little things {#12}


It’s been far too long since I did one of these little posts, especially since I find myself obsessing more and more over the big things in my life, things that sometimes tend to overshadow all of the simple, little delights that one can always find peeking around the corner.  And it was all contributing to my lack of motivation and joy and happiness in general.  All I really need is Jesus + family + food + books.  Everything else is negotiable…but I do still love the negotiable things.  So here’s a list of a few that will always brighten up my day.


~Irish accents

~my grandparents

~brainstorming new blog header ideas (suggestions?)

~warm hugs

~the stability of a routine, but also…

~trying new things

~iced tea and ice water and lemonade

~family photos

~this girl’s pins

~encouragement from friends


~Harrison Ford’s grin

~nostalgic thoughts

~unexpected letters in the mail

~blazingly bright sunsets (and sunrises)

~rainbow sprinkles


~baking all sorts of things


~the wonderfulness of this large and bright and lovely world




11 thoughts on “little things {#12}

  1. You’re so right, Eva–the little things in life ARE the most important. Don’t stress too much about everything else–although, believe me, I know how you feel, ’cause these past few months I’ve been stressing a LOT about grad school.

    Everything really will be okay. Just do your best and trust in God, and I’ll work on doing the same 🙂



  2. Harrison Ford! I just saw him in a Virginian show this week as a cowboy-bad guy. It was one of his first credited roles I think, he was young: just 24. The episode was The Modoc Kid (1966). Still made the same expressions as he did later on…

    Fun list!


    • I heard about his being on a couple episodes of The Virginian, so I looked those episodes up on Youtube. Very fun to see him at such a (relatively) young age, but I admit that I like Harrison Ford’s later performances better as he really matured and improved as an actor. 🙂


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