captain america: civil war {first thoughts}

(At least, first thoughts besides “ASODADIIOAPOFJDG’seiojoaAOIJWOORILFJM”.)

Yes, I watched Captain America: Civil War yesterday and, yes, it was utterly amazing.  And emotional.  And one of the most epic movies I’ve ever seen.  Ever.  So where do I even begin?  There’s so much to talk about, especially since Captain America and Bucky and Peggy and all the rest of them have been a semi-huge part of my life for over two years.  And I’ve waited for this movie for so long that, now that I’ve seen it, I don’t really know what to say.  It was so BIG, with all the characters and battles and the whole scope and force of the MCU behind it.

Well, for starters, I’m glad that I’d only seen a couple clips on Youtube and hadn’t spent hours going through spoiler-y pins on Pinterest because it was neat, not knowing how everything would turn out in the end (though also very intense at times).    It’s rare that I go into a movie this big without knowing pretty much everything about it, but it honestly surprised me in a lot of places.  Stuff happened that I didn’t think was going to, that I hadn’t even heard of (the other Winter Soldiers, for instance).  And some things that I already knew about (or thought I did) ended up going in a completely different direction than how I assumed they would.

The only thing I didn’t like, besides the language, was that CW didn’t seem as personal as the first two films.  Sure, Steve and Bucky’s friendship was still an integral part of the story, but the movie wasn’t really about them.  And since there was huge emotional set-up for a satisfying conclusion to their relationship in TFA and TWS, the lack of focus on them was a bit disappointing.  Actually, this movie felt more like an Avengers film than a Captain America film.  But I can live with that, because it was awesome. (And it was still incredibly feelsy.  Everyone’s fighting each other and Bucky is a wreck and Peggy DIES.  Ugggggh.)

(Oh, and I am definitely not a Steve + Sharon shipper.  Not because I think Steve shouldn’t have any woman in his life because he should ‘stay true to Peggy’ but because, you know, Sharon is Peggy’s niece.  And I think that’s more than a little weird.)

I loved all the characters, especially since CW is the first movie I’ve seen most of them in: Tony, Vision, Wanda, Clint, T’Challa, Peter Parker, War Machine, Ant-Man…so, yeah.  It’s kind of stupid that I’ve never seen any of them before because I’m such a big Marvel fan, but that’s how it is.  Anyway, I really liked them all (even Tony) and I think the writers did a good job of giving each character a role and a purpose in the movie.  And nobody really got swallowed up in the plot, which was nice.  Chris Evans was thoroughly amazing as Steve, of course, as was Sebastian Stan as Bucky.  I’ve known these characters for so long and it was wonderful to see them again.  Same with Sam and Natasha.

That’s about all I can think of to say for right now.  You can ask me any questions about my opinions and thoughts on any part of this film in the comments.  Let the fangirling begin!


P.S. All those fight/chase scenes… GUYS.


7 thoughts on “captain america: civil war {first thoughts}

  1. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to watch this movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . .

    Yeah, I don’t think I REALLY mind Cap being with Sharon; like, I know it’s weird, but Cap’s whole entire life is pretty weird at this point–after getting frozen alive and preserved for 70 years and then waking up in the present-day, etc., etc. Not many folks have to deal with that. (Besides Bucky, of course.)

    I love Bucky. I want to see him and Cap together again.

    Ant-man is so, so, so good. One of my favorite Marvel movies . . .


  2. I actually like Steve and Sharon because I feel like his romance with Peggy was almost surreal — he liked the idea of her, and she liked the idea of him, but I never felt they really connected or were truly in love. Had he not gone into the ice, I think they could have fallen in love, but where they were at that point, it felt to me like just sparkage, not love. With Sharon, he has the opportunity to find out what it’s like to actually be in a real relationship, and I think that’s going to be cool.

    And I feel like this is a much more personal film than The Winter Soldier because in that one, Bucky was just so messed up — Cap was working to find him and figure out what was going on, but he didn’t know if he could get his own, true Bucky back. Now that he knows what had been done, why Bucky is hiding, etc, it all became about Cap and his friend, not Cap and his nemesis. Although Cap has been my second-favorite Avenger since I got into this franchise, this is the first film where I felt a close kinship to him, where his actions and decisions fully resonated with me. He’s in full-on Protect And Defend Mode, which is exactly where I’d be if, you know, my best friend had been brainwashed by bad guys and was on the run from everyone in the universe. I would totally get a little VW Beetle and transport her to safety.

    I really ought to blog about this movie, as I’ve seen it 4 times now and like it sooooo much (which is shocking considering I HATED IT the first time I saw it). One of these days, I will.


    • I’m a Steve + Peggy shipper forever and ever, which I guess doesn’t lend itself to good, deep analytical thinking on my part. 😉 Anyway, I definitely want to watch Civil War at least one more time before I totally sign off on the Steve + Sharon ship, because I do think they good chemistry and a good jumping off point for a serious relationship. It just kind of weirds me out (okay, really weirds me out), with Peggy being her aunt and all.

      Who’s your first favorite Avenger? Thor, right? Again, these are just my first thoughts on the movie…I definitely need to see it again. (Seriously, it was so good I could see myself watching it tons of times, all in a row.)

      Yes, you should blog about CW! (And you hated it when you first saw it??? Why?!)


      • I’m probably skewed by the fact that I’m not a big Peggy Carter fan to begin with, I guess. Sharon was one of the things I liked best about Winter Soldier, and that was without knowing she was related to Peggy, so maybe that’s why it’s less weird to me? Technically, Steve is like what, 90? But he’s basically in his 30s, so why should he spend his life mourning a dead woman?

        If there wasn’t all this time-disparity stuff going on, if it was Peggy’s sister he fell for after Peggy died, and they were all the same age and it was still 1940s, would that be weird to you?

        I think if it was Peggy’s daughter, then it would feel weird to me, like he was just trying to recapture his past or get a piece of Peggy somehow. But he and Sharon had sparkage before he ever found out she was related to Peggy, so nope, no weirdness to me.

        Anyway, yes, Thor is my One True Love in the MCU. Has been since my first viewing of The Avengers, which was my entry into the MCU and still my favorite, by a long shot. Have you watched it yet? Does VidAngel have it? I certainly hope so, because it is ahhhhmayzeeeeeng.

        I WILL blog about CA:CW soon, now that I’m home from vacation 🙂


      • No, I guess I wouldn’t find it weird if Peggy had a sister and Steve was interested in her…I still wouldn’t much like it though, because like I’ve said, I’m a huge fan of Steve/Peggy. (Peggy’s one of my favorite movie heroines, too.) However, I definitely don’t think Steve should spend his entire life mourning for Peggy and not pursuing happiness. I wouldn’t wish that on him.

        Mom’s watched Thor and she doesn’t like him or the movie. 😛 I’ll probably watch it sometime, but I can’t see it happening soon.


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