i’ve got nothing

Sorry, guys.  I just can’t think of anything to write about.  Ever since I got sick about a month ago, I’ve had about zero motivation/inspiration to do or write anything and even though I’m feeling okay now, I can’t shake off this apathy that’s gripped me.  Not even enough to write an interesting post about how I can’t write a blog post.  There are quite a few good suggestions awaiting me in the comments on that post where I asked for ideas, but I don’t feel any drive to make something of them.  And as for creative writing…forget it.

I guess I’m writing this to let you all know why there haven’t been any new posts for a few days (and why I haven’t answered the emails that continue to pile up in my inbox).  I can’t seem to get interested in anything these days (the fact that all the books I’ve read lately have been bland and mostly boring doesn’t help).  So just bear with me, okay?  I’m hoping to find inspiration soon, but in the meantime, I doubt I’ll be around much.



13 thoughts on “i’ve got nothing

  1. Awww, Eva, I’m sorry! That sounds tough–but don’t worry, we all understand! And I’m SURE you’ll get your “writing inspiration” back pretty soon.

    If you want something really cool to read . . . I know you like Louis L’Amour, so have you ever tried “To Tame A Land”? If you haven’t, you MUST–it’s an amazing novel and I was completely blown away by it. No kidding. I really do think you would get a lot out of it 🙂

    You can also try re-watching some of your favorite Disney movies–I think that would help, don’t you?


    • Disney ALWAYS helps, doesn’t it? 😉

      I feel like I’m getting better, and I’ll see if I can find that book anywhere – I googled it and it does look amazing! My library might have it…


  2. Aww, I know how you feel. After I finally recovered from the flu I had no motivation either! And I had to work on my business so it was really tough. 😛 I hope you get your motivation and inspiration back soon. 🙂


  3. A little late, but… it’s okay. It seems incredibly cliche to say that everybody goes through inspiration droughts but it’s true because EVERYONE DOES. I had a really rough week last week, too (not an inspiration drought, just like one of those crying-every-other-hour weeks), so I get it. Blaming it on the pollen. 😉 I know you’ve already written a post – go you! – but if you want to take a step back to release pressure from yourself, I’d totally recommend that. Get one of those adult coloring books and some headphones and some good music and run away for a few hours (or until you feel better).

    And, as always, I’m here if you want to rant. As long as it’s okay if I rant right back. 😉


    • Thank you so much for this comment. 🙂 It really encouraged me. I’ve been looking into getting one of those adult coloring books, since my mom was recently given one – they look fun and relaxing (two things that I seem to need an awful lot these days). My grandparents sometime go on mini-vacations each month, leaving their downstairs apartment empty (except for their cat) so it’s great to escape down there when I need to. That, and my laptop, are my retreats.

      And you don’t know how good it is to know there’s someone to rant to if needed. 🙂


      • You’re welcome. 🙂 They’re SO much fun. I have two, and I like to color them on the floor while listening to music. Oh that’s awesome!


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