nanowrimo 2015: week 2

My word count has gone down on days fifteen and sixteen (haven’t written anything today yet) because I committed the cardinal sin of going back and chopping a rather large chunk out of my story.  Reason: I’ve learned that it’s impossible for me to continue writing when a piece of the plot doesn’t fit – I feel restless until it’s removed, even if the part in question isn’t all that big.  But other than that, I’ve done quite well in the ‘no editing’ department, I think.  For instance, a few days ago I read through some of the stuff I’d written at the beginning of the month (another ‘do not do’ thing, I know, but I couldn’t resist) and even though there were lots of places where I could have polished my prose, I refrained from doing so.  (And overall, I’m satisfied with the quality of my work so far.  It’s not perfect, by any means, but it’s at least fixable and I see some definite promise.)

There was one crazy day last week – I forget the exact date – where I chopped out pages of my novel in the morning and afternoon and got everything worked out and fixed to my liking, and then I wrote four thousand words that same evening.  Let me tell you, I was one tired writer by the end of that day, but it felt good all the same.

Recently, I read a blog post (or maybe this was in a book on writing) that talked about how writers can’t expect their brains to come up with new inspiration and motivation all the time without feeding it first.  Your mind can’t pull up brand-new ideas all on its own.  You have to watch movies and read books and listen to music (or draw, if that’s your thing) to feed your mind and then inspiration will flood your brain and you’ll be writing merrily in no time, free of writer’s block.  Anyway, for the past week, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of doing just that.  I watched True Grit (2010 version) with my dad a few days ago, which was great, inspiration-wise, because of the revenge plot-line and bounty hunters and all of that – and even putting that aside, it was still a great movie. 

Then, I was bored one afternoon and my story was going nowhere fast, so I decided to hunt up some westerns from my family’s DVD collection, and I happened upon one called Vengeance Valley (dun-dun-DUN), made in the 50s, starring Burt Lancaster and Robert Walker.  I gave it a try, ’cause it’s all about the relationship between two brothers (which, as it happens, is also a big part of my story) and it was pretty good.  Definitely fueled my writing for the day.  And THEN I watched Good/Bad/Ugly because my brothers wanted to see it again (which fed the levels of awesome in my story) and between that and watching Where Eagles Dare, everyone in my story is starting to talk, act, and look like Clint Eastwood.  (Well, not ALL of the characters.  But pretty close.)  Not to mention the fact that I now have three awesome ideas for GBU fanfiction that I can’t work on because of NaNo. *sigh*

I’ll finish off this post by sharing some collages I’ve made for The Bounty Hunter.

OH MY WORRRRRD.  I love this story so much! 🙂



13 thoughts on “nanowrimo 2015: week 2

  1. I love True Grit!!!! SUCH an amazing movie. One of my favorites. 🙂 Have you read the book too? If you like the movie, you need to read the book. (Even if you didn’t like the movie I’d be telling you to read the book.) It’s one of the most extraordinary pieces of literature ever written.

    Wow! It sounds like your nanowrimo is going super well! 4000 words?! *gapes with mouth open*

    And your collages are awesome. 🙂


    • No, I haven’t read the book (yet). Is there any swearing in it? (I ask, because there have been sooo many times when I’ve started reading awesome books but have had to put them aside because of Language. :P)


  2. I love the collages you put together! That’s what inspires me for my writing, mostly–putting together collections of photos of people who look like my characters. Oh, and making YouTube playlists of songs that seem to fit the story. Which is a LOT of fun 🙂 I mostly gravitate towards Irish music (particularly Celtic Thunder) and Disney soundtracks. My Dutch-Resistance-novel-soundtrack actually includes a lot of Disney songs–incongruous, I know, but that’s what seems to work!


    • Well, I can’t write to stuff with lyrics because I find them too distracting, so Disney songs are out for me, but I adore good movie soundtracks. I can always find at least one that fits the mood of my story well, and there’s one soundtrack that practically created the story I’m working on right now. 🙂


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