what I’m doing {#8}



While the main book I’m reading right now is Gone With The Wind, I also have a few books on the side (reading multiple books at a time isn’t something I ordinarily do, but GWTW is so long that I don’t feel right about not reading anything else for days and days).  True Grit, for one.  The writing seems a bit dry, but it’s still quite a good read – I think part of the dryness stems from the fact that I feel like I’m reading a transcript of the 2010 movie (because the movie follows the book so closely).  In some ways, I wish I could have read the book first and seen what I thought of it without the film’s influence.  (By the way, does anyone recommend the John Wayne adaption?  I watched the trailer and a few clips and I don’t think I’d enjoy it much, compared to the Coen brothers’ version.)

I’ve also read three Christmas books recently (check that off my bucket list!) – A Christmas Carol (I can’t believe I’ve never read it before), How The Grinch Stole Christmas (reading it aloud to my little brothers is the annual tradition, and I always have to work at not crying), and The Lump of Coal (Lemony Snicket is a hilarious author).


Two live-action Disney movies, both of which have destroyed me emotionally: Old Yeller and The Great Locomotive Chase.  WHAT IS HAPPINESS.  I’d never seen Old Yeller until last night, but I’ll bet I cried as hard as any ten-year-old kid who’s owned and loved a dog. (Oh my goodness, just imagine showing this to Jem Blythe – he’d be absolutely crushed.)  And the thing is, I don’t even like dog movies.  I don’t even like dogs.  But there’s just something about that movie that seems to turn everyone into a sobbing mess.  I NEED SOME COMMISERATING COMMENTS, GUYS.

And then, The Great Locomotive Chase, aka Pretty Much The Least Known Disney Movie Ever.  Honestly, if you’ve heard of this film (or *gasp* have actually watched it), then my hat is off to you. (You know…if I had a hat.)  I watched this movie when I was a little kid, maybe seven or eight years old, and it traumatized me because the ending’s so sad and I didn’t have much experience with my favorite characters dying (ha).  It’s still just as gripping these days – I’m tearing up a little just thinking of the last couple of scenes, because it’s the WORST.  Plenty of rip-roaring action, and ‘Dixie’, and chase sequences in the middle, but once everyone gets captured during the last half hour, it’s one of the most depressing things ever.

{listening to}

Fairytale of New York, Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and Merry Christmas Everyone:

Nothing, sadly.  I haven’t been on my computer much these past few days, and I just haven’t gotten around to listening to any Christmas music lately.  Or any kind of music. *sigh*  But I will!

What’ve you been reading/watching/listening to lately?



19 thoughts on “what I’m doing {#8}

  1. Awwwwww . . . I’m sorry. I hate sad movies where animals die.

    What have I been listening to? Mmmmmmmmmm . . . a fair bit of Enya (including “May It Be” which is the best thing EVER), and some Carrie Underwood, and A WHOLE LOTTA NEWSIES. Oh . . . by the way . . . I know this is gonna sound like shameless self-promotion . . . but . . . if you haven’t seen Rosie’s and my guest post on Naomi’s blog about that . . . well, I think you would enjoy it. That’s all 😉


    • I LOVE NEWSIES. And I did read your post – and was eaten up with jealousy. 😉 Especially since it was playing in my city a few months ago AND I DIDN’T GET TO SEE IT. I’m still uber-disappointed about that…


      • I’m sorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy!!!!! NO REALLY I AM. I know how disappointing that must be. I wish you could’ve come with us 😦 Just don’t give up hope–you WILL get to see them live someday. I know you will.


      • That’s what I’m hoping, anyway. 🙂 (And praying about, because I basically pray about everything.) I did get to see Les Miserables live, though, which was unbelievably amazing.


  2. I really want to read True Grit. I think it would surprise me, despite the fact that westerns aren’t my thing. 🙂

    Listening to Christmas music! You shouuuuld. Christmas music is the best. 🙂

    ~ Naomi


    • I don’t know if you would enjoy it or not – it doesn’t seem like your kind of book, but I’ve read books outside my comfort zone and LOVED them. 🙂 I think it’d be a quick read, if nothing else. (At least, I’m finding it so.)

      Must go listen to some Christmas music! 🙂


  3. When I saw the True Grit cover on the email notification, I flipped out! I LOVE TRUE GRIT!!!! As you may know, it’s one of my favorite favorites, so it always gets me excited when I see someone else is reading it. 🙂 I know, it could be said the writing is dry — that’s the style. That’s, actually, why I love it so much — there’s no fluff. It’s just straightforward, here-is-what-happened. (Plus MATTIE. I want to be just like her.)

    OLD YELLER. SOBBBB. I know. Haha, don’t you love old obscure Disney movies? My sister and I watched a hilaaaaaaarious old Disney movie this summer called The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin. It was pretty much the funniest thing ever, but no one else I know has seen it so I have no one to talk about it with. ;-P

    I second Naomi — listen to Christmas music!! 🙂


    • I know you’d be commenting. 😉 Mattie is a GREAT character, I must say, and I really admire her (though I don’t think we’d get along all that well in real life). I can’t wait to read more of the book and see how certain scenes are handled in print. Overall, I’m really digging the book.

      UGGGGGGH. It’s one of the saddest things ever – I’m getting a lump in my throat right now, just thinking about it. Never heard of that Disney movie, by the way; I’ll have to look it up.

      Yes, sir. 😉 I’ll do that.


  4. I’ve seen both of those movies! *throws hands up in the air* (There’s actually a train museum near our house that I’ve been to that has THE TRAIN in it. So. *sunglasses emoji*)

    I didn’t know True Grit was a book… HMMMMM.

    I’ve basically been doing a lot of studying, listening to Hamilton (I’m listening to it right now, actually… I’m such Hamiltrash…), reading “Atonement,” tumblring, having feels over WWII, and getting ready for Christmas. Busy busy busy. 🙂


    • YOU HAVE? Well, good for you! 🙂 I wish I could go see that museum, though trains in general don’t interest me all that much…

      Which movie have you seen? 1960’s version or 2010 version? (Or both?) The 2010 version has Domhnall Gleeson playing a bit part, so YAY. (Only his character is sort of weird and pathetic.)

      “Having feels over WWII…” YES. I feel you. 😦


      • They don’t for me, either, but it was cool to see everything. : )

        I haven’t seen either of them, but they’re on The List. (DOMHNALL GLEESON?! SIGN ME THE HECKAROO UP. I just saw him in Star Wars: Force Awakens and MAN OH MAN he’s a nifty dude. Even though his character was totally evil, I was fangirling over him like crazy.)

        Haha, when am I not having feels over WWII though? XD


  5. You watched Old Yeller. No matter how old you are, one cannot not cry over Old Yeller. Another good but sad movie about a relationship between an animal and young boy is The Yearling. I’m not sure if I loved and cried over Old Yeller or The Yearling more.

    I definitely recommend the John Wayne adaption. I began to watch the 2010 version of True Grit, but I did not like it. It felt really violent, too fast, and more cuss words than the John Wayne version. I also had watched the John Wayne version first and really loved it, so I might have started to watch the 2010 version with a higher expectation of it than most people would approach it. John Wayne did win an academy award for it. He was up against Peter O’Toole in Goodbye Mr. Chips, and O’Toole also did a fabulous job.

    I’m going to third Naomi. Listen to Christmas music! 🙂


    • I thiiiink I watched The Yearling a long, long time ago, but if I did I don’t remember anything about it. And I’m not sure I want to be traumatized again so soon… 😉

      Well, I’ll see if my library has the John Wayne version, and if it does, I’ll probably give it a try. Though I can’t promise I’ll like it better than the 2010 version.

      If three people have ordered me to listen to Christmas music, I guess that’s what I should be doing right now. 🙂


      • Yeah,,, I wouldn’t watch the Yearling so soon. It’s a really good movie, but I don’t want you to get traumatized. I don’t think even I could survive both Old Yeller and The Yearling. 🙂

        If you don’t like the John Wayne version, that’s ok. Each person has his own tastes. Even my mom and I like different movies and books, which is really rare for us because we like almost all the same things. 🙂

        (Guessing that you are listening to Christmas music.) What type of Christmas music do you like?


      • Yep, I’m listening to some right now! The Andrews Sisters, to be exact. I adore all the Christmas music sung by Frank Sinatra and Vera Lynn and Bing Crosby, and all those other singers – I don’t much care for the newer stuff. 😛


  6. I’ve been reading Gone with the Wind, watching Charlie Chaplin (“City Lights” — so good!), and listening to old Civil War songs because I’ve been looking up the songs mentioned in Gone with the Wind. I love a fiddle! 🙂


  7. I Do Not recommend the John Wayne version of True Grit. Are you shocked? The Coen Brothers one is better.

    I not only have heard of The Great Locomotive Chase, I actually own a copy! I haven’t watched it yet, but I own a copy. Heh. I have two shelves brimming with movies I haven’t watched yet. Brimming, I tell you! I need a Time-Turner.

    The sequel to Old Yeller is a lot of fun, and Not At All Sad. It’s called Savage Sam.


    • If I remember correctly, my library has a copy but I don’t think I’ll be checking it out. After watching the trailer and a few clips and reading the book, I think that the 2010 version is wayyyy more faithful to the spirit of the book.

      I’m glad you told me you already had a copy of TGLC because that’s one gift idea I was tossing around with Elisabeth. 🙂 Hope you get to watch it sometime soonish.

      Yes, I’ve seen Savage Sam. Not as good as Old Yeller, but I did like how they got all the same actors again. Always a plus.


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