movie review: exodus

Based on Leon Uris’ novel, this historical epic provides a dramatic backstory to the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, in the aftermath of World War II. Ari Ben Canaan (Paul Newman), a passionate member of the Jewish paramilitary group Haganah, attempts to transport 600 Jewish refugees on a dangerous voyage from Cyprus to Palestine on a ship named the Exodus. He faces obstruction from British forces, who will not grant the ship passage to its destination.


GAH.  This movie.  Thisssss movie.

I know a lot of critics have said that it’s slow and talky and much too long (it’s about three and a half hours in length) but, hello, it’s an epic and it does have exciting bits (though I happen to prefer the talking) and anyway, epics are supposed to be long (and it’s shorter than Gone With The Wind, and I don’t notice anyone dissing that movie).  Sure, watching a movie as long and involved and complicated and messy (and awesome) as Exodus takes some time and some commitment, but it’s so worth it in the end.  Books and movies that give me an experience are my favorites, and with movies that can usually only be achieved with a  run-time of three hours or more.  At least that’s my opinion.

Exodus (1960) - Eva Marie Saint & Jill Haworth:

It’s really sad in places.  I mean, we’re talking a story about the Jews just a year or so after WWII and the Holocaust and there’s fighting and dying and lots of feels.  But I can handle the depressing-ness of it because there’s hope (though I must say that the ending isn’t one of the most hope-filled I’ve seen) and there are moments of calm and beauty and it’s wonderful.  I think everyone should see this film at least once, just to say they’ve watched it, and then maybe a second time to concentrate on Ernst Gold’s sweeping score (one of the best soundtracks EVER – I’m listening to it right now, actually) and the connections between all the characters and…oh, just everything.  It’s better on the re-watch.

Characters.  THE CHARACTERS.  I want to give each and every one of them the biggest hug right now.  They all deserve one. (Except for Peter Lawford’s character and that slimy Nazi dude.)  Even though I haven’t read the novel that Exodus was based on, I’m glad the moviemakers decided to based the movie on a novel and not on real life, which sounds weird, but hear me out.  I’ve already read the book, Operation Exodus, which tells the real story, so I know how everything happened.  And if they’d based the movie off real life, the characters would probably have been cardboard cut-outs that they threw in to hang the plot and the major events on.  Instead, you get strong, admirable, splendid characters to really root for, and they drive the plot – the plot doesn’t drive them.  So, HUGS FOR EVERYONE.  ‘Cause they’re all super.

If you really think about it (I mean, if you’ve watched Exodus before reading this review) relationships are a huge part of this story.  Ari and Kitty, Ari and his dad, Ari and his sister, Ari and Taha, Kitty and Karen, Dov and Karen…the list could go on and on.  And because the characters are so well-rounded, the relationships work, keeping you riveted throughout the film.  Ari is played amazingly by Paul Newman and I refuse to watch another Newman film because he did such a good job in Exodus and I want to keep that image in my head (he’s half-Jewish, by the way, which I thought was cool).  That may sound dumb to you but, hey, it’s my life.  The rest of the cast did an excellent job as well, particularly Eva Marie Saint as Kitty (she’s basically the audience – observing and experiencing everything), Sal Mineo as Dov, and Jill Haworth as Karen. (Also, it made me grin to see John Derek as the Arab leader, Taha, because he played Joshua in The Ten Commandments.)  Oh, and Lee J. Cobb was great as Ari’s father.

I’ve mentioned the music before, but it is glorious.  Especially that soaring main theme.

Exodus is an epic of a film, chronicling the Jews’ journey from Cyprus to Israel (which actually takes up only a fraction of the movie) and their subsequent fight to stay.  The scene where (spoiler alert, but not really) the UN votes for the Jewish people to have their own country always brings tears to my eyes.  It’s an enthralling, spellbinding story and one that I would highly recommend to pretty much anyone.  If you haven’t watched Exodus yet, you really, really need to.


P.S. I just checked and the whole thing’s available on Youtube.  Right here.  So now you have to watch it!


the happy tag

Hamlette kinda sorta tagged me with The Happy Tag and it looked like lots of fun, so here it is.  Basically, you have to share a bunch of things that make you happy, and since I dedicated an entire notebook to lists on that very topic, this was easy-peasy.  The only quibble I have with this (rather perfect) tag is that there are no categories for 1) People/Fictional Characters or 2) Tastes/Food.  Other than that, though, this is one of my favorite tags ever.


Any book by Lucy Maud Montgomery.
The Candymakers by Wendy Mass.
All the Winnie The Pooh stories.
While We’re Far Apart by Lynn Austin.
A Little Princess + The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgeson Burnett.
Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
The Penderwicks series by Jeanne Birdsall.



(As you can tell, I adore words.)


The Magnificent Seven (1960).
Combat! (1962-1967).
State Fair (1945).
Roman Holiday (1953).
The Indiana Jones movies.
Any Hitchcock film.
Meet The Robinsons (2007).
Little Women (1994).
Singin’ In The Rain (1952).

Cookies baking.
Hot pavement after a summer shower.
Freshly mown grass.
Roses. (Any flowers, really.)
Grilled cheese sandwiches.
Old books.
New books.
Coffee in the morning.


‘In The Mood’ (Glenn Miller).
‘American Patrol’ (Glenn Miller).
‘Go The Distance’ (Disney).
‘What Do You Do In The Infantry?’ (Glenn Miller).
‘The Way You Look Tonight’ (Frank Sinatra).
‘As Time Goes By’ (Vera Lynn).
‘You Make Me Feel So Young’ (Frank Sinatra).


Movie soundtracks.

Organizing my bookshelves.
This video.
Dana Andrews.

Fangirling with friends.
Chocolate chip cookies.
Everything, basically.

I tag…anyone and everyone!  Seriously, I want to know everyone’s answers because this is such a fun, joyful tag. ❤


thirty more favorite movies

After I posted my list of top thirty favorite movies, I realized that there were other films that I liked just as much as the ones I’d mentioned (Schindler’s List, for one – that deserves to be in the top thirty) so I figured that it would be good idea to make up another one of these posts.  Wasn’t sure if I’d find thirty more movies that I love, but here it is.  Let me know what titles are your favorites, too, ‘kay?

(In no order, because trying to rank all of these would give me a headache.)

// Back to the Future //

// Schindler’s List //

Ben Kingsley and Liam Neeson in "Schindler's List", 1993:

// The Bourne Identity //

// The Bourne Supremacy //

// The Bourne Ultimatum //

// Hell is for Heroes //

// It’s A Wonderful Life //

// Mr. Smith Goes to Washington //

// A Fistful of Dollars //

// Exodus //

// Newsies //

// Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark //

// Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull //

// Age of Adaline //

// Mary Poppins //

// The Sound of Music //

// The Happiest Millionaire //

// To Catch a Thief //

// Dial ‘M’ for Murder //

// The Treasure of the Sierra Madre //

// Captain America: The Winter Soldier //

// The Monuments Men //

// Cinderella //

// Notorious //

// The Manchurian Candidate //

// Unbroken //

// Les Misérables //

// A Walk in the Sun //

// Charade //

// The Fugitive //


P.S. I changed my blog design.  Again.  Love it?  Hate it?  Somewhere in between?

how to LIVE the 1940s

{This post was written for Rose’s 1940’s Week over at An Old Fashioned Girl.}

The 1940s is the one decade I’d love to live in.  Not just visit, but really live in.  The 21st century is awesome and I have to admit that, in some ways, I’m glad I was born in this time and not the 40s, but my heart still does occasionally yearn for those long-gone days.  Almost everything about the 40s thrills me to my fingertips (which is why I love writing stories set in that era) – the clothes, the music, the films, the books, the general feel of those ten years.  Of course, it wasn’t all perfect since WWII raged for the first five years of the decade, but there’s obviously enough good – even in those five years – to make me want to time travel back.  And since I can’t do that, I’ve come up with some tips to help myself and anyone else who’s interested to experience a bit of life in the 1940s.

Atlanta Teenagers. October 1947 Photographer: Edward Clark. LIFE Hosted by Google:

~Talk the talk.  I suggest checking out this list of 1940s slang words – not only is it interesting in its own right, but a few choice phrases thrown into conversations here and there will do wonders for helping you into the 40s’ mindset. (If you’re a lady, I would caution against using too much slang as it could come across as undignified, but getting a ‘swell’ in there every now and then wouldn’t hurt.)

1940s fashion:

~The proper clothes.  A bit tougher, this one.  Not everyone has 1940s-era attire hanging in their closet or tucked away in their drawers, but there are some things you can do to circumvent that. (I happen to be lucky enough to have a darling black dress that is perfectly 40s + a string of pearls that makes me feel lovely and vintage whenever I wear them.)  I think aiming for a ’40s-inspired’ look would be the way to go if you don’t own anything that immediately brings the era to mind: full skirts, high heels, hats, dresses that come just below the knee, a little purse, etc.

Photograph by Victor Keppler for a lipstick advertisement, c. 1943.:

~Bright red lipstick.  Part of the last point, but important + iconic enough to go on the list by itself.  A bit of this now and then will make you feel marvelous (think: Peggy Carter) and just a wee bit daring.

~Watch the movies.  Basically, watch any movie that was popular during the 1940s – it’ll feel like a time capsule, especially if the movie is actually set in ‘modern times’ and isn’t a period piece.  You can see the latest fashions, latest innovations in film technology, what manners and customs were the norm…it’s great!  I recommend: The Best Years of Our Lives, It’s A Wonderful Life, Laura, Casablanca, The Grapes of Wrath, State Fair, Notorious, Gentleman’s Agreement, Rebecca, and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. (Just to name a few.)

~Read the books.  A lot of good novels were published in the 40s, though I think I’ve only read a few (working on that).  I believe that, in some cases, they offer a richer portrait of the American mindset during this era. (But maybe that’s just because I’ll always prefer books to movies.)  Does anyone have recommendations for books from this time period that you think I would enjoy?  Because at the moment, the only book published in the 40s that I can think of that I’ve read is Shane. (Which is awesome.)

~Listen to the music.  My favorite part.  Glenn Miller!  The Andrews Sisters!  Vera Lynn!  Just go to Youtube, do a quick search, and you’ll be serenaded by authentic 1940s’ music in no time.  Glenn Miller is always great for motivating me to clean my room or work on a blog post I don’t feel like writing.  I haven’t heard much from the Andrews Sisters, but I do want to.  And Vera Lynn’s voice is gorgeousness.  I could listen to it all day. (And sometimes, I do.)

That’s about it, folks – I hope you enjoyed reading this post. (I know I had fun writing it.)  Do you have any tips or ideas to add?


valentine’s day 2016: fifteen favorite OTPs

It’s Valentine’s Day! *flings heart-shaped candies and white chocolate bars at my readers*  In honor of the holiday, I’ll be focusing on fifteen of my favorite fictional OTPs (One True Pairings) or ‘ships’, if you will.  This list by no means covers every single couple I ship (now that would be an undertaking) but I’ve tried to include the ones I love most.  I’ll be dividing the fifteen couples into five different categories (three couples for each category) and…well, you’ll see how it works faster then it would take me to explain it. 

// Mr. Knightley + Emma Woodhouse – Emma //

“I cannot make speeches, Emma…If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more. But you know what I am. You hear nothing but truth from me. I have blamed you, and lectured you, and you have borne it as no other woman in England would have borne it.”  

I think friendship-turned-romance relationships are awesome (it’s what I want to have) and this couple is my favorite example of that trope.  Emma can be so flighty at times and I think Mr. Knightley provides a great balance to that.  He tells her when she’s wrong, but he also teases her and laughs with her and talks with her as an old friend – which, of course, he is.  One of my favorite moments for this OTP is when they’re both admiring little Emma and they make up about the whole Harriet/Robert Martin incident.  So sweet.

// Gilbert Blythe + Anne Shirley – the Anne of Green Gables series //

“I’ve loved you ever since that day you broke your slate over my head in school.”  

Yes, they start out hating each other (well, at least on Anne’s side).  But oh, how I love their friendship and romance and engagement and married life in the later books.  How the first book ends?  Love it!  They’ve buried the hatchet and I always grin because I know what’s going to happen in the next few books.  Anne of the Island is my favorite book for shipping the two of them, though Anne balks at the thought for so long.  And even though I didn’t really cry over Gilbert’s first proposal and Gilbert almost dying in the first book, I always tear up over both in the movie.

// Gregor + Luxa – The Underland Chronicles //

“I’ll never get rid of you, no matter how hard I try.” It was no longer an effort to say the words. “I love you.”
“I love you, too,” said Luxa.
After that there was nothing left to say.

And this is another couple that started out disliking each other.  Plus, they’re both only twelve.  And they only share one kiss and the series ends with them being separated (though I don’t know if it’ll be for good) so Gregor and Luxa aren’t the most ideal ship.  But I like them better than Percy and Annabeth (from the Percy Jackson series) and they are incredibly sweet together in Code of Claw.  Besides the incident in Curse of the Warmbloods when Luxa tries to kill Gregor, they remain remarkably good friends and that’s what gives strength to the slightly deeper romance in the last book.

// Bill + Rachel Peabody – Eloise At Christmastime {2003} //

“Is he really what you wanted?  Or is he what your father wanted for you?  Just tell me it’s for real and I swear I’ll never say another word.”

They are SO. CUTE. TOGETHER.  That’s all.  Well, actually it’s not because there is more I want to say, but Bill and Rachel are basically cuteness personified when they’re together.  Whenever Elisabeth and I watched this movie we can’t help but fangirl and squeal and shed a few happy tears at the ending.  Bill and Rachel were separated several years before the movie starts and with her return to the Plaza, there’s romance in the air.  But she’s engaged.  To a creep.  BUT.  Eloise has a plan and Bill and Rachel are still in love and I really enjoy watching the progression of their tentative romance.

// Colonel Brandon + Marianne Dashwood – Sense & Sensibility //

“He opened his whole heart to me yesterday as we travelled. It came out quite unawares, quite undesignedly. I, you may well believe, could talk of nothing but my child;—he could not conceal his distress; I saw that it equalled my own, and he perhaps, thinking that mere friendship, as the world now goes, would not justify so warm a sympathy—or rather, not thinking at all, I suppose—giving way to irresistible feelings, made me acquainted with his earnest, tender, constant, affection for Marianne. He has loved her, my Elinor, ever since the first moment of seeing her.”

I know, I know.  All you Janeites are probably keeling over right now because I didn’t put Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot on this list.  But that would kind of be the expected thing and I don’t like doing expected things and I think that Colonel Brandon and Marianne have just as beautiful a second chance as Frederick and Anne.  Don’t you?  Colonel Brandon was in love with Eliza, but he lost her and she died. (I highly recommend Colonel Brandon’s Diary by Amanda Grange for some heartbreaking backstory.)  He thought he’d never love again but then Marianne came along.  And when Willoughby dumped her, he was right there to pick up the broken pieces of her heart and help her recover.  I love Colonel Brandon and I will defend this ship to my dying day. (I don’t care what so many people say about Marianne not really loving him and just settling for second best.)

// Friedrich Bhaer + Jo March – Little Women //

“Ah! Thou gifest me such hope and courage, and I haf nothing to gif back but a full heart and these empty hands,” cried the Professor, quite overcome.  Jo never, never would learn to be proper, for when he said that as they stood upon the steps, she just put both hands into his, whispering tenderly, “Not empty now,” and stooping down, kissed her Friedrich under the umbrella.

After Laurie, I’m pretty sure Jo swore off guys forever.  And Professor Bhaer thought that no one would marry him because he was German and he was older than most eligible women.  Even after he met Jo, he didn’t think he’d have a chance of winning her hand.  AND THEN. *happy sigh* I know not everyone ships Jo and Professor Bhaer, but I do.  Wholeheartedly.  ‘Under The Umbrella’ is one of the best chapters in the Little Women trilogy.

// Peeta Mellark + Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games trilogy //

“You’re still trying to protect me. Real or not real?” he whispers.
“Real,” I answer. “Because that’s what you and I do, protect each other.”

Oh my word, what this couple goes through…I can’t.  First of all, Katniss didn’t return Peeta’s love and she played up the romance for the cameras and, yes, they had a shaky friendship but it wasn’t much more than that on Katniss’ part.  And then she finally fell in love with Peeta, only to have President Snow wrench him away, torture him, taunt her with him.  And THEN when he finally gets rescued, he tries to strangle her and hates her and thinks she’s a mutt.  I know that, in the end, Peeta and Katniss find happiness and peace and have children but the amount of tears I shed over their story officially puts them in the heartbreaking category.

// Jason Bourne + Marie Kreutz – The Bourne Identity {2002} + The Bourne Supremacy {2004} //

“How could I forget about you?  You’re the only person I know.”

Two words: ‘underwater kiss’.  No, no, no, no, no.  AND THE LOOK ON HIS FACE.  I’m sure the books bring a lot more depth to Jason and Marie’s characters, but what I saw in Identity and Supremacy was enough to put them on my favorite OTPs list.  I love how *SPOILERS* Marie isn’t forgotten after her death, but instead her memory governs Jason’s actions (in part).  Like when he didn’t kill what’s-his-name. *END SPOILERS*  I will go down with this ship.  Which…is kind of what happened to them in Supremacy. (SORRY.)

// Steve Rogers + Peggy Carter – Captain America: The First Avenger {2011} + Captain America: The Winter Soldier {2014} //

“Well, I couldn’t leave my best girl. Not when she owes me a dance. “

The most heartbreaking fictional romance ever.  Hands down.  Honestly, I just have to think about Steve and Peggy and that dance at the Stork Club – basically anything about them – and I find myself in tears in no time.  Everything about them hurts, like Steve and Bucky, but in a different way.  That scene in TWS when he goes to visit her- Not even going to go there.  And I don’t want to watch Agent Carter anytime soon because I’ve seen enough gutwrenching clips in the fanvideos.  If Peggy dies in Civil War, I won’t survive either. (I HAVE SO MANY FEELS, GUYS.  I CAN’T HANDLE THEM.)

// Dan Kean + Bess Lawrence – Jo’s Boys //

“Don’t take it away! It’s only a fancy, but a man must love something.”  

Don’t get me started.  Do. Not. Get. Me. Started.  Jo’s Boys is a travesty – even LMA said that she didn’t like how she ended Certain Character’s Stories; she was dealing with some personal tragedies at the time – and I will never read it again unless absolutely necessary.  I just- I’m not- I’m not qualified to talk about this couple because it will turn into a rant the length of Les Misérables.  Just open the ‘spoiler’ section near the end of this Goodreads review and read it because it sums up my thoughts perfectly.

Moving on before my unintelligible ramblings get even more unintelligible…

// Will Benteen + Carreen O’Hara – Gone With The Wind //

She was silent a moment, trying to accustom herself to the idea of Carreen as a nun.
“Promise you won’t fuss at her.”
“Oh, well, I promise,” and then she looked at him with a new understanding and some amazement.  Will had loved Carreen, loved her now enough to take her part and make her retreat easy.

Will is my favorite minor-ish character in GWTW, and Carreen is one of my favorites as well, so when I saw that Margaret Mitchell was doing a romantic subplot between them, I was thrilled.  This will be great, I thought.  But…no.  I think my reaction when Will said he and Suellen were getting married was about the same as all the neighbours: disbelief and a healthy dash of disgust.  Suellen is Rather Awful.  And Will and Carreen would have been adorable together! *sigh* (Note: In my last read-through of GWTW, I came across a passage in the early part of the book where Carreen is a reading a tragic novel about a girl who becomes a nun after her lover is killed in battle.  Hmmmm…)

// Walter Blythe + Una Meredith – Rilla of Ingleside //

Una shook hands quietly, looking at him with wistful, sorrowful, dark-blue eyes. But then Una’s eyes had always been wistful. Walter bent his handsome black head in its khaki cap and kissed her with the warm, comradely kiss of a brother. He had never kissed her before, and for a fleeting moment Una’s face betrayed her, if anyone had noticed. But nobody did; the conductor was shouting “all aboard”; everybody was trying to look very cheerful.

*cries*  So, so, SO tragic.  The kiss at the railway station, Walter’s death, his mention of Una in his letter, the look in her eyes when Rilla gives her the letter…  I’m inconsolable about this OTP.

// Finnick Odair + Annie Cresta – Mockingjay //

“Did you love Annie right away, Finnick?” I ask.
A long time passes before he adds, “She crept up on me.”

The wedding is one of the scenes I’m most eager to see in MJ2.  Finnick and Annie’s marriage is my favorite part in the book, with its beauty, simplicity, and triumph over Snow’s evil schemes – at least for the moment.  Finnick takes such good care of Annie, never letting her out of his sight (and almost never letting her hand leave his) and the fact that they were separated for so long makes them want to spend every minute together.  I’m trying to focus on the good things here, because I’m reasonably sure we all know how this ends.  IT’S NOT FAIR, SUZANNE COLLINS.  NOT FAIR.  Finnick and Annie deserved every bit of happiness that ever was.

// Sir Percy Blakeney + Marguerite St. Just – the Scarlet Pimpernel series //

She would keep him, keep his love, deserve it and cherish it, for this much was certain, that there was no longer any happiness possible for her without that one man’s love.

In the first book, Percy and Marguerite’s relationship is strained at best (even though he worships the very ground she walks on) which makes their reconciliation at the end all the more wonderful.  But it isn’t until the next few books, especially El Dorado, that you really see how strong and mature and exquisitely perfect their marriage is.  He loves her with everything in him and she supports him and encourages him in everything he does, every danger he faces, every responsibility he takes upon himself.  Just…amazing.

// Barney Snaith + Valancy Stirling – The Blue Castle //

“Love you! Girl, you’re in the very core of my heart. I hold you there like a jewel. Didn’t I promise you I’d never tell you a lie? Love you! I love you with all there is of me to love. Heart, soul, brain. Every fibre of body and spirit thrilling to the sweetness of you. There’s nobody in the world for me but you, Valancy.”  

Words cannot express my love for this couple.  They could very well be my favorite fictional couple ever, though it would be quite hard to narrow it down.  Barney is always a gentleman, always kind and thoughtful, and he loves Valancy so much.  AND the way he so casually agrees to her proposal always makes me smile.  And how Valancy runs away when she thinks Barney’s ‘stuck’ with her forever – that’s an admirable sacrifice right there since she loves him so much herself.  Their reunion gives me all the feels.  Happy feels, mind you. (What a pleasant change from the sad/tragic romances in the past couple of categories.)

BONUS OTP: (Because I watched Back To The Future after I put this list together and I wanted to include them.)

// George McFly + Lorraine Baines – Back To The Future {1985} //

“I’m your density.”

George is a dorky nerd and he’s more than a little strange (Exhibit A) but I like him anyway, and Lorraine is boy crazy in the extreme but they still fit together, in a way. (And the above quote – best pick-up line ever, right?)  They’re pretty cute together, for the few minutes that you actually see them together (at the dance, and then when Marty goes back to the ‘present’) and George was quite heroic when he punched Biff and rescued Lorraine.  And I love how he works up the courage to get her back after that guy cuts in at the dance! ❤


Well, there you have it.  Fifteen Sixteen of my favorite fictional couples.  Do you see any favorites on this list?  Let me know if you do and we can fangirl about them. 🙂


a randomly random post

{Because I half-promised all of you a post today, but I’m feeling sick, but I still want to write this, but ideas are hard to come by when I’m ill.  Does any of that make sense?}

Audrey Hepburn - I love books, tea, and sitting on the floor. Also grace, elegance, and style.:

What am I doing right now?

Well, I just finished making some banana bread with my little brothers.  It promises to be delicious, but I probably won’t have any because it’s fattening and I’m not feeling the greatest and bananas are my least favorite fruit.  Now I’m trying to decide what to make for supper (I’ve almost – but not quite – taken over supper prep each evening).  And, of course, I’m writing this blog post.


I started reading Sense & Sensibility today because it’s been far too long since I read any of Jane Austen’s novels.  I’m on chapter ten so far and it’s SPLENDID.  I’d forgotten what a great writer she is and how much I love so many of her characters.  I think I’ll read through all six of her books over the next few weeks.  They would definitely be on my list of ‘books I’d take with me if I had to flee the country’, something that I’ve actually been thinking about a lot lately (not that I think I’ll have to flee the country, but it’s interesting to contemplate).  Besides Jane Austen’s books, I’d take Gone With The Wind, as many Jack Cavanaugh books as I could, the Hunger Games trilogy, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Unbroken.  And any others that would fit.  Plus my Bible, because…well, duh.


Posts I want to write in the near future: ‘My Top 15 Favorite Monk Episodes’, ‘My Top Ten Favorite OTPs’, ‘Fanfiction: My Opinion’, some post about how my writing is going, and I need to get working on my post for the Favorite TV Show Episode Blogathon.  Do any of those ideas sound interesting?


My mind has gone blank again.


Oh, I suppose I could do a list of some of my favorite things.  That always inspires me.  Soooo…getting a bunch of new books from the library, humming Christmas songs because it’s a winter wonderland outdoors, Audrey Hepburn, when plot ideas come together, smiles, lots and lots of chocolate, weddings, glorious music, the fact that I have so many things to put on this list, fabulousness, Jack Cavanaugh’s books, Jane Austen’s elegant writing, when I hit all the right notes in a difficult song, shipping (romantic AND platonic), ALL my favorite fictional characters, and basically everything else.  It’s a lovely world.


Signing off, getting ready to publish this rather sorry excuse for a bona fide blog post…

Sometimes it helps to get my thoughts out there, which this post did, so I suppose it wasn’t entirely a wasted effort.

Until next time.


*muffled squeals*

[*short bursts of static*]


[“We interrupt our regular programming to bring you some more-intense-than-usual fangirling.  Regular blog posts will commence on Wednesday.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Thank you.”]


I officially love the Superbowl.

Not because IT’S FOOTBALL TIME EVERYONE GO CRAZY but because cool trailers for movies I can’t wait to see usually air during said event and I am so, so hyper right now because of it.  I mean, it isn’t every day that you get a new, insanely epic TV spot for Captain America: Civil War AND a TV spot for Jason Bourne (the movie).  I didn’t even know JB was a thing until about two minutes ago (I’d heard that Matt Damon was coming back for a fifth movie, but I didn’t know when) and since I’m a confirmed fan (after watching the four other movies), seeing the new spot was just…wow.

Anyway, here are both trailers/spots with a few (hah) thoughts on each.

CAN. YOU. NOT.  I know judging a movie from its trailer doesn’t always work, but Marvel has a history of great movies so I think it’s safe to get all excited over this one.  More Bucky!  More Steve!  More Hawkeye! (Who I’ve yet to see in any Marvel film.)  I loooove the shots of the two opposing sides (Team Cap all the way) and basically any clip with Bucky. *snifffff*  I can’t wait to see Sebastian Stan bring yet another layer of depth to the character (though I know it’ll be heartbreaking) and see him and Steve fighting together again, just like… *collapses into a puddle of feels* …OLD TIMES.  Gahhhhh.  I’m not going to survive. (But Steve has to, ’cause he’s slated for the third Avengers movie.  So thank goodness for that.)

And then…

*watches spot again because AWESOMENESS*

OKAY.  I’ll try to calm down.  First of all: “You know…his name.”  Yes, yes, YES.  Love it.  AND ALSO HOW THE MUSIC GOES WHEN TLJ SAYS “That’s Jason Bourne”. *freaks out*  Nicky’s going to be in this one!  Yay!  It all looks so intense and actiony, which is what a Bourne movie should be like, of course.  But whyyyyy do they still have that awful passport photo floating around?  It looks nothing like him now.  I can’t wait to see Tommy Lee Jones’ character and Jason butt heads because I’m pretty much positive that TLJ will be playing the Big Bad. *rubs hands together in anticipation*  Honestly, I think I’m more excited for this movie than Civil War. (Sacrilege, I know.)


Both movies are going to AMAZING.