little things {#11}

don't forget to smile:


~it’s Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve!

~handmade quilts

~all the pleasant secrets in the air this time of year


~the Internet – can’t live with it, can’t live without it

~organizing my books

~dear friends


~shipping Bill and Rachel (I just watched Eloise At Christmastime, so it’s practically a requirement)

~my little brothers

~the stack of gifts in the family room that keeps getting bigger and bigger

~twinkly, sparkly, glittery Christmas lights

~laughing so hard my sides ache




14 thoughts on “little things {#11}

  1. Christmas is almost here!!! I’m kinda sick right now so I can’t do much . . . and that makes me sad . . . but I DID start making a new Christmas playlist on YouTube and that’s been fun.

    Oh, and I found the most amazing new Christmas song: “One Toy Soldier,” by Enya. Please, if you haven’t ever heard it, PLEASE give it a try. I think you’d really love it 🙂


    • Question: you and Rosie are sisters, right? Forgive me for not putting it all together until now, but I was just thinking of how you went to see Newsies together, and how you both said that you’re sick right now (which I feel so badly about – it’s Christmas, after all), and I figured it out. 😛 Honestly, where’s my head these days? 🙂

      Going over to Youtube right now!


      • We are! Sorry–I know the “different last names” thing is confusing! (And “Jessica” and “Rosie” aren’t our real first names either . . .) But yes. She is my sister, four years younger than me. And she and I are best friends, too–so it’s good all around! 🙂

        Aw, thank you! Yes, I wish we weren’t sick just now . . . but you know how it is with a large family, you just can’t avoid the germs sometimes! I hope we both feel better by Christmas 🙂

        Oh, I hope you like it! I just fell in head-over-heels in love with it before you could say “Santa Claus.” It’s SO sweet. And I do love Enya.


      • Ah, thanks for clearing that up. 🙂 My sister is close to seven years younger than me, but we’re still best friends. I’ve come to find that age doesn’t matter, so much as maturity, and she’s VERY mature. How many siblings do you have, by the way? I have seven.

        It was gorgeous! Enya has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. ❤


  2. CHRISTMAS!!!! Argh, if only I wasn’t SICK. 😦

    Shipping Bill and Rachel – me too! I just watched it the other day. I love Bill. 🙂


      • Mmm, thanks! I hope so too 🙂 I’m writing and listening to music to cheer myself up. And I just re-watched the movie “Bernadette” (the Sydney Penny version), which has always been a favorite of mine. So I am rather cheerful in spite of this cold – it’s just a bad cold by the way. Not whooping cough, thank goodness – that must’ve been horrible!


  3. (I had to reply down here ’cause it won’t let me do another comment up there 🙂 )

    That’s so true–it’s really maturity that makes the difference, not age! I have seven siblings, too–one older brother, and then three younger sisters and three younger brothers. So I am #2 🙂 My youngest sibling is fifteen years younger than me, so it’s a big age gap, but it’s a LOT OF FUN! I’m so grateful for them all 🙂

    YES. I love Enya–and I only really started listening to her stuff a couple of days ago!!! But I quickly decided that I MUST HAVE MORE. Her voice is beautiful–and her songs are just so relaxing. I love them all 🙂


    • I’m the oldest siblings in my family, which is both awesome and hard at different times. 🙂 My youngest sibling is fifteen years younger than me, too! Funny coincidence. All my brothers and sisters (two sisters, five brothers) are great – though, of course they can be annoying at times. 😉


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