five good reasons to watch ‘psych’

Every time I think I’ve read all the good books in the world, a book like The Outsiders come along.  Every time I think I’ve watched all the good movies in the world, a movie like Treasure Planet comes along.  And every time I think I’ve obsessed over every good TV show in the world, a show like Psych comes along.

For some inexplicable reason, my grandparents only owned the fifth season (there are eight) when I first became aware of the show so my siblings and I started watching in the middle of some plot lines and character arcs that I wish we’d been able to see from the beginning, but c’est la vie.  Anyway, the first few episodes were funny (hilarious, actually) and the mysteries were pretty interesting, but the show hadn’t really grabbed me yet.  I have a problem with shows that are purely comedy in that the characters are usually slight caricatures and there isn’t really anything serious about them that I can grab onto and really love.  However.  We were on the seventh or eighth episode (I forget exactly which one) and as the seriously awesome intro was playing, it suddenly hit me that “I LOVE THIS SHOW AND THESE CHARACTERS SO MUCH”.  Which I actually kinda sorta shouted out loud.  My siblings thought I was crazy.

So, yeah, I’m obsessed, and they’re obsessed, and it’s so much fun.  And here are five reasons why YOU need to be watching Psych right now.

(Before we jump in, though, I have to say – as a disclaimer – that I haven’t seen every episode, so I can’t fully endorse the show.  And of the episodes I have seen, there have been several with mild-to-medium adult content, innuendo, disturbing/frightening scenes, and plenty of language.  If you haven’t seen the show yet and you’d like a bit more detail on the language or whatever and what episodes I wouldn’t recommend watching with little kids, just send me an email.)

On to the list!

#1 – It’s funny.

Keep telling yourself that, Shawn, because I'm going to keep watching this gif

And I don’t mean that lightly.  It’s funny and crazy and wacky and full-out ‘laugh until your sides ache’ hilarious.  It takes a lot to make me really, truly laugh (Get Smart is another one of the rare shows that can, by the way) but, I mean, I’m literally cracking up right now just thinking of some of the one-liners and scenes.  The writers must have had an insanely fun time writing the episodes because I think they were able to take whatever random, silly idea came into their heads and run with it.  Honestly, just watch this show for the laughs. (Sight gags, slapstick, and zingy dialogue all rolled into one.)

#2 – The characters.

Shawn, Gus, Lassiter, Juliet, the Chief, Shawn’s Dad, Buzz…all unique, all memorable, and all incredibly well fleshed-out as characters (since they had eight years to do so).  Unlike in Monk (which I still love), where pretty much all the focus is on Monk, who never changes, the subtle character development in Psych is phenomenal.  Yes, the show is mostly about the murder mysteries and humor and all that, but no character is the same in Season 8 as they were in Season 1.  Shawn and Gus’ friendship alone makes Psych a show worth watching (especially if you love ‘best buddies since kindergarten’ friendships) but, goodness, what all the characters go through, how they change and mature (Shawn, I’m looking at you)…I love character growth so much!  And there’s probably even more than what I’m remembering because I haven’t seen all the episodes and my siblings and I tend to skip around the seasons a lot.

#3 – The ship.

First meeting… ❤

SHIPSHIPSHIP. *alllllll the heart-eyes*  Shawn and Juliet, aka one of the most adorable couples to ever grace the television screen, even though they take eight seasons to finally, truly get together.  Which I don’t really mind because I think Shawn had a lot of growing up to do before he was ready for a serious relationship.  Plus, there was that bump in the road to wedded bliss when (spoilers!) Juliet found out that Shawn wasn’t really psychic.  But they are so incredibly sweet together (and their relationship does progress instead of always being at the ‘awkward flirting’ level), which I love.  As one of my friends said, TV show ships are so much more satisfying than movie ships because the couple gets more time together. (Just like book versus series, I suppose.)  And in the case of Shules (don’t you love ship names?), I heartily agree.

#4 – The guest stars.

I’d say that Psych is the modern Combat! when it comes to prolific actors/actresses getting guest star roles.  Like, for instance, Ponyboy and Johnny!  Ahem.  I meeeean C. Thomas Howell (who plays a jerk, but I don’t care, ’cause it’s PONYBOY) and Ralph Macchio (who appears in two episodes and one of them has all kinds of references to The Karate Kid and it’s great).  And Christopher Lloyd, whose character actually says “Great Scott!” (I know, I know…it’s too awesome) and Lesley Ann Warren and Franka Potente (playing a very Bourne-ish role) and John Rhys-Davies (he guest stars in the Indiana Jones parody episode) and a bunch of other famous names and guest stars we’ve also seen on Monk.  Pretty cool. (Who am I kidding?  It’s seriously cool.) (EDIT: William Shatner also guest stars as Juliet’s Dad.  Forgot about him, perhaps because I’m not a Trekkie.)

#5 – The episodes.

Well, duh, of course the episodes.  They make up the show.  But what I mean is…what the writers do with the episodes.  Tons of movie parodies, for one (most of them for movies I haven’t seen, but I don’t care).  Like a parody of the Indiana Jones films (complete with ‘plane moving over map as red highlighter charts the hero’s course’ thing).  The Shining.  Friday the 13th.  Clue.  American Idol. (Not a movie, technically, but still.)  Twin Peaks. (Again, not a movie, but STILL.)  National Treasure.  Hitchcock films.  Bollywood movies.  Spanish soap operas.  It’s A Wonderful Life.  They even have a musical episode.  Just let that sink in for a minute.  A special, hour and a half episode with over ten original songs and a killer plot.  What.  Oh, and they also remade one of their own episodes.  Plus, there’s tons of 80s’ pop culture references throughout the whole show – mostly movies.  Like Back to the Future.  And The Karate Kid. (Shawn: *valiantly tries to replicate the Crane Kick in a life-or-death struggle* “If I execute this properly…no. can. defend.” *guy punches him through the wall*)

So, do you want to watch Psych now?  I hope so!  Have you already seen episodes of this show?  Do you find it silly or stupid or sweet?  Or all three?  Let me know in the comments. 🙂





9 thoughts on “five good reasons to watch ‘psych’

  1. How could you forget about William Shatner???? Didn’t you loooooove him in that perfectly delicious Big Valley ep, “A Time to Kill,” if nothing else? He makes me cry in that! Poor Jarrod 😦


      1. Yup, it’s season one. It’s about a friend of Jarrod’s who comes to visit (that’s Shatner), charms the whole family, is perfectly delightful, and then robs a bank. Very, very solid episode with nice stuff from the whole family.


  2. You know, I’d only sort of heard about this show before you mentioned it . . . but it sounds pretty cool! I’ll have to check it out 🙂


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