on writing, creative juices, and NaNoWriMo


We draw.  We paint.  We write.  We make fan-videos and cards and covers of our favorite songs.  We bind books.  We upload every type of fan-art possible.  We compose songs and poetry.  We sew and knit and crochet and embroider.  We design things.  We take photographs, all the time.  We play the piano, the violin, the cello, the flute, the harmonica.  We laugh at our mistakes and shiver with delight when that sentence, that shade of color, that lyric, that scarf we’ve been knitting for two months finally becomes perfect.

We create.  Over and over and over again.  Sometimes (more often than not) what we create isn’t perfect.  It’s messy and full of blunders and sometimes we might worry and fret that nothing will ever come of it.  But it does.  And even if it didn’t, I have a feeling we’d still keep trying.  Endlessly.

Something that’s been on my heart lately is how we, all of us, have the impulse to do things, to make things.  Even the most creatively challenged person in the world must have that desire in his or her heart to create, to craft, to form, to produce something that is unique, something that maybe no-one has ever thought of before.  And you know why?  The answer is both the simplest and the most incredible reason ever: each and every person on this planet has been created in the image of God, the master Creator.  He has placed His image, His imprint in our lives and souls.  That’s an inescapable fact.  We yearn to create, to take the picture in our head and turn it into something real, because that’s how we ourselves have been made.  The same God who shaped the stars, the earth, the leaves on the trees also formed you and me.  And that is why we do what we do.  That’s why we write and paint and play musical instruments.  Because we want to, because that’s the way God has designed us, with an impulse that is an innate part of who we are.

And, to me, that’s is utterly, astoundingly amazing.


P.S. On the day before NaNoWriMo, I decide to take the plunge and do it again.  HELP.





ask me anything {again}! – answers {part 1}

Here are the answers to some of your lovely questions!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to vlog them – I mean, technically I could have, but I tried more than once and it just wasn’t coming together. *sigh*  Anyway, I hope you’ll forgive me and enjoy reading my answers all the same.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Naomi asked…

~Skirts or dresses?  Skirts.  I have far more skirts hanging in my closet than dresses; I really enjoy mixing and matching my skirts and shirts.

~What are some qualities you would look for in a man/boyfriend/husband?  Um…Captain America?  No, but seriously, I’d consider myself extremely blessed if I married a guy just like Cap – loyal, dependable, honest, able to take responsibility, gentlemanly, and kind. (He’d have to be a Christian, too, of course.)

Also wouldn’t mind it if my future husband was as cute as Steve, y’know.

~Favorite boys/girls names?  Boys: Aaron, Daniel, Peter, Joshua, Mark, Andrew, Anthony.  Girls: Emma, Esther, Rachel, Julia, Suzannah, Elizabeth, Katherine.  And the list goes on, for both boys and girls names.

~Do you have your ears pierced?  No.  I’m not really into jewelry and I’ve never really seen the need, to be honest.

~Do you watch any Youtube channels?  If so, what are some of your favorites?  I don’t watch Youtube videos much anymore, but there’s one channel that I’ve kept up with for years, one channel where I watch pretty much every video, one channel that I’m sure I’ll stick with for as long as they keep posting: Blimey Cow.  Awesome, funny, and thought-provoking.  Highly recommended.

~Did you follow Kate and William’s Canada tour?  Not really.  While I do like the Royals, my mom is the big fan in my family, and I don’t keep up with a lot of their activities.

~Why is purple your favorite color?  It’s absolutely gorgeous in every shade, tone, and variation.  Need I say more?  Plus, I’m not really a girly-girl, so pink isn’t option, but I think purple strikes a nice balance between my frivolous side and my practical side.  If that makes any sense.

Jessica asked…

~What color are your eyes, exactly?  Blue.  But depending on what I’m wearing, they can be more grayish or more turquoise-ish.

~What’s one book that you haven’t read yet but are really excited about reading in the near future?  Well, I don’t have any new-to-me books on my radar right now, but I do have a super-special 50th anniversary edition of The Outsiders coming my way in a few days, so I’m looking forward to that.  I’ve read the book, of course, but there’s lots of new bonus interviews and such that I can’t wait to dive into.

~Same thing for movies – what’s one movie that you haven’t seen yet but really want to?  That’s easy.  The newest PureFlix film, I’m Not Ashamed.  I know that lots of PureFlix films haven’t turned out to be all that great, but God’s Not Dead was pretty good and the trailers for I’m Not Ashamed look phenomenal.  And while I also know that basing my opinion of a movie of its trailer usually doesn’t turn out too well, I think this movie could be one of the best Christian movies ever.  Really looking forward to seeing it.

~What’s your current favorite song?  Almost any Disney song.  For real.  “Go The Distance” really shines, as does “Once Upon a Dream”.  But, yeah, pretty much any Disney song is right up there at the moment. (Not every single one, but close.)

~Do you have any names you really like that you hope to use for your children someday?  As it turns out, I already have the first names and middle names picked out for my first three children (provided that those three children turn out to be one boy and two girls) – Aaron Daniel, Emma Joy, and Katherine Elizabeth. (As long as my husband is cool with those names as well.)

~Do you have any pets?  My family does own a cat, but she spends most of her time outdoors and she hates people, so I wouldn’t exactly call her a pet.  My grandparents, however, have a dog and a cat that are both real people-pets, so that’s nice.

~Are you excited about the new “Beauty and the Beast” live-action movie?  I haven’t seen the original, so no.  Sorry.

Rosie asked…

https://i0.wp.com/www.movie-film-review.com/files/images/filmimages/airbudgolden1lg.jpg~A “cheesy” movie that you enjoy?  AIR BUD.  And all the subsequent movies. (But not the Air Buddies movies.  Never those.)  Yes, they’re cheesy and ridiculous and impossibly silly, but they’re also about family and friendship and tear-jerking moments and there’s a killer soundtrack underlying the whole franchise.  Plus, they’re the movies of my childhood, so Nostalgia For The Win.  Runner-up: Back To The Future (again, for the win).

~Favorite/least favorite thing about late nights?  Favorite thing: midnight snacks + sense of camaraderie with whoever you’re staying up late with + snuggly blankets to watch movies in.  Least favorite thing: headaches + that heavy, fuzzy feeling behind your eyes.

~Thoughts on girls wearing pants/shorts?  This question deserves its own post, but I’ll just give you my short answer for now – I don’t believe it’s okay for girls to wear pants and/or shorts, based on what the Bible teaches (Deuteronomy 22:5).  If you’d like more of my thoughts on the subject, send me an email, ‘kay?  (And please understand that I’m not trying to put myself on a pedestal or anything.  It’s just what I believe.)

~When dressing up for an evening, what do you wear/how do you do your hair?  Pretty much the only time I get out of the house and go somewhere where I need to dress up a little is to church.  I don’t go to parties or anything.  So I’ll put on one of my church dresses, give my hair a quick brushing (it’s short and waves naturally, so that’s about all I have to do with it), and be on my way.  I probably spend less than five minutes on my appearance any given day.


So, that’s it for right now.  I’ll be answering the remaining questions in a few days – if any of you want to ask me more questions, the post will be open until I publish part two of my answers.  So there’s still time to ask me about my favorite books, movies, TV shows, actors, actresses, my life…anything you like, really.




the five favorite couples tag

I ship fictional characters like crazy.  Hence, I’m totally doing this tag.

(Taken from Hamlette’s blog post.  I’m also borrowing her idea of using not-featured-in-the-tag couples for the above collage.  ‘Cause that’s a brilliant idea, and it allowed me to sneak in a few more favorite ships because, as it turned out, it was nearly impossible to narrow them down.  So I’m adding a runner-up couple for each category, too.)

EDIT: (There will be spoilers.  Just so you know.)


1.) Pick one couple from each category
2.) Tagging is optional
3.) Link back to Meanwhile, In Rivendell


1.) Period Drama Couple
2.) Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couple
3.) Superhero Couple
4.) Preferred Couple (from a love triangle)
5.) Couple Ended Too Soon

// Period Drama Couple – Robin & Marian {BBC Robin Hood} //

When my siblings and I binge-watched BBCRH several months ago, I fell in love with this ship all over again.  To be honest, I don’t really like Robin and Marian’s relationship much in Season 1 – Marian flirts with Guy and keeps Robin at a frosty distance (most of the time) and Robin tends to angst about that quite a bit.  They have good chemistry, just not a good relationship.  But after Marian almost dies in the Season 1 finale, she and Robin realize that they’ve been idiots to drag things out and Marian warms quite a bit.  There’s still lots of complications in Season 2, but relationship-wise, they’re in a happier place.  My favorite thing about this couple is their steadfastness.  Especially Robin’s. (Too. Many. Feels.)

Runner-up: Percy & Marguerite {The Scarlet Pimpernel}

// Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couple – Frank & Athena {Tomorrowland} //

You’ve probably never heard of this ship because Tomorrowland wasn’t well received when it came out and, from what I gather, it’s sort of dropped out of sight now among Disney fans.  I do love it a lot, though.  This ship is a little weird, because Athena is a cyborg and even though Frank’s about her ‘age’ when they first meet, he grows up and she’s still the same.  BUT I WILL STILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP.  Athena’s programming gets messed up some time after she first meets Frank and she begins to fall in love with him, but of course it would never, ever work out in a million years.  And then he thinks that she betrayed him later on and it’s hugely complicated and  heartbreaking near the end. (Ugh.  All my ships seem to be heartbreaking.)

Runner-up: George & Lorraine {Back To The Future}

// Superhero Couple – Mr. Incredible & Elastigirl {The Incredibles} //


“What?!” you exclaim.  “No Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter???”  Don’t worry.  They’re the runner-up couple.  But I’ve talked about them before and you all know how much I love them and will ship them forever and, well, I recently grew to appreciate just how awesome The Incredibles is, so I wanted to talk about Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl.  Because they’re pretty epic.  I love how they get married, I love how Helen (honestly, I just refer to them by their ‘undercover names’ in my head) goes after Bob, making her way through Syndrome’s base and being generally awesome, and I love how they love each other.  Plus, there’s all that playful banter.  They’re a couple that genuinely cares for each other and strives to protect/make the other one happy at every turn.  Going from being a superhero to always being in hiding (so to speak) and on the run, kind of, couldn’t have been easy, but they have a strong marriage.  Their relationship is one of my favorite things about the movie.

Runner-up: Steve & Peggy {Captain America movies}

// Preferred Couple – Mark & Laura {Laura} //


More like ‘preferred couple from a love scribble’ because you’ve got Shelby interested in Laura, sure, but then Waldo also has a creepy obsession with her and there’s all those other guys who Laura was interested in until Waldo destroyed their reputation in his column.  And all that’s enough to make any girl’s head spin, which is why I think Laura liked Mark so much.  He came from outside her circle of society friends, he was different, and he was solid.  Someone she could hold onto and depend on in the middle of the whole mess she found herself in when she got back, even if it didn’t always seem like Mark understood her or even liked her back.  And as for Mark, it’s not every day that you fall in love with a dead woman only to find out that she’s not dead after all.  My sister and I always laugh over some of the questions he asks Laura in the police interrogating room, because it always sounds like he’s trying to find out more about her feelings for Shelby than about the murder.  Anyway, Mark and Laura are great and Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney have stunning chemistry. (All told, they did five films together.)  Love them!

Runner-up: Peeta & Katniss {The Hunger Games series}

// Couple Ended Too Soon – Jack & Rose {Titanic} //

I’m still not over these two.  Even though I definitely don’t agree with some of the choices they made, Jack and Rose were such a bright, sparkling, adorable couple and I think they would’ve grown to love each other even more if they’d actually more a couple of days together. (*feels a rant building up*)  Honestly.  Jack gave Rose something to live for when she was on the brink of suicide.  Rose gave Jack someone to love (and I think he matured some, too, being in love with her, because he wasn’t just thinking about himself then).  I was expecting to find Titanic cheesy, mostly because Rose and Jack’s love story has been mocked and parodied so many times, but their relationship was beautiful and strong and then, BAM, tragedy struck.  So, yes, they are most definitely a couple that ended too soon.

Runner-up: EVERY COUPLE EVERY. (Am I right?)

Do you spot any of your favorite couples in this post? (College, main picks, runners-up, whatever.)  If you do, you’re tagged!




autumn is…


Autumn is crisp, cool air outside and plenty of crunchy leaves underfoot.  The kind of air that makes you feel more alive.  The kind of leaves that scatter and crackle as you sweep and stomp your way through them.


Autumn is getting up in the morning when there used to be bright sunlight streaming through the windows, only it’s now it’s dark outside.  And it’s a little cold and quiet and gloomy.  But that’s all right, because the best autumn sunlight comes in the late afternoon, all warm and golden.  That’s autumn, too.


Autumn is a new school year.  A new year of college courses, with a million books to read and more one-on-one time with my grandfather.  For my siblings, it means binders and pencils and Math and Grammar.  Do I miss those days?  Maybe.


Autumn is our wood-stove radiating heat and comfort.


Autumn is Thanksgiving.  The Canadian Thanksgiving.  October 10th.  There’s lots and lots of good food, of course, and lots of thankfulness; God has given us so many blessings (especially Jesus).  My dad always draws a Thanksgiving tree and we tape it to a door and then paste on leaves throughout the weeks that have the names of things (and people) we’re thankful for.  My mom decorates the house.  My grandma always makes sweet-potato-and-marshmallow casserole.  My brother always makes homemade cranberry sauce.  And I eat as much pumpkin pie as I can (because no one else in my family loves it the way I do).  Good times.


Autumn is watching Combat!  And westerns.  Not wintery, Christmasy movies, because we’re saving those for December, even if it’s already getting cold.  But Combat! came to us in autumn, two years ago, and westerns are warm and friendly and comforting movies.  Perfect for blustery autumn nights.


Autumn is oversized sweaters and my autumn/winter wardrobe which I like so much better than my spring/summer one.


Autumn is hot chocolate.


Autumn is my favorite season.  What’s yours?



ask me anything! {again}

Ever since I filmed my last vlog, I’ve been thinking about how fun it was and wishing for a new vlog idea and, well, I thought of the ‘ask me anything’ posts.  And since I now have 132 followers (what) and I’m sure that a good chunk of them started following me after I did my last AMA post, I thought it would be nice to give all my new followers (all my followers, really) a chance to get to know me better.  As you’ve probably guessed already, I’ll be answering your questions in a vlog (possibly more than one, depending on how many questions I get asked).  So ask away!  I’m open to any inquiries about my personal life (though I do have the right to refuse to answer any question if it’s too personal), my opinions on books, movies, TV shows, music, actors, actresses, politics…basically anything.

I can’t wait to read/answer all your questions. 🙂


P.S. I’m off to re-watch The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance in preperation for Hamlette’s John Wayne Blogathon.  If you’re a John Wayne fan, I highly recommend checking out this blogathon.  It looks like it’s going to be tons of fun!