a tour of my {and my sisters’} two rooms

When my family first came to look at the house, I wasn’t too impressed by the rooms my sisters and I were getting because the previous owners used them for exercise rooms and, overall, they looked tiny and cramped.  But once we moved in, got all the furniture arranged the way we wanted it, put up our posters, and organized all our books…well, it looked like home.  And it still does.  I LOVE THESE ROOMS.  And since Elisabeth, Rebekah, and I thoroughly cleaned and organized the place yesterday, I decided that a photo tour was in order.  So, here are our rooms!

The first room is our bedroom (it’s hard to get a shot of the entire room because of how the doorways are set up – the angles are weird, plus I don’t think the camera was on the right setting).  It’s a trundle bed, so I get the top and Elisabeth and Rebekah share the bottom (their bed isn’t made in this picture because I took this one before we’d tidied everything).  The bed is big and this room is the smaller of the two, so it takes over pretty much all of it.

And that’s another shot, showing off the lovely little lamp my aunt gave me for a birthday present and the little space under the stairs that we all thought was going to be a super cool place to hide in during hide-and-seek but just ended up being stuffed with old blankets and boxes of baby clothes.  Oh, well…

BEST PART OF EITHER ROOM.  Am I right???  For a while, I thought I was running out of shelf space, but then I moved some things around (all my DVDs went into the next room, for one) and now I’ve got a whole shelf to fill up.  Awesome.  I guess I’ll just go through both shelves really quick and tell you about the different categories (sort of like a cheap bookshelf tour).  Shelf on the left, from top to bottom: random non-fiction, kids’ books that I love, teen/dystopian books, Christian fiction (mostly JACK CAVANAUGH), WWII fiction, WWI & WWII non-fiction (which I’ve tried to arrange in chronological order – so, for instance, The Longest Day comes before A Bridge Too Far), biographies, and movie-related books.  Shelf on the right, top to bottom: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, Louisa May Alcott (why do I have so many of her books when I still can’t forgive her for Jo’s Boys?), random classics (+three books about To Kill a Mockingbird), Lucy Maud Montgomery, Westerns, and Alistair MacClean.  I’m so proud of my book collection. *hugs every book* (Let me know if you spot any favorites on these shelves!)

(Since writing the above, I’ve added four new books to my collection.  Figures.)

Moving into the next room, we have my dresser, the dresser my sisters’ share, and Rebekah’s bookshelf. (Oh, you didn’t see it in the last photo, but Elisabeth has the bottom two shelves on each of my bookshelves – so, four altogether.  She has quite a nice collection of books, too.)  My dresser has school books on top (college courses I’m taking) and my TYPEWRITER, aka My Pride & Joy, aka I-really-should-give-it-a-name.  Elisabeth/Rebekah’s dresser is right beside mine and the dark and light blue goes well with the colours in the room.  And by the way, Rebekah’s bookshelf isn’t right beside our dressers – it’s on a different wall, but I put it in the collage to save this post from being too long.

My DVD collection! (The weird dangly things are cords to turn the lamp/fan off and on.)  I’m almost as proud of my DVDs as I am of my books because there are so many movies/TV shows here that I love. (Sorry that the lighting is so atrocious – the flash setting wouldn’t turn off.)  I have a huge collection of WWII movies and TV shows (and one WWI movie – War Horse), then there’s Westerns, random classic films in any genre, and then modern films.  Oh, and my meager collection of CDs to the left. (Also, did you notice the Captain America mug?)

My little writing space that I love and adore with all my heart.  The desk is beautiful, for one, and Hymie works perfectly ever since I installed anti-virus software (always a must) and switched from Firefox to Internet Explorer (which kept freezing).  The reason my desktop background is that generic picture of a flower instead of some movie screenshot or something is because a guy came to our house to check every computer for viruses (Hymie was clean) and I had a picture of Tom Cruise for my background and I didn’t want the technician to think that I was some weird groupie, so I changed it.  And I’ve been too lazy to switch it back. (True story.)  Anyway, I love this space because I’m surrounded by notebooks and pens and pretty coffee mugs and it’s literally perfect. *siiiiigh*

Go away, weird dangly things!

The posters tacked up above my writing space.  My inner fangirl goes nuts whenever I even glance at the Cap one (goodness, The Winter Soldier seems like ages ago, especially with everyone gearing up for Civil War – #nostalgia) and the Lego one is fun.  It came in a boxed set of Brick Fairytales and Brick Greek Myths (I also have Brick Shakespeare: The Comedies and am hoping to get The Tragedies as well.)  But, I mean, CAPTAIN AMERICA. Is. The. Best.  Wayyyyy better than Legos, in my opinion (though my brothers would probably disagree.)

My and Elisabeth’s closet.  I used to have a smaller closet all to myself (while Elisabeth and Rebekah shared this one) but since Rebekah has an overflow of clothes – though she’s the youngest – we let her have her own closet and I like the new arrangement better.  I wasn’t able to get a really good photo, but this closet is large and roomy, with a wide shelf over the clothes.  Very handy for storing practically anything. (I didn’t get a picture of Rebekah’s closet because she was still organizing it.)  In our old room, we didn’t even have a closet (maybe because we lived in the basement apartment?) and we had to hang our clothes on racks, so we all doubly appreciate these.

And pictured here are my hope chest (and a great leather briefcase that my dad bought for me – I use it for everything) and a rag rug that my mom made for our floor.  Both add a lovely, old-fashioned charm to our second room, so that’s wonderful. (She also made curtains for our windows, but I didn’t get a photo of those.)  For the longest time (up until a couple days ago, really) my hope chest was surrounded by boxes in another part of the house, but Elisabeth and I decided that it would fit in our room so we dragged it in here.  Now our rooms are pretty much perfect.

Well, that’s about it. 🙂  I wasn’t able to get a picture of every single thing (for instance, we have a window in each room) but, overall, I think I did a pretty good job of covering the important bits.  Hope you enjoyed it – let me know in the comments!



13 thoughts on “a tour of my {and my sisters’} two rooms

  1. That Cap poster, though. I remember when we got ours. *sigh* Good times. Mine’s still rolled up in a corner because I could never figure out where to put it. We’re moving this year and I’ll have PLENTY of places to put it in my brand new room. *dances* So much fun to see your room! I’ll have to do a room tour when we move…


  2. What a beautiful room! You guys have everything arranged so perfectly–be proud of yourselves! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the photos with us–I really enjoyed seeing them.

    THAT CAP POSTER, THOUGH. ‘Nuff said.


  3. AHh, I requested this post awhile back, didn’t I? And now it’s here and I loved it. (Having a peek into other people’s room(s) is my favourite thing.)

    (And you’re right. The books were the best part. I’m jealous of your large bookshelves.)
    (But do you know what I’m more envious of? YOUR TYPEWRITER. Give that. 😛 It’s BEAUTIFUL AND I NEED ONE.)

    ~ Naomi


  4. You have a hope chest? That’s so awesome! I didn’t exactly have a hope chest, but I did have this big wooden toy chest that I got when I was 3 years old that eventually I stored up some afghans and blankets in until I got married, so it was sort of a hope chest. Now it’s back to being a toy chest.

    I love those Brick books! I have the Shakespeare Tragedies one (of course), but I really want the Comedies and the Fairy Tales.

    We have that same edition of The Longest Day. It looks like you might have the same edition of The Monuments Men as the one I just bought, too. I love seeing the Combat! Chronicles there ❤ And I have that same Paul Creswick book about Robin Hood, though I haven't read it yet. Have you read Contested Will yet? How is it? It’s been on my TBR list for ages.

    What’s in that “Literary Romance” DVD collection?

    I love seeing other peoples’ bookshelves and movie shelves! I should do a tour of a room in my house like this some time. I kind of did one of all our bookshelves a while ago, I guess. Sometimes I’m embarrassed by how many movies I own (but not by how many books I own, go figure), so maybe some day I’ll just share pics of those shelves with you privately, lol.

    You need to name your typewriter, though. Poor thing is going to get a complex. What about Judy? No idea why, but it kind of looks like a Judy to me.


    • Yep! Mom and Dad have said that they’ll give each girl a hope chest when they turn thirteen (less than a year to go for Elisabeth) though I don’t know where they’re all going to fit. 🙂 I don’t have a lot in mine right now (and what I do have is more nostalgic stuff than things that will actually be useful when I get my own apartment) but I plan to make several things for it over the next several months (or years).

      My copy of TMM is soft-bound with a movie poster cover (MATT DAMON, FOR THE WIN). I have yet to read the full thing, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far (and I was relieved that the book wasn’t full of bad words like so many other WWII books are). Nope, I haven’t read Contested Will yet – saw it in a thrift store and thought it looked interesting, so I picked it up. I have loads of books on those shelves that I haven’t read yet. 😛

      Literary Romance: Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary, Pride & Prejudice, and Little Women. All 30s and 40s movies, with LW being the Peter Lawford version.

      Oh, I’d love to see pictures of your bookshelves (and don’t worry – I wouldn’t judge your abundance of books OR movies). 🙂

      I think I’ll have to wait until a name jumps out at me. Like ‘Emma’ for my Kindle or ‘Hymie’ for my laptop. 🙂


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