the most part.  I did go through a stage where I wrote everything down on paper and then transferred it onto my computer, but for convenience’s sake, I’m pretty much all digital now.  However, I still write quite a bit of fanfiction long-hand and, of course, ninety percent of my story notes are scribbled into one of my gajillion notebooks.  Brainstorming always goes better on actual paper, in my opinion.

~Is there a special ritual you have before or after you write?  *shrugs* Not really.


~What do you do to get into the mood to write?  I just write.  I can write any time, as long as I have my music.

~What is always near the place you write? All the stuff I talked about in the ‘where do you write?’ question.  I like writing when my desk is a mess, and I like writing when it’s neat and tidy and organized.  Clutter doesn’t distract me, and neither does immaculateness. (No red squiggle under ‘immaculateness’?  Wow.)

~Do you have a reward system for your word count?  Well, I don’t set myself a specific word count goal when I write (unless it’s NaNoWriMo) so I don’t need any kind of a reward.  Writing is fun!  It’s its own reward (for me, anyway – I don’t understand the writers who talk about how writing is like opening a vein and bleeding all over the keyboard).  Though I do remember that I was very sick for most of last NaNo and I rewarded myself with episodes of Combat! (I’d just discovered the show) if I reached my goal for the day.  Great memories.

weapons of mass creation Art Print - want for my classroom! love!:

~Is there anything about your writing process that others might not know about?  How about… *thinks* I never cry/get emotional when I’m writing.  And this from the girl who tears up over all kinds of books and movies that most people probably wouldn’t think were sad at all.  But really, I don’t.  I envy writers who say that they sob over their characters and all that, but I suppose those are also the writers who bemoan the tortuousness (no red squiggle there, either!) of the writing process.  Guess I can’t have it both ways.


Ah, this was lots of fun.  Most everyone I know has been tagged already, soooo…

If you’ve watched a Harrison Ford movie within the last two weeks, I’m tagging you right now! 🙂

(I thrive on randomness.)


14 thoughts on “the behind-the-scenes writing tag

      1. Just finished writing it. (My internet shut down when I was almost done with it, and I was afraid it blew away but, praise God, it didn’t. :D) It’ll be up on Tuesday. 🙂


  1. “Since I usually have my ear buds in (to listen to music), I don’t eat while I’m writing because it sounds weird inside my head (does that make sense?). ”

    Yep, I totally get that! That’s why I don’t eat popcorn at the movie theater if my sister gets some, cuz I’ll have earplugs in, and eating while wearing earplugs sounds very weird in my head.

    I admire morning people! I’d so rather sleep in than get up. Hee.


    1. Well, I’d rather sleep than get up, too, and if I’m not in the middle of a writing project, I’ll usually sleep in as long as I can. Pretty much the only thing that can get me up early is my writing. 🙂


  2. Um–I showed Rosie some clips of “Star Wars: A New Hope” on Saturday; does that count? I’m going to say yes 🙂

    Okay. Here we go.
    1. Snacks? Nope. I don’t like to eat or drink while I’m writing.
    2. When do I write? Uh . . . that depends. Any time other than early morning, really, ’cause I’m not awake enough then. (During the semester I hardly have time to write at all, and that makes me SAD. But when I do find time it’s usually on Fridays.)
    3. Where do I write? Usually at my desk in the upstairs “foyer” (which is really an open balcony area). It’s also my school desk, so it’s usually cluttered with textbooks ‘n stuff. But I don’t care.
    4. Ummmm . . . So right now I’m on my first novel, and so I really don’t know how long it’ll be before I start the next one. I can tell you that I get IDEAS for new stories fairly regularly–but I’m making myself wait to actually start typing them out because I don’t want to get confused between multiple stories and characters. I know some people can work on multiple projects at once, but I’m just not like that 🙂
    5. Music? ARE YOU KIDDING? I LOVE listening to music while I write . . . especially Celtic Thunder. Particularly Ryan Kelly and Emmet Cahill, because their voices are really soothing and yet also mentally stimulating, if that makes sense. But I also listen to *some* other stuff, especially Broadway/Disney type music. I’m also not averse to pop music if I can find stuff that I like, but I usually can’t. (One prominent exception to that is the song “Unpack Your Heart” by Phillip Phillips. It’s AWESOME. If you haven’t ever listened to it before, do yourself a favor and find it on YouTube. It’s really great.)
    6. Laptop. Always laptop. Although I do use pencil and paper for the more “brainstorming” stuff.
    7. Nope.
    8. Just music. Oh, and re-reading the recent chapters to remind myself where I am.
    9. Nothing in particular, except the normal stuff that’s always cluttering up my desk. Schoolbooks, paper, etc.
    10. No, ’cause I don’t have a word count. 🙂 I’ve never been able to “do” limits/goals in that particular way. Like, as a kid I always refused to participate in “summer reading” at the library because I HATED keeping track of how many hours I read. I don’t know exactly why I’m like that . . . but there it is. I write as often as I can, basically, and that’s it.
    11. All I can think of is to say that I can’t write anything–anything good, that is–unless I actually FEEL like I’m inside my character’s head and I’m seeing/feeling/experiencing everything that he or she is. Especially emotions–if I can’t feel my characters’ emotions, I can’t write them. So if I sit down to write one day and I just can’t make myself “feel” like I’m really, truly Joey Adamo or Maisie Sadler or whoever else, I have to get up and try again another time. Because if I can’t feel it, I can’t make my readers feel it either.

    Thanks, Eva! That was really fun!


    1. TOTALLY counts. I’ve had Harrison Ford on my mind lately ’cause I watched The Fugitive and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull very recently. He’s such a great guy.

      Loved reading your answers! 🙂


      1. I enjoyed doing it 🙂 Seen the new Star Wars trailer, by the way? (I can’t remember if you’re a Star Wars person or not.)


      2. I’ve seen A New Hope a couple of times, but my family doesn’t really approve of Star Wars in general ’cause of the New Age stuff in it. However, I have seen the trailer. 🙂 It looks pretty cool (especially all the Harrison Ford bits. ;)).


  3. Haha, “weapons of mass creativeness.” That cracked me up.

    Cool tag, Eva! I liked your answers 🙂 I also brainstorm on paper and write on the computer.


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