july, august, september 2016: what I’ve been reading & watching

I decided to do a vlog this time because I had lots of stuff to talk about and I figured it would be easier to do a vlog than spend tons of time writing up all my opinions.  And it was lots of fun, probably the easiest + most enjoyable vlog I’ve done so far. (I’ve only made two others, but whatever.)  If anyone has ideas for more vlogs I could do, give ’em to me!  And to clarify, I’ve actually read more books + watched more movies than what I said in the video (just a few more, though), but it’s a rough estimate.  Just so you know.

What have you been reading and watching lately?



11 thoughts on “july, august, september 2016: what I’ve been reading & watching

  1. Hi, Eva!!!!!! *waves frantically from my bedroom down here in Tennessee*

    I’M SO HAPPY YOU LOVED “TO TAME A LAND” AS MUCH AS I DID. It’s one of the best novels I’ve read in a long, long time . . . fantastic writing, amazing characters, and everything else. Rye Tyler is my baby–on the outside, he’s all tough and stoic and distant, but inside, he’s got so much heart and he just tries so hard to be GOOD and do the right thing. I love him.

    And I will ship him with Liza forever and ever and ever. End of story.

    “She’s coming with me. I came after her. Any argument?”

    #OTP ❤

    I agree with you about the 80s–they were pretty cool. Specially the music.

    The final scene of Toy Story 3 is one of the very few movie moments that is pretty much guaranteed to make me cry, every single time. I don't cry very much in movies, so the few times I do are pretty special . . . and that scene is definitely one of them. Because I kind of grew up with Toy Story, so when Andy leaves his toys behind with Bonnie and drives away to college, it hits me pretty hard.

    "So long, partner."


    Ahem. I am calm 😉


    • Oh, you live in Tennessee? Cool!

      YESSSS. I love and adore Rye. And the book as a whole is definitely one of the top five books I’ve read this year. It’s just that good. My brother, Noah, says that it’s the best Louis L’Amour novel he’s read, which makes me a teeny bit hesitant to try any others – I don’t want to be disappointed. 🙂 But he recommended one to me – “Tucker” – that he says is almost as good as TTAL. So I’m hoping that will be good. (And, YES, I totally ship Rye and Liza. <3)

      I cry over movies all the time, but I didn't really with any of the Toy Story movies, which is probably why I don't like them quiiiite as much as I thought I would. Whereas Inside Out and Bing-Bong makes me tear up every time – same theme of growing up, but I find Inside Out way more moving, for whatever reason. Hmmm…


      • Yep! 🙂

        That’s the thing about Louis L’Amour–he wrote about 80 books and, as so often happens, not all of them are equally good. I’ve read about 10 (I think?) and TTAL is definitely the finest so far . . . But yeah, you never really know what will happen when you pick up a L’Amour novel–it could be absolutely amazing, it could be pretty good, it could be downright awful (although that’s rare.) Makes it kinda exciting 🙂

        I guess it’s just a personal thing? Or maybe you really have to actually grow up WITH the Toy Story characters to really feel the pain of separation at the end there? I don’t know . . .


      • Yes, I think that’s it – about the Toy Story movies. I guess you could say the Captain America movies are kinda the same for me: stuff that might not seem all that emotional to other people is super emotional to me ’cause I KNOW these characters and all the stuff that’s happened to them in the past. Does that make sense?


      • Absolutely! That makes perfect sense–like, with Toy Story, you have to have those memories of a time when the characters were all completely REAL to you, or else it just doesn’t have the same impact. Like, honestly, I used to think that Woody and Buzz actually were living, breathing creatures with minds of their own. And I thought my own toys were alive, too . . .

        “He’s been my friend for as long as I can remember–and he will never give up on you. No matter what.”



  2. So . . . um . . . I just found a song that reminds me a lot of The Outsiders (even though I’ve never read it), and I had to share it with you.

    Even though you’ll probably hate me for a while.

    It’s “Johnny Boy” by Twenty One Pilots. Here’s the link:

    It’s really the refrain that makes me think of Johnny Cade: “Get up, Johnny boy–get up, Johnny boy–get up, ’cause the world has left you lying on the ground.”



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