little things {#10}


~fuzzy socks

~writing with pen/pencil/paper/notebook instead of a computer

~animated movies

~feeding apples to the horses next door


~my bookshelves

~planning out blog posts

~kindred spirits

~crunching fall leaves beneath my feet

~fangirling with friends

~peanut butter


~cool, crisp, biting autumn air

~the promise of a white Christmas

~”Who’s your friend who likes to play?Β  Bing Bong!Β  Bing Bong!”

~shipping adorable ships

~all of YOU, lovely followers



8 thoughts on “little things {#10}


    Yeah, I love animated movies too . . . I didn’t actually watch many when I was a kid/teenager but now that I’m in college I’ve “discovered” them and they’ve made me really happy πŸ™‚ I love Frozen so much. And I really want to watch Tangled over Christmas break–it looks amazing!


  2. DOUGHNUTS!!! I want a chocolate one πŸ™‚

    Animated movies, yes, I’ve been loving them too. Aladdin and Mulan, Frozen and Tangled, and all the rest. They’re great πŸ˜€


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