happy 2016!



2015 was crazy-amazing, even though some not-so-good stuff happened right at the very end of it (one big thing was that my laptop of less-than-six-months crashed, so I may or may not have lost a bunch of important files).  I hope 2016 will be even better.  I’m pumped about a whole bunch of things including (but not limited to): endless potential for fresh starts, looking forward to growing closer and closer to God + family + my friends, the $50 Amazon gift card Elisabeth and I were given (a gift from my awesome dad), getting my room organized for good and getting back to my writing, finally writing in my Jane Austen-themed five year diary, and basically EVERYTHING.  2016, I hope and pray that you’ll be awesome.

My entire family, even the little kids, stayed up until midnight last night.  We ate donuts and drank coffee and tea and watched Meet The Robinsons and Dad counted down to the New Year and Elisabeth and I watched Combat! while we painted our nails.  It was amazing. 

And thennnnn we got up this morning and did some last minute gift-wrapping and ate a quick breakfast and then it was GIFT TIME.  So. Much. Fun.  I got lots of cool gifts: aforementioned $50 Amazon gift card (Elisabeth and I are already stewing over how we’ll spend it), a medic armband (a gift from Elisabeth – I’ve been begging her for one for ages), my Ox-Bow Incident movie still that I’ve had for a long time finally framed by Mom, a magnetic bookmark, and a bunch of other neat stuff.  We all had a blast.

So, now I’m sitting at the dining room table, using Mom’s laptop (Hymie, I miss you) and sharing all of this with you, my super-duper followers.  You’ve all been great during 2015 and I hope that this blog will continue to flourish (and grow) in the new year.  Hugs and chocolate cake to all of you, because you totally deserve it. 🙂

Have a great year, everyone!



15 thoughts on “happy 2016!

  1. OHH. I HOPE nothing important gets lost on your laptop!!!! :-O

    AHHH Eva, that sounds like the best New Year. We don’t do terribly much around New Year – although we had my Grandparents over and lighted sparklers. I woke up around 12 o’clock because of the fireworks; and went out of bed to see if I could see some; then I met my dad in the hall, so we said Happy New Year to each other as soon as the clock past 12. Haha. 😀 We had a LOT of fireworks going on around our house.

    Happy New Year!!! 🙂

    ~ Naomi


    • I don’t thiiiink it will – my laptop didn’t exactly crash; it just keeps freezing up. Since I bought it less than a year ago, I can get it repaired for free. WIN. I really hope all my files will be intact once it’s working again. Luckily, I emailed my two novels (well, one’s a novella) to myself earlier, so I still have those. But all my story notes are gone (for now, at least).

      Sadly, there weren’t any fireworks last night. 😛 Lucky you!

      Happy New Year – may it be awesome. 🙂


  2. Magnetic bookmarks are awesome! I love them for books where there are notes in the back, so I can easily flip back and read those.

    I hope Hymie recovers! Also, it’s awesome that you named your laptop that. I’m heartily amused. I don’t back stuff up as often as I should either, though I do save all WIPs into my Dropbox as well as on my laptop’s hard drive, and periodically I save them to our desktop computer as well, which Cowboy backs up online regularly, so… I’m better off than I was in college when I sporadically saved things to floppy discs, I guess. Anyway, you might want to look into Dropbox! Especially if you work on things from multiple computers, it’s a great time-saver.


    • I just put in some book orders with Amazon, so I’m looking forward to using my magnetic bookmark. 🙂 Ethan made those all by himself – and he’s only four – so he was pretty proud of them.

      If I were a Star Wars fan, I’d probably have called my laptop R2-D2 or C-3P0, but Hymie’s my favorite robot so that was a pretty easy decision to make. I didn’t lose my two WIPs, thankfully, because I emailed both of them to myself, but all my story notes are gone, along with several movies I’ve downloaded. Ugh. If/when I recover all those files, I’ll definitely check out Dropbox. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.


  3. Happy New Year, Eva! I’m so glad you guys had a good celebration!

    I was supposed to go to church this morning (’cause Jan. 1st is an important feast day for us) but I turned out to be too sick to go . . . This flu that Rosie and I have is a killer. Hopefully I’ll be better by Sunday! 🙂


  4. Happy New Year, Eva!! (Thanks for the hugs and chocolate cake ^_^) So glad you guys had such a lovely time! My parents had family friends over and we all hung out and played games until midnight (by then I was half-asleep because I’d had to get up early to babysit yesterday). It was much different than the quiet night I’d envisioned with tea and my journal, but it was still wonderful and I had my tea this morning, so all is well. 🙂

    Ohhhh praying that you can recover all your files! My laptop of three years tends to mess up every now and then and it’s the most stressful thing. Eep. (Writer problems– all my stories are on Word.) Let us know how that goes! ❤


    • Sounds like you had a delightful New Year’s Eve, too. Lots of fun. 🙂

      My dad’s taking Hymie to a service center soon, and he thinks I’ll be able to recover my files. Thankfully, I didn’t lose my WIPs, because I did email them to myself. But everything is gone, at least temporarily. I’ll definitely keep everyone updated!


  5. A FIFTY DOLLAR AMAZON GIFTCARD?! GIRLLLLL. I AM SO JELLY. (And a medical arm band… like Gould’s?)

    And I’m so sorry about your laptop!!! I know how awful that can be! I asked for an external hard drive for my birthday and my awesome dad got me one… but I still haven’t backed up my laptop yet. : P SOON.

    Happy New Year! ❤


    • I KNOW, RIGHT? Elisabeth and I ended up agreeing on a book about old Hollywood fashion (her choice) and three Jack Cavanaugh books (my choice, but she enjoys reading his stuff, too). Can’t wait to get everything in the mail!

      (Yep, the armband is like Gould’s. I’m planning to wear it over my camo jacket and it’ll look awesome.)

      The whole laptop situation has made me realize how important backing stuff up is. Hopefully, I’ll be able to recover my files. 🙂


      • Awesome! Packages are the BEST. (Wowzers. Send me a picture!)

        IT IS and I feel so awful that I haven’t done it yet. : P Maybe that can be my Sunday project…. Crossing my fingers for you! Let me know what happens. : )


  6. We didn’t stay up ’till midnight . . . A lot of us are sick, anyway. Your presents sound so cool! Wow, fifty dollars?! I bet you can get a TON of awesome stuff with that 😀

    Happy New Year!!!


  7. Happy New Year! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The Jane Austen diary sounds neat – my younger sisters got some lovely Austen notebooks and coloring books for Christmas, too.

    For the first year ever, we decided to go out and do fireworks on the lawn at midnight in the freezing cold. It was lots of fun…but now we’re still recovering from the sleep deprivation. Next year we may just sleep in the New Year. 🙂

    (Oh, and by the way, if you do decide to sign up for Dropbox, shoot me an email first – I’m looking to refer-a-friend so I can qualify for an offer of extra storage space that came with my new laptop!)


    • My family’s never actually done fireworks – bucket list item for this year?

      I’ll definitely email you. Once I get my laptop back (and there’s a good chance that’ll happen), Dropbox will be the first thing I look into.


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