movies on my to-watch list

This post turned out to be quite hard to put together since I’ve seen so many fabulous, to-watch movies in the past year or so, but after some head-scratching and IMDB-surfing, I was able to put together a list of reasonable size.  Let me know if you’ve seen any of these picks + what you think of them!  Good or bad, interesting or boring…stuff like that.  And if you have more suggestions for my list, let me know.  I love movie recommendations.

~Where Eagles Dare {1968}

Probably going to see this next week, as it turns out, because my super awesome library has a copy – they’re well-stocked on old Hollywood movies (60s and back).  I’ve been interested in watching WED ever since I won the book in a giveaway and read it (it’s AMAZING, btw), but it wasn’t until I became interested in Clint Eastwood that I actively tried to find a copy.  Looks like it’s going to be great, judging from the trailer.

~Every Marvel Movie Ever

By the time I’m old enough to watch all of Marvel’s films, there’ll probably be about five hundred.  Hehe.

~The Little Prince {2015}

OH MY GOODNESS THIS MOVIE LOOKS LIKE ALL KINDS OF GORGEOUSNESS AND FEELSINESS.  I didn’t even know it was a thing until a couple weeks ago when I was watching the previews that came before Paddington and BAM there was the lovely, lovely, lovely teaser trailer.  I reeeeally hope ‘they’ don’t mess the story up, and from what I’ve seen so far, the film looks beautiful.  Even the modern, tie-in plot.

~Shadow of a Doubt {1943}

As you know, there are tons of Hitchcock films on my to-watch list, but this one seems the most interesting and it’s been highly recommended to me by several people.  I should see if my library has it…

~Brigadoon {1954}

My mom really digs this movie and I’m ninety-nine percent sure I will, too.  It’s a musical, it has a curiously sad/interesting premise, and it’s set in SCOTLAND.  Hellooooo.  Of course I’m going to love it.  Plus, I still kinda sorta have a crush on Gene Kelly from my little girl days, so the fact that he’s in it is just like icing on the cake.

~My Fair Lady {1964}

*everyone gasps because I haven’t seen this*  Blame my mom.  She doesn’t care for this particular musical, so she didn’t show it to my siblings and I when we were younger, so I haven’t seen it yet.  But I really want to.  I mean, it’s one of the most iconic musicals ever AND it stars Audrey Hepburn.  What’s not to love? (Also, ALL THOSE SCRUMPTIOUS COSTUMES. *siiiiiiiiigh*)

~The Hasty Heart {1949}

Um, I’m tearing up just reading the synopsis.  This will be one of those movies I watch when I’m terribly depressed and I want to find some way to let all those emotions out.  It sounds like literally one of the most heartbreaking films I’ll ever watch.

~Mockingjay Part 2 {2015}

Speaking of feels…THIS MOVIE WILL DESTROY ME.  All those little clips Lionsgate has released so far (especially the “Real” one) are tearing my heart out, not to mention the trailers and TV spots and fan-edits and alllll of that.  But other than the heartbreak, I’m super-psyched for this movie.  Scenes I most want to see: Finnick and Annie’s wedding, Tigris’ shop, the remaining victors voting for/against another Hunger Games, when Katniss shoots you-know-who, and THE EPILOGUE. *sniffff*  I’ll be crying through pretty much the whole film.  I just know it.



25 thoughts on “movies on my to-watch list

  1. AHhh! You haven’t seen “My Fair Lady”?!!! OHHH EVA. ;-P

    My mum doesn’t like it either – Eliza drives her crazy. But I find it hilarious and funny. (Some bits are annoying, though, especially the bits with Eliza’s father.) But all in all, I highly recommend MFL and YES THE CLOTHES. 😀

    (You should have added ‘the Kings Speech’ to this list, by the way. Heehee.)

    ~ N


    • Maybe it’s a mom thing. 🙂 I’m sure I’ll love it, though – all the snippets of songs I’ve heard sound gorgeous. ❤

      Oh, I should've! *face-palm* I always forget important things when I do these kinds of lists.


  2. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN MY FAIR LADY?!*#(U*%?! Gurrrrrrllllllllll. XD I knew there’d be a weird one on your list that we’d all be shocked about. : D You’ve gotta see it! And Brigadoon, too. I looooooove Brigadoon. THE ACCENTS. AND THE GENE KELLY.

    And Every Marvel Movie Ever will be quite an undertaking. : P My cousin wrote out a list of all of the Marvel movies ever in a master list, including the TV show episodes, and she watched all of them. GOALS.


    • My library has Brigadoon and probably My Fair Lady as well, so I know I’ll get around to them sometime soon.

      Have you watched any Agent Carter yet? I’m dyyyying to – it looks fab and feelsy all at the same time. 🙂


      • You should totes watch both. MFL isn’t my favorite, but I kinda grew up watching it, so. I think you should definitely watch it at least once.

        NO. We don’t have cable or Netflix or anything, so I don’t have access to it or Agents of Shield. (Cry all the tears.) Or Supergirl, which I REALLY want to see because of reasons. (HELLO, JEREMY JORDAN.) ONE DAY.


  3. I really, really want to see the new movie “Brooklyn”–it’s coming out at Thanksgiving–but it’s got some, uh, Content (PG-13 Content that is) so I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to watch it in the theater. But I WILL watch it someday. It’s gonna be awesome. I can feel it. 🙂

    I also want to see “Belle”–it looks awesome and I’ve never gotten a chance to try it yet. My library doesn’t have it. Argggggggg.


  4. I haven’t seen My Fair Lady either. My parents didn’t like that one, so it wasn’t one of the musicals I grew up on. Tried to watch it last year… and I didn’t make more than 20 minutes before we turned it off. Someday, I suspect I will sit through it, but for now, I’m content knowing it’s just not for me. I do like Brigadoon.

    Where Eagles Dare! That is one of my family’s favorite movies.


      • You have Deborah to thank for the copy that you have because she got me reading AM’s books and then I somehow got a second copy of that one by accident, and then you won it from me. Just so you know…


      • I’ll have to remember to thank her. 🙂 Whenever I go into a used bookstore now, I always look for his books (I only have three so far, but I’m hoping to expand my collection to include everything he’s written).


      • Well, in that case, I’ll pass along the advice she gave me: his books published before 1970 are all worth reading. The ones after that… some of them are, some of them aren’t.

        Oh dear Deborah… might you be prevailed to do a blog post ranking MacLean’s novels or rating them or something? For our easy reference?


  5. I haven’t commented on your blog for a while because of school, but I want to let you know that I still read your posts. I especially love the pictures on Friday. 🙂

    You need to watch My Fair Lady! It is a feast for the eyes! Everything is wonderful, the acting, music, set design, cinematography, costumes… I can’t believe the amount of work that went into making that movie. Julie Andrews played the original role of Eliza on Broadway, and it was kind of a controversy that Audrey Hepburn was chosen to play the part instead. The Academy Award that year was given to Julie Andrews for her performance in Mary Poppins, as a way of telling Jack Warner that he should have casted her instead of Hepburn. I still love watching Audrey Hepburn, though, because I can’t imagine anyone else playing the role.

    Brigadoon is really lovely. If you like Gene Kelly, I think you will like it.I remember loving the story line, the music, and especially the dancing.

    I can’t wait to read your review of How Eagles Dare, if you watch the movie. That movie and The Spy Who Came in From the Cold are two movies that are on my to watch list.


    • I’m glad you enjoy my posts…and I’ll try to get back to doing regular Friday Finds posts. 🙂

      The Spy Who Came In From The Cold is definitely not one of my favorite movies. 😛 I don’t like Richard Burton as an actor and the plot was very complicated. However, I know that tons of people like it, so you very well might, too. 🙂 I’d be interested to hear your thoughts when you end up watching it.


      • I’ll definitely let you know how I like the movie. I do like detailed plot lines and twists, but sometimes I feel as if the plots overwhelm the story and the characters, which I don’t like.

        Oh! I wanted to ask you something, but I forgot to in the last comment. I know that you like Audrey Hepburn, and I was wondering if you have seen The Nun’s Story?


      • *sighs* How to explain this? I can’t really put my finger on why exactly I don’t like Richard Burton, but I’ve only seen him in four films – he only had a bit part in one (The Longest Day) and two others (My Cousin Rachel and The Spy Who Came In From The Cold) are on my list of ‘movies I will never watch again’. 😛 I didn’t miiiind him in Where Eagles Dare, but the other movies have rubbed off on my in a bad way, I guess. He just seems too…brooding and intense, or something, which probably sounds like a dumb reason for my not liking him, but there you have it. For similar reasons, I also don’t like (don’t faint) Charlton Heston. *cringes* I know, I know…they’re both great, famous actors, but I just don’t like them. 😛

        Anyway, you don’t care much for Henry Fonda, so we’re even. 😉


  6. You are gonna LOVE “Where Eagles Dare.” I like it even better than the book.

    You know how I feel about the Marvel movies. Especially a certain blond Asgardian and a certain brunette captain.

    “Shadow of a Doubt” is fascinating. And I have a soft spot for Joseph Cotten.

    “Brigadoon” is one of my favorite musicals. I love Gene Kelly.

    “My Fair Lady” is fun.

    “The Hasty Heart” is full of feels. FULLLLLLLLLL of them.


    • Well, I watched it yesterday and it was SUPER. Right now, I wouldn’t say I like it better than the book (a re-read is definitely in order!) but I’d say it’s an excellent book-to-screen adaption and I liked it much better than Guns of the Navarone. 🙂 The scene where Smith is being all “I’m Johann Schmitt” and pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes (which is my absolute favorite scene in the book) was done splendidly, I thought. When I re-watch the movie at some point, I think a review will be posted shortly thereafter. 🙂


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