thirty more favorite movies

After I posted my list of top thirty favorite movies, I realized that there were other films that I liked just as much as the ones I’d mentioned (Schindler’s List, for one – that deserves to be in the top thirty) so I figured that it would be good idea to make up another one of these posts.  Wasn’t sure if I’d find thirty more movies that I love, but here it is.  Let me know what titles are your favorites, too, ‘kay?

(In no order, because trying to rank all of these would give me a headache.)

// Back to the Future //

// Schindler’s List //

Ben Kingsley and Liam Neeson in "Schindler's List", 1993:

// The Bourne Identity //

// The Bourne Supremacy //

// The Bourne Ultimatum //

// Hell is for Heroes //

// It’s A Wonderful Life //

// Mr. Smith Goes to Washington //

// A Fistful of Dollars //

// Exodus //

// Newsies //

// Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark //

// Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull //

// Age of Adaline //

// Mary Poppins //

// The Sound of Music //

// The Happiest Millionaire //

// To Catch a Thief //

// Dial ‘M’ for Murder //

// The Treasure of the Sierra Madre //

// Captain America: The Winter Soldier //

// The Monuments Men //

// Cinderella //

// Notorious //

// The Manchurian Candidate //

// Unbroken //

// Les Misérables //

// A Walk in the Sun //

// Charade //

// The Fugitive //


P.S. I changed my blog design.  Again.  Love it?  Hate it?  Somewhere in between?

27 thoughts on “thirty more favorite movies

  1. Sorry, I know I’m super late for commenting on this post, but I only found it today, and as I recognized quite a few of these movies I just had to comment, late or not. 😛

    THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE! Oh! I LOVE that movie. It’s one of my very favorites! And Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, It’s a Wonderful Life, Cinderella!! Ahhh! So many good ones. Also, I just watched Charade for the first time this past year, and really enjoyed it. Up until that point I didn’t like Cary Grant very much, but now I’m inclined to think better of him as I really liked his character in that movie.

    Oh, and there were some really good movies on your first list, too. I’ve seen quite a few of them. To Kill a Mockingbird, Saving Mr. Banks, Robin Hood (I grew up on that one!), Little Women, White Christmas, The Glenn Miller Story, Singin’ in the Rain, High Noon…

    Very fun post, Eva. I might have to do a list of my favorite movies sometime. You’ve inspired me. 😀

    ~Miss March


      1. Thanks. It’s going on my list of future posts. 🙂 (Oh, and sorry I forgot to leave a link to my blog with my last comment. This was the first time I ever commented on a wordpress blog so I wasn’t quite sure how it worked. ;))


  2. I should probably watch Schindler’s List…
    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is epic and wonderful and inspiring and so much yes!!!
    Newsies 😀
    I love Mary Poppins so much. I haven’t seen it in so long though!
    And the Sound of Music is glorious!
    The Happiest Millionaire is one of my family’s favorites. We watched like three times in a week once…
    I love Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief
    I started to watch Notorious, but I never really got into it. I’ll try it again!
    And Charade!
    I loved this list!


    1. WARNING: Schindler’s List will rip your heart out and NOT give it back again. It’s been weeks since I watched it and just thinking about certain scenes still makes me cry (literally). It’s really heavy and intense and I watched it with a filter that took out the language and nudity. (Don’t know if you’ll do the same, but trust me, even without that stuff, it’s probably the hardest movie I’ve ever watched.)

      Notorious is pretty much perfect (and my favorite Hitchcock) and the only film that I truly like Cary Grant in. Even though he doesn’t play a particularly likeable character for most of it.


  3. Love this header!

    I’ve seen most of these. The Fugitive is my 2nd favorite movie of all time ❤ ❤ ❤

    I should re-do my list of top favorite movies, not genre-by-genre but just across all of them. I did one years ago, but I'm sure it's quite different now.


      1. Ah. I thought it might be that, but I couldn’t remember the title and I wasn’t sure anyway so…just thought I’d ask.


  4. Bourne movies… awesome series! We don’t even celebrate christmas any more, but It’s a Wonderful Life is still one of my favorite movies! Mr Smith goes to Washington is a great classic! Age of Adeline, I don’t even know how to express how much I love this movie! Same with Mary Poppins, it’s probably in my top five favorite movies. The Sound of Music is just the best! The Monument’s Men was such a wonderful, touching and terrificly acted movie! You can’t go wrong with the live action Cinderella. The Manchurian Candidate… that was an interesting one but I liked it a lot. I must say though, on your list, one I really don’t like is The Treasure of Sierra Madre. I usually like Humphrey a lot, but this is one of my least favorites of his.
    About your new design! I love, love, love, love the background! It’s sooo beautiful, and simplicit, just lovely! Since it’s that way, though, you could really do something colorful with your header. Although all the pictures are wonderful, but them all being black and white with the same filter over all of them makes them less exciting. That’s just my opinion though, this is still one of my favorite blogs! 😛
    Speaking of blogs, I recently started a blog. I’ve had no traffic yet, but I really want to get tit going. I was wondering, if you like it, if you would share with me any tips, tell people about it, and maybe tag me in the next ‘tagged’ thing you do. I’ve been coming to your blog a lot and I like a lot of the same things you do. I’d love for you to help me out. 🙂


    1. Looks like we enjoy a lot of the same movies, and I like the look of your blog as well. I don’t do tags often, and I hardly ever tag specific people, but if you were to do a tag from my blog and link back to my post, your link would show up in the comment section of my blog – and my readers would see it and probably go read YOUR post. Does that all make sense? (Forgive me if it doesn’t. :P)


      1. Thanks for looking at it. What did you think? Yes, I think that makes sense. So is it bad blog etiquette to do a tag that I haven’t been tagged in?


  5. Love it 🙂

    Ahhhhh, Cinderella!! Gorgeous, gorgeous movie. 🙂 And Captain America. He’s just plain awesome. 😀


  6. Cinderella 2015!!!!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE.

    I so need to watch the Bourne movies. They look amazing.


  7. Your headers are always so lovely – I LOVE THIS ONE. All the BOOKS. (The picture of Gregory Peck reading is my FAVE. :-D)

    There are sooo many movies on here that I haven’t heard of… but I love Cinderella. 😀 (And since you say it’s good, now I want to watch Age of Adaline too – it looks good. :-))

    Have you seen To Kill a Mockingbird? Do you like it? (It might have been on your top 30 movies list… I should go and see. :-D)

    ~ Naomi


    1. Gregory Peck is amazing. End of story. I really want to watch TKAM again (yes, it was on my first ‘top thirty’ post) because I just finished reading the book…even though I know it will break my heart. 😦

      A cautionary note: a huge part of my liking for AoA stems from the fact that Harrison Ford is in it. And since I don’t thiiiink you’ve seen him in anything, I have no idea whether or not you’ll dig AoA as much as I do. Just thought I’d put that out there. 🙂



        *calms down*

        Ha, oh, I see. 🙂 I think I’d still like it, though. The costumes look gorgeous. 😀 (And her HAIR.)


      2. GAHHHHH. I’m in the middle of Go Set A Watchman and the feels are so bad because it’s like the perfect world of Maycomb and all these perfect, loveable, amazing characters are crashing down around Scout’s ears. (And, by extension, the readers’.) *sob*

        Oh, yes, you should watch it for the costumes – it’s quite a pretty movie, overall. 🙂


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