“He’s not crying. He’s laughing on the wrong side of his face.”



Clue as to why: I watched the Season 2 finale of their Robin Hood series last night.

First of all, how dare you, BBC?

Secondly…HOW. DARE. YOU.

I’m thinking out some posts about the show at the moment (because I do love it, despite my frustration at certain parts), things like a review of each season (like I did for Combat!) and a list of stuff/characters I love and all that jazz, but for right now, I need to rant.  I really do.

OKAY.  Rant time.  In the first place, I hate BBC for creating all these bright, brilliant, beautiful and then sending them on their merry way toward doom, destruction, and depression.  WHY?  It tears me up inside – not to mention the characters.  There’s Will and Djaq declaring their love for each other, thinking they only have a few hours left to live.  (In fact, they ALL think they only have a few hours left to live which makes everything emotional and awful.  And it doesn’t help that all these wonderful characters are played by amazing actors.)  Or just…I don’t know!  Everything about this show is tinged with sadness, basically!

And then once they do get to the Holy Land, Will and Djaq STAY BEHIND.  Which they totally wouldn’t have done, in my opinion.  And Marian dies which is awful and terrible and I’m tearing up just thinking about it.  Stupid BBC.  I cannot get over these feels.  I’ll never get over them.  AND CARTER DIES.  Carter, who wasted so much of his life eaten up with hatred and the need for revenge and finally got over it and went back to serve the king, but instead gets killed by the sheriff and he doesn’t even get a death scene!  Everyone else gets a death scene (or at least you see the characters grieving for them, like when Tom died).  But not Carter.

Everything about the finale is terrible, and Season 3 (which I started today) does nothing to fix that, what with the entrance of Kate (UGH) and that horrid first episode where Robin yells at everyone and accuses Allan of being a traitor again (which reminded me of Allan’s death and made me cry) and nothing feels right.  Not with Marian and Will (my favorite character!) and Djaq gone.  The gang is broken up and Kate and Tuck certainly can’t make that right.


Don’t mind me.  I’m just ranting and probably not making much sense either.  Sorry.

If you’ve seen this show, let’s cry together.  If you haven’t, DON’T EVER WATCH IT.



17 thoughts on ““He’s not crying. He’s laughing on the wrong side of his face.”

  1. I have not seen this show. But . . . I have Heard Things about it. And I feel your pain, girl. I really do.

    It seems sort of Downton-Abbey-like, actually . . . I mean, kind of like Matthew Crawley dying in a car crash the VERY DAY his son is born. I mean, like SERIOUSLY. WHO EVEN DOES THAT????????? It’s pointless tragedy, and I do not approve.


    • To be perfectly honest, I never connected with any of Downton Abbey’s character, so I didn’t actually cry at any part. 😛 But the deaths were still awful. (Especially Matthew and Sybil’s.) So I feel your pain as well.


      • I have never actually watched Downton Abbey either . . . so I can’t claim to emotionally connect with the characters, either. I just object to the pointless tragedy on principle. 🙂


  2. Just you wait – the feels only get worse as Season 3 goes on! I cried (and continue to) so many tears toward the end.

    Season 2 remains my favorite out of all 3. Robin shows a little bit more of his caring, funny self. Will shall ALWAYS be my favorite, right after Marian.


    • We ended up watching the entire show in less than a week, my siblings and I. The only episodes I like in Season 3 – at least, the only ones that feel like the show I know and love – are the last three. And I think that’s because the writers got back to focusing on the characters and their relationships with each other. And that’s what I like the most.


  3. I adore this show SO much and yet it hurts so much to watch it! I was actually depressed when I finished watching season 2 for the first time!

    As for season 3….ugh. There so many thing wrong with that season…

    -hands you tissues- I’m sorry for how BBC breaks our hearts. It’s really not fair, is it? 😦


  4. *sobs*

    I have seen this entire show on Youtube and IT MAKES ME SO MAD. Don’t ever watch this, anybody. You get so attached to the characters, and then have to watch as BBC proceeds to tear your heart out with cruel plot twists and horrible accuracy. THEY KNOW JUST WHAT NOT TO DO. And the problem with the show is that they then GO AND DO IT.

    Will and Djaq never would have stayed in the Holy Land – that’s totally disregarding the history they have with Robin and the passion they had for what they were fighting for! How can they abandon that?? And then Carter not getting a death scene, and then MARIAN DIES. I have absolutely no words for that one. Cruel, cruel BBC.

    And I feel you about Season 3. Kate and Tuck can’t replace the old gang thing they had going! I really hate how they made Robin so consumed with bitterness that he turns on everybody especially Alan. IT’S SO NOT FAIR.

    I could rant forever. But I think I’d die of the feels, so . . . *signing off now*


    • I think the biggest reason for my dislike of Season 3 – and I was just talking about this with Elisabeth – is that the episodes tend to focus more on the story than the characters. The later episodes, particularly the last three, are my favorites because they revolve around the characters. Even if they (the episodes) are incredibly sad.


      • That makes sense. I’ve only seen the eps DKoren has cherry-picked for us to watch together, so my sense of the show as a whole is really skewed. I know a lot of what happens, but not exactly how, for instance.


      • I don’t like watching random episodes of the show because the story arcs, especially in Season 2, are closely knit together so watching episodes out of order makes me weirdly uncomfortable.


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