december 2015 bucket list: how did I do?

(You can view my original bucket list post here.)

~make hot cocoa for my family

(Done!  And everyone said it was delicious.)

~go caroling

(Fail.  My family was sick off and on with a slight cold for much of December, so caroling didn’t happen.)

~watch Christmas movies – It’s A Wonderful Life, Stalag 17, White Christmas, A Christmas Carol, Little Women {1994}, The Ultimate Gift, and that one Christmas episode of Wanted: Dead or Alive

(Done – kind of.  I watched a few Christmas movies – Stalag 17 and Eloise At Christmastime are the only ones that come to mind at the moment – but since I live so far away from the library now, I wasn’t able to watch any of the old classics.  I was rather disappointed about that.)

~take long walks through the snow

(Fail.  Because we didn’t get any snow until January 1st. *sigh*)

~listen to all the Christmas songs I’ve got on my computer

(Done!  So much awesomeness.)

~read at least one Christmas novel or short story

(Done!  I read three – A Christmas Carol, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and The Lump of Coal.)

~edit my Combat! Christmas fanfiction

(Done!  It’s since been published on and you can read it here.)

~hand-make all my presents

(Fail.  I did make some of my gifts – the majority of them, actually – but there were a few that I bought.)

~bake sugar cookies and give them to people

(Done!  It turned out to be one of my favorite parts of Christmas and I’m totally planning to do it again this year.)

~wish strangers a merry Christmas


~have a snowball fight

(Fail, because of aforementioned lack of snow.)

~take pictures of all the neighbors’ Christmas lights

(Fail.  I thought it would be kind of creepy to stand outside people’s houses and take pictures – plus, none of our neighbours really had any Christmas lights up.  But I did soak in the beauty of the ones I saw everywhere else.)

~think of at least three goals/resolutions for the New Year

(Done!  You can read all about my hopes for the new year here.)

~make a new, Christmas/winter themed header for this blog once LMM Week is over

(Done!  And it was glorious.  I’ve now changed my header again, though, and I’m thinking of doing a new header/background each month.  Thoughts?)

~see the New Year in


I’m quite happy with what I was able to accomplish in December 2015, and the bucket list idea was lots of fun.  I might have to do another one of these challenges sometime soon. 🙂



10 thoughts on “december 2015 bucket list: how did I do?

  1. Your new header–GORGEOUS. I love it. All that purple . . . *happy sigh*

    Golly, I wish it would snow HERE. We’ve been having an insanely warm winter. It was 70 degrees out on Christmas Eve. Ridiculous.


      • Ummmmmmmm . . . it’s close. I think blue is my ULTIMATE favorite but I really, really love purple, too. And lilacs and wisteria are some of my favorite flowers. So . . . yeah. Purple is awesome. 🙂


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