autumn is…


Autumn is crisp, cool air outside and plenty of crunchy leaves underfoot.  The kind of air that makes you feel more alive.  The kind of leaves that scatter and crackle as you sweep and stomp your way through them.


Autumn is getting up in the morning when there used to be bright sunlight streaming through the windows, only it’s now it’s dark outside.  And it’s a little cold and quiet and gloomy.  But that’s all right, because the best autumn sunlight comes in the late afternoon, all warm and golden.  That’s autumn, too.


Autumn is a new school year.  A new year of college courses, with a million books to read and more one-on-one time with my grandfather.  For my siblings, it means binders and pencils and Math and Grammar.  Do I miss those days?  Maybe.


Autumn is our wood-stove radiating heat and comfort.


Autumn is Thanksgiving.  The Canadian Thanksgiving.  October 10th.  There’s lots and lots of good food, of course, and lots of thankfulness; God has given us so many blessings (especially Jesus).  My dad always draws a Thanksgiving tree and we tape it to a door and then paste on leaves throughout the weeks that have the names of things (and people) we’re thankful for.  My mom decorates the house.  My grandma always makes sweet-potato-and-marshmallow casserole.  My brother always makes homemade cranberry sauce.  And I eat as much pumpkin pie as I can (because no one else in my family loves it the way I do).  Good times.


Autumn is watching Combat!  And westerns.  Not wintery, Christmasy movies, because we’re saving those for December, even if it’s already getting cold.  But Combat! came to us in autumn, two years ago, and westerns are warm and friendly and comforting movies.  Perfect for blustery autumn nights.


Autumn is oversized sweaters and my autumn/winter wardrobe which I like so much better than my spring/summer one.


Autumn is hot chocolate.


Autumn is my favorite season.  What’s yours?




17 thoughts on “autumn is…

  1. I tried my first Western, Lonesome Dove. I didn’t finish it, my conscience caught up with me. I wish it had been rated. I like to research stuff before I read them. I had just put a top ten westerns list or something. Do you have any recommendations?


    • Oh, I hate it when I start reading a super good book and then language or Uncomfortable Scenes come up. Such a bummer. Anyway, I do have several good westerns to recommend to you! Shane by Jack Schaeffer is amazing. It has a few (mostly mild) swear words, but in every other way, it’s perfectly clean. Then there’s True Grit by Charles Portis, which also has a bit of swearing, but only a bit. Other than that, it’s clean. There’s also a great series called The Saga of the Sierras by Bodie & Brock Theone, who are Christian authors, so those books are pretty much squeaky clean. Lastly, I’d recommend any of Louis L’Amour’s western novels and short stories, especially his novel To Tame A Land. There’s very little, if any language in his writings (and the worst it gets is ‘h—‘ or ‘d—‘ as far as I can remember).

      Anyway, those are a few suggestions to start you on the right track. 🙂 Let me know what you think of them!


  2. It’s my favorite season as well. I love that I can wear a sweatshirt in the morning now when I walk the dog. The cooling weather, the slanting golden light, the trees turning colors… I always feel most alive in autumn and winter.


    • Yes, autumn makes me want to get up and run around outside (which I rarely do, but I find I am more active in autumn than any of the other seasons). Winter just makes me want to stay inside, all cozy and warm.


  3. This post is making me miss autumn in New England . . . *sigh*

    I love autumn here in Memphis, too, but it just doesn’t get cold enough fast enough to suit my tastes. I WANT MY WARM SWEATERS, PEOPLE. LET ME HAVE MY WARM SWEATERS.

    *sheepish grin*

    Anywho . . . awesome post! I love fallen leaves too 🙂


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