li’l life update


How I like to imagine I looked when I heard the US election results. Only, Mom woke me up and told me and I probably looked a fright.

So, a lot of stuff has been going on in my life lately.  NaNoWriMo, of course, and the college courses with my grandpa, but there’s also this.  Some of you already knew about it, but I thought I’d make it public on my blog since my mom did. (Actually, I’m just directing your to her blog post, since it says it all so much better than I could, but still.)  Between trips to the hospital and having to keep the little children quiet when Dad is resting, things have been incredible hectic for all of us and my schedule hasn’t been neat and tidy, the way I always like it to be.

For the first time in three NaNoWriMos, I’m struggling to keep up the word count.  Well, not exactly struggling, but sometimes I have to go two or three days without writing and then play catch-up the next day. (Yesterday I wrote over 4,000 words.)  Though I’m happy to say that my college work isn’t suffering.

.: But what has been put on hold is my campaign to comment more on people’s blog posts, and I feel bad about that.  I’m also not as communicative when it comes to emails and answering the comments people put on my own posts. (Keep them coming, though, if you can/want to, because they are a wonderful encouragement.)  I do read your posts, though.  Each and every one.  I rarely, if ever, comment these days, but I do take time to read almost every blog post that comes up in my feed and they always brighten up my day.  Blogs like Hamlette’s Soliloquy, The Edge of the Precipice, Wonderland Creek, inklings press, and a few others (the ones I’ve named, however, are the ones I read most faithfully).  Honestly, you guys write the coolest, sweetest, most awesome posts in the blogoverse.  I enjoy them all.  Keep up the amazing work!

What has been going on in my life other than writing stuff, school stuff, and serious stuff?  Well, my siblings and just finished binge watching Season 3 of Road to Avonlea. (Our library had every season except Season 3, so I had to get that one through inter-library loan after we’d watched all the others.)  I’d have to say it’s the best season.  Plenty of interesting episodes, plenty of cute Gus + Felicity moments, and plenty of Recognizable Guest Stars (two, anyway – Christopher Lloyd and Jonathon Crombie WHAT).  Have you ever seen Road to Avonlea?  What are your thoughts about the show as a whole and all the lovely characters in particular?  I’d love to discuss it/them with you in the comments! (And we also re-watched the two Anne movies because LOVELINESS.  I honestly love the movies more than the books.)


Anyway, I’ll leave it at that for now.  I want to work on my second ‘Ask Me Anything’ post and watch some Disney videos that Ashley posted on her blog.




26 thoughts on “li’l life update

  1. Eva, I am so so so sorry for what your family is going through right now. I will be keeping you in my prayers! ❤

    Ps. I actually have just started watching "The Road to Avonlea" and I really want to see the episode with Gilbert in it. 🙂


  2. You can do this NaNoWriMo thing. (And if you can't, that's understandable seeing there's a lot going on right now. ;-)) Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog. And don't feel bad about not commenting! Totally comprehended. 🙂


    • I’m soooo far behind in NaNo right now. *sigh* We’ll see if I can catch up, though…

      Yes, you must! It’s so sweet. I tend to prefer the few episodes that are more serious in tone to the light, happy ones, but I think you’d be the complete opposite. 😉


  3. I’m so, so sorry about your dad. You and your family will all be in my prayers, sweet friend. *hugs*

    Good luck with Nano–I know you can do it!


  4. Wow sounds like your very busy! Yes, you’ll be in my prayers, too. Good luck on NaNoWriMo, btw. Yeah it’s hard to keep up on comments, especially on other’s blogs! When your life does calm down, though, please, check out my blog some time 😀


  5. I can’t recollect if I’ve ever commented here before, but I’ve been reading your blog off and on for a while and so I kinda sorta feel like I know you a bit. 😉 All of that to say… I wish I could squeeze your hand and give you a hug, and I will be praying for you! (Does that all sound strange from a random commenter? Yikes, I hope not! :))

    On another note: that Anne picture is glorious!


    • Thank you SO much for you comment, Eowyn. ❤ It made my day (and, no, you didn't sound strange at all). And thanks for your prayers – they really do mean a lot to me.

      I kinda love it a lot, too. 🙂

      Also, are you a Cherry Ames fan, too? (Your email address…) And do you happen to have a Goodreads account?


      • Yes, I am. 🙂 Hooray for obscure classics! What is one of your favorites?

        Yes I have a Goodreads account. I’m Eowyn over at it as well. 🙂

        Merry Christmas! (Isn’t that a lovely sentence? It always gives me the most delicious thrills.)


      • Oh my goodness, I love almost every Cherry Ames book I’ve read (except for a weird psychiatry-themed one). I especially love the ones set during WWII. And the dude ranch one. You?

        MERRY CHRISTMAS. (I love that sentence, too.)


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