nanowrimo 2015: week 1

2015-11-09 06_30_57-National Novel Writing Month

I’m pretty happy with that word count meter  because I never thought I’d make it that high in the first week.  17,267 words, several of which were achieved last night, coming home late after church and having a brief moment of panic that ‘oh, no, the day’s almost done and my inspiration’s probably all gone’.  Well, when I started playing some Ennio Morricone GENIUS (it’s too epic to be called music, people), everything flooded back and I rocked it (if I do say so myself).

(Forgive me if this post seems stilted/weird.  It’s 6:30 in the morning.  And it’s NaNoWriMo.)

Anyway, that’s how this week started out, too. (Well, I guess it was last week now.  Whatever.)  On a Sunday, getting home at nine o’clock after a rather tiring round of planning for and bringing off an eighteenth wedding anniversary party for my mom and dad on that very Sunday (November 1st is their anniversary).  So I was moaning about the unfairness of it all, having to come home and write after all my inspiration had definitely been sucked, but I ended up writing over 3,000 words.  So much for dead inspiration. (Only, that time, I listened to Jerry Goldsmith genius, not Morricone.)

The rest of the week progressed quite well, though I wasn’t happy with the quality of my words most of the time and it’s still a thing that’s bugging me.  I mean, I don’t want to look back on this November and see that I’ve written fifty thousand words of garbage.  That would not be a good feeling.  And I know you’re supposed to just write whatever and edit later, but I did end up cutting out a good chunk of my story because it wasn’t fitting into the plot. (Though I didn’t cut it out of the document – didn’t have the courage to do that, since it was a good amount of my word count.  BUT I discovered last night that I’ll actually be able to bring a lot of that material back in, so it’s a good thing I didn’t delete it entirely.)

Friday was my Low Spot. (For the week, that is, not the month, although I don’t see how any Low Spot could be lower than my Friday one.)  My whole family went out to do a bunch of errands but things went all wrong and we were out for a good half of the day and I hate leaving home because I’m an introvert, but we did get back in plenty of time for me to get my word count in for the day.  But when I sat down to write, every single thing that was wrong about my story started flooding over me (“You’re only seventeen and you’ve led a sheltered, homeschooled life!  Plus, you’re a girl!  How could you possibly write a story like this, especially with all these male characters?!  And look at this dialogue!  It’s awful!”).  Many tears were shed.  Lots of ranting was done.

Didn’t write a word that day, went to bed depressed, but I woke up the next morning and had a few ideas of where the story could go next, so that was a big relief (which was a big part of my problem before – I know where the general plot will go, but I usually need an idea for The Next Scene and how it should begin to really get writing).  And then at breakfast Mom gave me a crazy challenge (crazy because all the work for it takes place during NaNo) that I crazily accepted and you’ll be hearing about it in a week or so. *winks at the people who know What It Is*

Are you doing NaNo?


P.S.  I will be writing a post about what my story is actually about, but for now, I’ll just direct you to its page on the NaNoWriMo website.  Fair enough?  (By the way, that excerpt is no longer reeeeally part of the story, but I’m too ashamed of my writing so far to post a real snippet.  Just so you know.)

P.P.S. Shout-out to the compilation CD of ‘quiet & thoughtful western music’ that someone AWESOME made for me.  It’s been a huge help with jump-starting my brain after a day of school and kids’ movies (because of babysitting my little siblings) and generally Normal Things.  Always puts me in the right frame of mind.


17 thoughts on “nanowrimo 2015: week 1

  1. This looks so cool–good luck!
    I know exactly how you feel about the “what am I doing writing THIS story” thing. There have been a bunch of times when I feel like I have no business whatever writing a story about fighter pilots in WW2; but hey, if these characters have come to ME to tell their story, they must have a reason. They could’ve picked any other novelist, right? So the least I can do for them is give it my best shot 🙂


    • I’d never actually thought of it that way, but you’re right. I LOVE all my characters (even the villains) and I couldn’t imagine anyone else writing them, so that’s a big part of why I decided that I could write this story. 🙂 But have you ever worried that other people won’t love (or even like) your characters like you do? Because us writers can see them in our heads and know so much more about them than what’s written down, but everyone else has to go with what they read and that’s all. 😛


      • Yes, I worry about that a lot–specially right now, when I don’t have any time to actually write my novel (because of College Stuff) and so I’m starting to feel sort of “lost” and disconnected from my story. But I keep telling myself that the positive feedback I’m getting from my test readers has to mean SOMETHING–right? 😉 If they’re liking my characters, too, I must be doing all right at making them seem “real” and cool.

        Basically, the biggest thing that helps me to stay motivated and stay positive is to think of my story as though it were something actually real that actually happened, and I’m just writing it down. I’m not “making up” the events, I’m just listening to what the characters tell me about their lives and putting it on paper. That way, I don’t keep second-guessing myself like “what on earth did you make Joey/Fran/Maisie say/do/think THAT for????” 😉


      • I’ve never thought of doing that ‘real life’ thing before – I may just borrow that idea, because I think it would help me get the story/characters right (or, at least better than I feel I’m doing now.) 🙂


  2. You’re doing SO great!!! Honestly, you’re farther than I usually am at that stage, so yay for you!

    A word of encouragement about getting your word count done and lacking inspiration: The last time I did Legit NaNo (Nov of ’13), I had everything planned. Then, Nov. 1st, I woke up to hear that my great-grandfather had passed away. We drove down to their house and had to deal with that all day (and all weekend, too). But guess what? I still got my word count done because I asked God to help me. As long as you continue to pray about it and ask Him for guidance, He’ll give you the inspiration and the time because He’s given you the gift of writing!

    And don’t listen to yourself when you get bogged down in the “I shouldn’t be writing this story” thing. I had to go through that with The Art (honestly, I still do, every time I sit down to write). You were given the idea by God, so He’ll equip you to write it! All of those voices in your head are just lies and they are *not* of God, so do your best to ignore them. (And when you can’t, pray through it or watch an episode of Combat! or email me.)

    Love and hugs!!!


    • Aw, thanks! *hugs*

      Ohhhh, I pray all the time when I’m writing and I know it’s what’s gotten me through a lot of my worst writing days. (That, and not allowing myself to hit the trash button – I’ve found that when I permanently delete stuff when I’m depressed, I ALWAYS want it back later.) God’s so great ’cause He cares about the ‘little things’, too.

      I will definitely take you up on that emailing thing the next time I get into a slump. (Well, I say ‘definitely’, but who knows what I’ll think when it actually happens?) You always cheer me up. 🙂


      • Awesome! (Ohhhhh, yeah. Never ever ever permanently delete stuff. I have an entire document for deleted stuff and the reasons why I deleted it.) AMEN.

        Okie-doke! Aww… : )


  3. Hey! I think you’re doing wonderfully so far– and I can’t wait to hear more about your story! Praying that you don’t have any more Really Awful Low Spots this month, for you are a beautiful human being and from the little snippets I’ve seen, a wonderful writer. 🙂

    I’m doing NaNo this year as well (pretty sure we’re writing buddies :)), and it’s been going well so far! But I’ve got so many dual enrollment projects and things, all due at the end of this month– not to mention applying for scholarships and general senior year insanity– that I’ll just be happy to reach 50.000. I *almost* didn’t do it, being a bit overwhelmed by all that’s going on right now, but then determined that it’ll only get busier from here on out and, if I really want to be a writer, I have to get used to writing while busy. So… Yes. 🙂



    • Thanks so much! Your comment (along with everyone else’s) encouraged me immensely yesterday. 🙂

      Yep, we’re writing buddies. I don’t actually do much along the lines of messaging NaNo writing buddies during NaNo, just so you know (I’m not ignoring you, or anything). I’m not as busy as you are, but I’m taking a couple collage-level courses right now and I find that that eats into my schedule quite a bit. 😛 But, you know, I’m soldiering on. 🙂 And what you said about ‘if I really want to be a writer…’ is sooooo true. If we all waited for the perfect, distraction-free time to write, there’d be much fewer books in the world. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Aw, Eva, You Can Do This. It’s looking so good so far! I’m proud of ya. 🙂

    I think that too, sometimes. “How can I write love stories when I’ve never had a boyfriend? How can I write a murder story? I CAN’T.” I have cried over stuff like that. But you CAN. 😉

    *WINKS BACK* *Screams in excitement*

    ~ Naomi


    • Thank youuuuu! 🙂

      Romance for me isn’t too hard, at least the little bits I’ve written. I’ve never actually written a full-blown romance before. (Have you?)

      Going off to work on preparations for It right now!


      • I know, same, romance isn’t too hard for me, either. (I think we all know why. The kind of things I read and watch haha.) No, I haven’t, not really. But I’ve definitely written some love scenes. 🙂


  5. Have you seen my miserable 203 word-count that has not increased one tiny jot since day 1? ::Hangs head in shame:: I hate Real Life sometimes!!! SO I am super duper delooper happy that you are chugging along with yours, because yay! At least you’re getting someplace 🙂

    Doesn’t help that I’m *supposed* to be editing “The Rose-Covered Cabin” right now instead, or that my current novel is being obstinate, or that I’ve gotten suddenly sidetracked by a Brand New Story Idea that I love Too Stinking Much and want to write instead. IF I ever have writing time again this month, I’m switching to it because it has seduced me. But first, edits and polishes and all that jazz for RCC.

    And I made myself a copy of that CD too because it really is great think-y music.


    • Well, yes I did, but I thought it might be because you’d forgotten to update your word count. (Or your internet wasn’t working, because there’ve been several days this month when our country wifi didn’t let me update my word count when I wanted to.) There are several real life things going on right now that keep me busy besides writing, but I’m not insanely busy, so it still works. (And I’m not a mom, either.)

      If you need me to read RCC again after you’ve done another round (or two, or three) of edits, I’d be happy to. Just so you know. 😉

      I think my favorite tracks on that CD are the ones from The Lone Ranger. Soooo gorgeous!


      • Nope, it’s just that real life has gotten in the way. But it’s okay — I’ve won Nano several times, I have nothing to prove 🙂 I do like that they now let you go back and edit your word count day-by-day so if the internet is messing up like yours, you don’t have these giant leaps, lol.

        Thanks! I will probably pop RCC your way again sometime around the end of the month just for final picky editing and proofing.

        You can listen to all the Lone Ranger soundtrack on YouTube, I think. I love a lot of it! A couple tracks I’m not as fond of, but most of it is WOW.


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