*muffled squeals*

[*short bursts of static*]


[“We interrupt our regular programming to bring you some more-intense-than-usual fangirling.  Regular blog posts will commence on Wednesday.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Thank you.”]


I officially love the Superbowl.

Not because IT’S FOOTBALL TIME EVERYONE GO CRAZY but because cool trailers for movies I can’t wait to see usually air during said event and I am so, so hyper right now because of it.  I mean, it isn’t every day that you get a new, insanely epic TV spot for Captain America: Civil War AND a TV spot for Jason Bourne (the movie).  I didn’t even know JB was a thing until about two minutes ago (I’d heard that Matt Damon was coming back for a fifth movie, but I didn’t know when) and since I’m a confirmed fan (after watching the four other movies), seeing the new spot was just…wow.

Anyway, here are both trailers/spots with a few (hah) thoughts on each.

CAN. YOU. NOT.  I know judging a movie from its trailer doesn’t always work, but Marvel has a history of great movies so I think it’s safe to get all excited over this one.  More Bucky!  More Steve!  More Hawkeye! (Who I’ve yet to see in any Marvel film.)  I loooove the shots of the two opposing sides (Team Cap all the way) and basically any clip with Bucky. *snifffff*  I can’t wait to see Sebastian Stan bring yet another layer of depth to the character (though I know it’ll be heartbreaking) and see him and Steve fighting together again, just like… *collapses into a puddle of feels* …OLD TIMES.  Gahhhhh.  I’m not going to survive. (But Steve has to, ’cause he’s slated for the third Avengers movie.  So thank goodness for that.)

And then…

*watches spot again because AWESOMENESS*

OKAY.  I’ll try to calm down.  First of all: “You know…his name.”  Yes, yes, YES.  Love it.  AND ALSO HOW THE MUSIC GOES WHEN TLJ SAYS “That’s Jason Bourne”. *freaks out*  Nicky’s going to be in this one!  Yay!  It all looks so intense and actiony, which is what a Bourne movie should be like, of course.  But whyyyyy do they still have that awful passport photo floating around?  It looks nothing like him now.  I can’t wait to see Tommy Lee Jones’ character and Jason butt heads because I’m pretty much positive that TLJ will be playing the Big Bad. *rubs hands together in anticipation*  Honestly, I think I’m more excited for this movie than Civil War. (Sacrilege, I know.)


Both movies are going to AMAZING.



14 thoughts on “*muffled squeals*


    That Civil War trailer though… dang. Everything killed me. Esp. when Bucky shot the gun at Tony’s hand and Tony could’ve flipped it around to shoot Bucky but he didn’t and I just have so many feelings. And oh my gosh, Bucky looks hecka fine in that red shirt. JUST SAYIN’.

    I knew what the trailer was the SECOND it started, and then those opening notes of the theme and I DIED, MAN. Remembering everything versus knowing everything – AWW YISS. AND THAT CAR JUST SMASHING THROUGH ALL OF THE STOPPED TRAFFIC – YESSSSSS. I’m so ready for him to meet up with Aaron Cross and for them to fight bad guys together (even though I know it won’t happen in that movie). BRING. IT. ON. BUT HOW CAN YOU BE MORE EXCITED FOR JB THAN CW?! HOW. DARE. YOU?!


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      • (I like the name David better than the name Jason. But for sake of continuity, they probably won’t call him that. In the books, he resumes that name and identity, but then has to go back to being Jason Bourne for various reasons.)


      • Which I LOVE. Elisabeth and I are planning to do a marathon one of these days with the first three (I don’t like the fourth one). She hasn’t seen the third one, but I keep telling her that the ending is the coolest thing ever (it is) so now she really wants to see it. And once I re-watch all of them, I think I’ll do mini-reviews for each.


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