movie review: big hero 6

With all the heart and humor audiences expect from Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Big Hero 6” is an action-packed comedy adventure that introduces Baymax, a lovable, personal companion robot, who forms a special bond with robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada. When a devastating turn of events catapults them into the midst of a dangerous plot unfolding in the streets of San Fransokyo, Hiro turns to Baymax and his diverse group of friends— adrenaline junkie Go Go Tomago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred — who transform into a band of unlikely heroes.


So, I’m a gigantic fan of animated movies.  They’re pretty much my favorite film genre (would they actually be considered a genre, or would it be better to use some broader term?).  I think most of the stuff that comes out these days isn’t all that great, but animated movies definitely stand out – they usually have better themes, better soundtracks, and more genuinely funny scenes than the majority of films that Hollywood has been churning out recently.  Agreed?

But that being said, I didn’t expect to enjoy (let alone love) Big Hero 6.  The only sort of trailer I saw for it was a clip from the part when Baymax’s battery is low and he’s being all crazy, so I thought it’d be some stupid movie with a lot of dumb humor.  Plus, what I’d heard of the story didn’t excite me (based off an obscure Marvel comic book + robots = nope) and overall, I didn’t get why my brother was so eager to see it.  So I didn’t bother getting it from the library for months and months, until a couple weeks ago when I was stocking up on DVDs to watch over the holidays and I came across Big Hero 6 and decided to give it a try.

We watched it a couple days later, and may I just say…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

In other words, I loved it!  Big Hero 6 has emotional depth beyond what you normally would see in an animated film, and when I can cry hard and laugh hard over a movie, I know it’s good.  Disney seems to be moving away from the trope of ‘nice character is dead…oops, he/she isn’t dead after all’ which is both heartbreaking (BING BONG) and quite brave.  Parents were complaining that Inside Out and Big Hero 6 were too sad, and I could see that being true for a lot of little kids (and me, too – Elisabeth and I are still trying to get over certain characters’ death – and again, I say WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH).

The characters were awesome (I know I use that word too much, but they really were).  Honey Lemon is my favorite member of the Nerd Lab and I like all the rest of them about the same.  Hiro is properly cool, as is Tadashi.  And Baymax, the one character I thought I’d be able to barely tolerate, was just as amazing as all the other characters – plus, he had some of the funniest lines. (So much of the dialogue in Big Hero 6 is gold, I’m telling you.)  One thing I really liked was the great voice acting, especially from Ryan Potter, the guy who voiced Hiro.  When he says “I’m satisfied with my care” during that one, super sad scene near the end, it breaks my heart because the emotion pouring into those five words is phenomenal. *snifffff*

I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH.  There’s soooo many good things about it.  It only took about two minutes for me to fall in love with the movie’s world (isn’t the concept of San Fransoyko one of the coolest things ever?), the characters, and basically everything.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Even though it made me cry even more than Inside Out (which is saying a lot).

Now I’m off to watch some seriously heartwrenching fanvideos…



21 thoughts on “movie review: big hero 6

  1. I love animated movies 🙂 Rosie and I are planning to watch Tangled before we go back to school, and I can’t wait–from the clips, etc. I’ve seen, it looks AMAZING. And hilarious. And sweet. So . . . yeah. Who says a twenty-one-year-old can’t have fun with a kids’ movie??? 😉


  2. I. LOVE. THIS MOVIE. I’m with you– I wasn’t all that interested from the trailer, but then my family went and saw it and AGH. This movie steps on my heart. And Honey Lemon is my favorite of the “Nerd Squad” too; she’s basically me if I ever went into chemistry and heroism. Ha. One of the things I love about this movie is that they’re not stereotypical superheroes– they’re college kids, incredibly smart but otherwise normal. I can relate to each of them to an extent. Their abilities don’t come from super-serums or genetic mutations or their heritage; they’re just really smart and use their brains. It’s *almost* realistic, more so than a bunch of other superhero stories. Which is nice. 🙂
    I’ve actually written stories for this one, since I love the characters so much and *ahem* Certain Characters Should Not Be Dead. I do love the depth that That Incident gave to the rest of the movie though, and wouldn’t want that to be diminished. But, well, after watching so many Marvel movies, you get to a point where you question each character death you see. 😛 You never see his body, just sayin’… Have you heard that Stan Lee confirmed that they’re beginning to work on a second one? I doubt we’ll hear anything about it for awhile, since they’ve got so many other projects, but a sequel is coming eventually! (There are rumors that the Certain Character could turn up again as a super-powered anti-hero(?) from the comics, called Sunfire. If that happens the movie would have a Winter Soldier-type dynamic. Which, AGH. FEELINGS. But at this point it’s all speculation. So, we shall see where that leads.) And I totally agree– lately the only movies I’ve watched in theatres have been, excepting Marvel movies and such, animated ones. I’ve been rather disappointed in the movies targeted at young adults; they’re just not my thing. *shrugs* Give me superheroes and animation and really good historical-fiction films any day!


  3. Interesting! I was super-excited when the trailer came out (hello, it’s Disney with Pixar animation – WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!), but didn’t get to see it til it came out on DVD. But I didn’t love it. I mean, the beginning was great, but after That One Character died (which I thought was stupid), it all went downhill. Now, granted, I enjoyed most of it, and really liked a few parts (esp the Fall Out Boy montage – AWW YEAH), but I think I’m definitely in the minority here. I’ve seen it quite a few times, though (the kids I babysit love it), so I still enjoy watching it, it’s just not my favorite.


    • Huh. (Spoiler’s ahead, ’cause it’s easier to talk about everything that way) Tadashi’s death was when everything got super serious – and I love super serious – and it drove the whole team, and Hiro especially, to do great things. So even though I wish he hadn’t died, I think it was necessary to the story. Thoughts?


      • Very true. I guess I just thought it was a little cliche, and I think I was expecting something different after seeing the trailer. Maybe a bigger world, maybe a little more pressure on the time frame… idk. It was a good movie, just not one of my favorites. I’m really glad you liked it, though!


  4. I did the same thing. Thought it was going to be stupid from the trailers, where I really didn’t like Baymax at all, but then when we went and saw it, we all came out loving it. It went places I completely didn’t expect, and I ended up loving Baymax, particularly the part where he won’t let Hiro switch out his card again. That part made the movie for me. The end was way more emotional than I thought it would be as well, with way more heart than I expected. I bought my own copy as soon as it came out on DVD so I could watch it whenever I wanted. Go Go is my favorite of the nerd lab, as she’s the one I’m most like. 😀


    • That part was great, I agree. Isn’t it weird how we can grow to like robotic characters, even though they really don’t have feelings of their own? (Or a personality, for that matter.)


  5. Awwww . . . this looks so cool! After reading this I went on Youtube and watched clips and I was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! Now I want to watch it 🙂 Tadashi looks like a really really sweet brother!


  6. I didn’t think I’d love this movie either when I first saw it, but oh my, how wrong I was!!
    As sad as I was that a Certain Someone died (sob) I am glad that Disney is being more brave in that area. It definitely added sooo much more depth and emotion to this story.
    BAYMAX. How I love him. 🙂
    Great review!


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  8. Ha! I didn’t expect to like it either! But my little brother saw it… and wanted us to watch it. So we did. And you’re right. It ended up being adorable in the extreme! 🙂


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