“Christmas is for sharing.”




Honestly.  It’s so beautiful and poignant and gripping and just- *makes unintelligible fangirl noises*  Plus, it’s done super well, because it looks just like a clip or something from a real movie, which is AWESOME.  I had no idea this ad even existed until Naomi wrote a post about the Christmas Truce of 1914, and included the ad in the post (go read the post, people – it’s great).  And now I find myself crying buckets of tears over a TV advertisement, of all things. (Even after watching it one hundred and one times, I find that it still has the power to move me – as evidenced by the waterfall coming down my face when I re-watched it today in prep for this post.)

Of course, anything about WWI or WWII is practically guaranteed to make me emotional – even a cold, hard, no-nonsense list of statistics.  For instance, there were over seventeen million people (civilian and military) killed during WWI.  At first, that just seems like a big number, but when you really start to think about it…each person in that statistic was a REAL person who had a life and probably a family and feelings and dreams and thoughts, and now they’re dead.  Who knows what those seventeen million people could have gone on to do had they lived?  It’s so, so heartbreaking.

And then throw Christmas into the mix and, yep, I’m an emotional mess.

Though this ad is only three and a half minutes long, by the time it’s over, I always feel as drawn into the story as I do with a feature-length movie – it’s that good.  Otto’s and Jim’s fleeting moments of friendship make me smile and cry, sometimes both at the same time, and I just hope THEY DON’T END UP SHOOTING EACH OTHER.  That would be the very height of awfulness.  (And you know something else that’s awful?  Apparently, after the real Christmas Truce, the generals on both sides were really angry that it had taken place, so there was never another Christmas Truce.  Never.  And that makes me really sad.)

I thought I’d list a few (just a few) things I love about this ad.

  • EVERYTHING. (Of course.)
  • Jim has a girl waiting for him back home, and I think that’s lovely.  And she sends him chocolate!
  • Otto is adorable. (So is Jim.)  And I loooove the blending of all the different British accents + the switching back and forth between English and German during the singing of ‘Silent Night’.
  • Those first few seconds of Jim emerging from the trench are SO suspenseful.
  • Through the whole thing, I like seeing the Brit + German commanders’ response to everything.  It’s neat.
  • I’m sure the music is what contributes to all the feels, because not only is it gorgeous in its own right, it comes from an extremely emotional moment in True Grit, when Rooster’s trying to save Mattie’s life. *snifffff*
  • That moment when the war intrudes on the Truce crushes me.  Every time.
  • THE HANDSHAKE.  They need to be friends.  I’m going to say that Jim and Otto both survived the war and afterwards they ended up meeting at some point (maybe when they were both really old) and they became great friends.  Because I’m usually all about the tragedy, but these precious boys NEED to live.
  • And Jim re-gifted the chocolate!  I LOVE YOU, JIM. (And Otto, too.  In fact, I’m not sure who I like better.)
  • “Christmas is for sharing.”  The End.

UGGGGGH.  It’s so bittersweet.

Have you seen this ad?  I want someone to share these feelings with…


P.S. I also highly recommend that you watch the two behind-the scenes videos – ‘The Making Of Our Christmas Ad’ and ‘The Story Behind Our Christmas Ad’.


10 thoughts on ““Christmas is for sharing.”

  1. Okay, I’m going to try to comment without using capital letters. 🙂

    Same. Every time I rewatch it I have to cry. It’s ridiculous. This is the kind of video I want to show to everybody. Like, all my siblings haven’t even seen it yet – they must. (Although you know what brother’s are like. They’ll make fun of it or something. Argh.)

    “I’m going to say that Jim and Otto both survived the war and afterwards they ended up meeting at some point (maybe when they were both really old) and they became great friends.”

    I know! I don’t know who I love better, Jim or Otto. I love Jim’s accent and his grey eyes and lopsided grin, but Otto’s eyes tug my heartstrings, and he’s soooo handsome. 😛

    GAH. THANKS FOR THIS POST DEARRRR. 🙂 (Oops, I DID use capital letters.)

    ~ Naomi


    • Hehe. That’ll be a challenge. 😉

      Oh, I know what you mean about having to show it to EVERYONE. I’ve shown it to my whole family, and my brothers actually surprised me with how much they liked it – they didn’t make fun of it all! 🙂 So maybe your brothers will be like that as well.

      Aw, they TOTALLY became friends. It just has to be that way, right?

      I thiiiink I like Otto just a little better. His eyes definitely melt me, and he looks SO young – I hate that. 😦 He and Jim look like they should be in school, not fighting each other in one of the biggest and messiest wars of the twentieth century. *sniff*

      Perfectly understandable. I used them, too. 🙂



    It’s so hard to choose–but I’m going to have to admit that I like Otto just a teeny bit better. THOSE EYES THOUGH. Ummmmm . . . yeah. (Of course Jim is awwwwwwwesome too. Not saying he’s not.)


    • IT’S SO GOOD. I still can’t watch it too often, or else I’ll permanently damage my heart. (At least that’s how I feel.)

      Yeah, I think I like Otto just a teensy bit better. His eyes, and the fact that he looks even younger than Jim (WHAT EVEN) is mostly what tipped my opinion in his favor, though I’ll admit to having a weakness for any portrayal of a good-guy enemy soldier (if that makes sense).


      • Yeah–now that you mention it, he DOES look younger than Jim, even. Wow. Think about that.

        Plus, I’m part German and I happen to have a real soft spot for German guys . . . so yeah. There’s no way he wouldn’t be my favorite. (Even though I OF COURSE love Jim too. 🙂 )


      • Well, I know that by the end of WWII, the German army (I think it was more just Hitler, actually) that they were taking on boys as young as TWELVE. It’s heartbreaking. (And even in WWI, I’m sure there were some German boys who lied about their age because they were eager to join up – the Truce, after all, takes place in the first year of the war.)

        I’m part German, too! *grins* My full last name is Schonhaar (with two little dots over the ‘o’, btw) and my family has a military history – just not on the right side, of course. 😉 But it’s still really cool, and I definitely have a soft spot for German guys as well. So…yeah.


  3. THIS IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST AD EVAH. It is soooooooo cool and awesome and lovely and sad 😦 *sobs*. Ach, I can’t choose between Jim and Otto either. They’re both so sweet! I love it how they talk about Jim’s girl, Rose.


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